My one and only sexual experience with a male
I'm going to reveal a story about something that has haunted my mind all these years. I've never told anyone about this event but am doing so now on v9 in hopes to feel better and maybe help someone else who has had a similar experience!

I pratically grew up at my grandparents home until the passed away in 65'. Their next door neighbors were the Satterfields a couple of people who were approximately the same age as my grandparents. The had a divorced daughter and her son and daughter staying with them. The son, Eddie was about 16 and the daughter, Patsy was my age..around 10. We all played our children games with each other and the neighborhood children. My dad had dated their mother a few times until he wound up marrying my step-mother. When I was 10, Eddie talked me into going in the downstairs part of their house where a bedroom was located. He laid me on the bed and removed my pants and started fucking my ass. It hurt so bad and when I tried to scream out he put his hand over my mouth to silence my screams. When he finally finished and filled my anus with his warm cum
he told me thanks and gave me a dollar as a reward. Back then a dollar was a whole lot of money to a 10 year old. He asked me several times to repeat the act even offering me more money but I told him NO! Now I feel like a male whore for accepting that damn dollar.

A few years later right before my first sex act with a girl, his sister Patsy, I called her sister since she had the same name as my sister whom I called sissy. Anyway, sister was talking to about 4 kids about a recent party she had attended the previous Saturday. I asked if she had a good time and she that she'd had a ball...maybe even 2! She looked at me and smiled and although I hadn't experienced sex yet, I knew exactly what she was talking about through hearing stories from the older kids. I never did try to experiment with her since she felt like family but I would guess that she learned well! I did fantasize that I should take her to the same bed and fuck her over and over and I believe that she would have been very willing since the
fact that when we went to the movies she always laid her head on my shoulder and hold and squeeze my hand. I have no idea whatever happened to her since then but I did hear that Eddie had been a prison guard in Joliet, Illinois had had a sudden heart attack and died.
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