My opening Shift
I had to open the kitchen early since Britt called in sick. So I woke up earlier and jumped in the shower. I put on my chef uniform and headed into work. The lights were already on and the kitchen was spotless. There was food that was being prepped out on the counter.

I was still confused. I looked around and saw no one. So I headed to the office to see if anyone was in there. As soon as I walked in I saw Britt on her knees. The owner was enjoying everything she was doing to him. They just looked over to me. I was so shocked that I just stood there. I didn't say anything. I should have left but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

"Shut the door!" Jason said with a firm voice.

Britt got off her knees and locked the door behind me. I couldn't move. I just looked at her confused. She Kissed me and told me to relax. She unbuttoned my chef coat, exposing my red and black lacy bra. Her fingers slid on my skin as she slowly took my coat off. Goosbumps shot down my body. You could see my hard nipples through my bra. She then slid my pants off, exposing my matching panties that were already soaked from watching her give him a blow job.

I was shy in front of Jason. I always wanted a piece of him, hell every woman did. She kissed me again and I focused on her. She lead me to the couch and laid me down. She took my panties off and kissed down my body. She teased me and kissed my thighs. Omg... My body was starting to shake. Next thing I feel was her tongue on my clit. My back arched. Her fingers slid into my wet pussy.

I was dripping wet. My eyes were closed. My hands were in her hair. She felt so good. I opened my eyes and Jason was behind her. His dick so hard, he slid it in between her lips. My moans grew louder. As soon as he entered her, she stopped eating. I sat myself up and leaned against the arm of the couch. I played with my pussy and pinched my nipples as he pounded into her. Her moans were basically screams. She had to grab a pillow to muffle the sounds.

I finally looked at him, he was starring at me the whole time. He wasn't focused on her what so ever. He pulled out of her after she had come. She collapsed on the couch and was catching her breath.

He stood next to me and told me to get on my knees. I was still shocked. So he grabbed a handful of my hair and brought me to my knees. His dick went straight down my throat. My tongue played and tasted every inch. He told me to go deeper. I pulled back ever so slightly to look up at him but I didn't have a choice. Britt got up and pushed my head all the way down on his dick. I was shocked how much I was able to take.

Before she let go she said "whatever daddy wants, daddy gets."

My pussy was so wet and so ready to do whatever they commanded me to do. After a while of deep throating his big cock, he told her to lay on her back. He then directed me to lay on top of her but in a 69. We ate each other out for a little while until he came up behind me and slow slid every inch into my pussy. Omg.... he went so fucking deep to. He held it there for a few moments while Britt licked his balls. He slowly pulled out and slowly went in deeper. Omg!!!! He was so big. I couldn't focus on eating her out.

He thrusted harder and faster but then stopped. He pulled me back so I was able to stand up. He pulled me away from the couch so Britt was able to get up. She was so quick about it. He was still fucking me standing up. she knelt infront of me and licked my clit. He fucked me harder, while talking dirty in my ear. My hands were in her hair. I was about to cum. My legs were shaking. His arms wrapped around me so I wouldn't fall. I got lost in his words. "You Bad Bitch"... I came!

She moved out of the way, he pushed me towards the couch and onto my back. My legs on his shoulders. I thought he was deep before... fuck.... he was even deeper and harder. I understand why Britt was basically screaming. He felt so good.. I tried to push him off a little because he was almost to deep. Apparently he liked it because he came in me...

He let my legs down. My whole body was shaking. She left to get dressed.

"Ive wanted that for a very long time." Jason said with a smile on his face. I looked at him and gave him a smile back. Britt runs back into the office in a panic... people were already showing up for their shifts!
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