My own bed
I have the house to myself, it's so nice to come home to the quiet and calm.

My heart is anything but calm though.... I just dropped my husband at the airport and I know you'll be here within the hour. I set a bottle of my favorite wine in the chiller, drop my briefcase in the office, then run down the hall to the bedroom. It's my haven and where I hope to spend at least part of tonight with you.

I often wonder if you think about me snuggled up to you in your bed. I think about that night so often -- being close to you, snuggled up to your chest, your fingers grazing that incredibly sensitive spot on my lower back. I hope tonight's another perfect night...

I tug at the red cloth bag of toys that I keep in my second dresser drawer. Reaching in, I lay out the toys on the side bench and then sit down on the side of my bed and wonder if it's way too presumptuous to pull out the luscious rope ties and black leather buckles. I hope tonight involves me being bound. I slide my favorite lotion across my arms and legs and I see you pull into the driveway.

Scooping my hair into a french twist and jamming a clip around it, I straighten the comforter where I was sitting and get to the door just as you walk up the front walkway. Your smile and how your eyes brighten when you see me at the door makes me melt. I feel my heart skip a few beats as I wait for you to walk into my home. You pull me into a deep kiss and quietly whisper that you've missed me and needed to hold me since our last goodbye. I love how you kiss me like you haven't seen me in years...

You kiss your way down my neck and gently suck on that sensitive spot on my neck. Gently pulling away from me, you caress my cheek and tell me there will be plenty of time for that. You reach for my wrap on the foyer ledge and slide it over my shoulders. I grab my keys and lock the door behind us. You open the passenger door and I slide into the car. You tuck my wrap onto my lap and lean in to kiss me. God, I love your kisses in any way I can get them! A gentle kiss on my lips then I feel your lips parting mine for a much deeper and more passionate kiss. My tongue begs yours to play, and I melt when I feel you lean in to my kisses and your arms tighten around my waist. When you pull away, your breathy 'wow' makes me smile from ear to ear. You gently close my car door and get in the drivers' seat.

I could watch your eyes all day as you pull out into traffic. At the next stoplight, you put your hand confidently over my fidgeting fingers, you catch me watching you and ask what I'm thinking. Ah ha! You've turned the tables on me and asked me my own question..... I shake my head and say that I was just thinking about how nice it feels to be with you tonight. You reach over and pull my hand to your lips and kiss each of my fingers.

You've done your homework - the restaurant has long linen tablecloths. As we're seated, you direct me to the seat with my back to the main restaurant so I won't be distracted. You quietly tease me with your hand just under hem of my dress. After we order, you slide closer to me and lean in to whisper in my ear. "In a moment, my sexy Java, I want you to take your panties off and hand them to me. I want you to remember who owns your orgasms." I take a deep breath then slide my thumbs up to my hips to tug my panties down to my knees. I slide out of my heels so they don't get stuck, then in a quick motion, I drag them off my legs and fold them into my lap under the table. I see you watching me with a small smirk on your lips. I hand the folded bright red lace to you and you kiss my hand as you take them from me.

Our conversation ranges from innocent questions about current projects to the imminent fucking I will receive. Your voice lulls me near orgasms each time you lean in and whisper something in my ear. Even something as simple as "My lady has been so good, she's going to get fucked so hard tonight.".... or when you slide your hand up under my dress and test how wet I am for you. It's a good thing I'm not driving tonight because the glasses of wine tonight have been poured generously. You know I'm a much better fuck if I'm relaxed, and the wine seems to help.

Before we drive home, you tuck me into the car then come around to your side and scoot to the center seat. You're unfastening your belt and pants as you tell me, "You were teasing me in there, Java. I need a BJ right now, my wet, horny slut." I lean down and take you in my mouth, tugging your balls and rolling them in my fingers while I suck your cock deep in my mouth. I love your hands in my hair as you're balls-deep in my mouth. "Yes, Java... right there. Fuck, yes, I'm going to cum in your mouth...Are you ready for me? Oh, God, baby.... That's my good girl." I love causing this for you and I smile to myself. Your thighs tense, your breath quickens, and feeling you relax afterward makes me the happiest girl in the world. I sit back as you carefully zip up. Your smile shines brighter than the moon tonight...

We pull up in my driveway and I start to get out of the car. "Stay there. You're mine and I take care of what's mine... I'll be right there." You open my door and wait as i slide down off the seat. You grab a small bag from the backseat and close the doors. You ask if you can escort me inside. I take your arm tightly and you kiss my forehead. Thank you for being such a gentleman with me. As we approach the front door, you take my keys and open the door for me. You completely blow my mind and I love how you keep my heart racing.

There's anticipation as you set down your bag, slide off my wrap and pull me into your arms as you kiss my neck. Your fingers press into the trigger spots on my neck and I beg you to take me to bed. "Not yet, Baby. You've been so good, you need some time to enjoy this. Did you put the bottle of wine in the chiller as I asked?" I lead you into the kitchen where I pull the bottle from the chiller, set it on the counter and open the cupboard to get the corkscrew. You're standing right behind me and wrap your right hand around my waist and kiss my neck as I cut the foil off the bottle. I set the corkscrew, but you gently put your hand over mine and take the corkscrew and bottle from me. I step out of your arms while you make quick work of the cork, fill the glasses on the counter, then direct me into the living room where we can sit and enjoy each other a bit more.

I snuggle closer to you and you ask me to put my legs over your lap. Taking a long, slow sip of wine, you slide your hands up and down my legs and nudge my dress up my legs. I sip my wine a little faster as you tell me what you want to do to me. You describe everything from removing my dress to kissing my nipples to tasting my sweetness and pinching my clit. Kissing me and telling me all these fantasies between kisses and pinches of my nipples, you have my pussy soaking wet. You tell me that you want to bind me, but provide a perfect french vanilla fuck tonight. God, I need you. I finish my glass of wine and set it on the side table so I can kiss you properly. Sliding my arms around your neck then gently grazing your lower lip with my teeth... you respond by setting down your empty glass and leaning me back onto the couch as you run your hands down my body. After a nice long time of being ravished by you, you sit us up, slide my legs off of you, stand up and take my hands. "I need to make love to my lady properly..." I melt as I stand up and find myself in your arms again. On the way to my bedroom, you pick up the bag you brought in and sweetly swat my ass on the way down the hall.

Entering my bedroom, you see the toys laid out on the bench and smile. "Oh, you want to play tonight?" "Yes, Sir. If it pleases you..." You face me and sweep my hair behind my ears. "Undress for me, my slut." I ask you to unzip the dress and like you always do, you kiss your way down the zipper as each bit of skin is revealed. You make me feel special and loved and sexy and desired. You unhook my bra and you turn me around to face you as the dress and bra slide off my shoulders and onto the floor. You run your hands down my sides and into my very wet shaved puss.

"Mmm. You look delicious, Baby. Let me bind you while you're still standing." You begin with the center of the rope at the back of my neck. Drawing the loose ends between my breasts then crossing them behind me. You mind the loose ends as you alternate the wraps above and below my breasts. You untie the second rope and tie a larkshead knot on the top ropes between my breasts. Taking one of the ends, you loop under the bottom set, loop back to the top and then cinch the bottom rope to pinch the inside of my breast. You loop under my breast, loop under the bottom ropes, loop under the top ropes, cinch tight then press my breast to the center so you can cinch a little tighter. you tie off the loose end and suck on my nipple before tying the other side the same way and gently sucking on that nipple, too.

I feel your hands rubbing the bulging, smooth outsides of my breasts as you kiss me. "Undress me." I smile and excitedly start unbuttoning your shirt, sliding it off your shoulders as I kiss my way down your chest. I kneel in front of you and unbuckle your belt and unfasten your pants. You stroke my hair as you sit on the edge of the bed and remove your shoes and socks and kick your pants off. You tell me to get into bed and you slide out of your underwear as you meet me under the covers.

You kiss me, you caress me, your fingers explore me, and your mouth devours me. My heart is pounding in my breasts and my nipples are so sensitive, hard, and aroused. I reach down to caress your balls and your dick and I beg you to fuck me bareback. I want to feel you inside me, throbbing and being consumed by my desperate pussy. You tell me that I need to be on top so you can watch my bound breasts bounce on top of you and I can feel your thrusts deeper. Even climbing aboard makes me wet and feeling you slide into me is amazing. You let me settle onto you to and calm the tension in my clit before you thrust hard into me and pinch my nipples at the same time. Your pinching and pulling my already tender breasts throws me into an orgasm quickly. You pull me down to you and kiss me deep as you tell me to cum -- hard. You tell me to keep cumming as you spank me while you are deep inside me. You tell me you're cumming as well and you feel the tightness in your balls finally release. "Oh, fuck, baby. That's amazing." I collapse into your arms and snuggle at your side with my hand cupping your balls and lightly stroking your cock. You kiss my forehead and my eyelids as I catch my breath.

Oh my with you is a pile of arousing, exciting tension, released screams and so much ecstacy. You keep me thrilled every minute. You come around to the side of my bed, pull out my favorite bag and select your toys. "Turn over on your knees ... scoot to the end of the bed.... " I obey and my bound breasts feel the cool cotton of the sheets. I feel you spreading me and applying pressure to the dildo that you're putting in my ass. You feel it pop through my ring and you ease it all the way inside me. As you're satisfied with its depth, you spank me and tell me to turn over and spread my legs. You spank my very swollen clit before you spread me open. "Are you ready?" "Oh God.... I thought you'd never ask..." You sink your dick into my sopping wet hole, slamming against the dildo in my ass. You fuck me deep and hard and you put you hands in the bends of my knees and push me back so you open me and thrust deeper inside me. Screaming, begging for you to let me cum, you say "No, not yet, my slut....." Oh god, I'm dying trying to keep this involuntary contraction inside me. "Please Sir..... " you slap my breasts to take my mind off my pussy and throbbing clit. God, that made me clench your cock and the dildo in my ass. "Now, baby... Come with me ... hard... now...." I scream as my orgasm rushes through me, igniting every nerve and knowing you're watching the heave of my chest and the bouncing of my tits, the soaking wet pussy you're banging, and feeling me squeeze everything south of my navel. You still your thrusts and let me remember how to breathe.

You reach down and untie the cinched knots around my breasts and slowly pull out of me. You set the toys aside and slide into bed with me. Completely spent, completely sated, and dizzy from the amazing sex, you pull me in tight and quietly stroke the small of my back until I fall asleep in your arms.
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