My senior year in high school
My senior year in high school

Mr. Leonard he was my 12th grade math teacher. I just turned 18 I was struggling in math, I just couldn't get it. If I didn't pass I wouldn't graduate. So one day after, my last class I went up to him and ask if he could help me. He looked at me up and down and said sure when do you want to start? I said why not now. He took me into his office locked the door.

I thought what the F. He told me since he was going to help me pass I had to do something for him. I said what he told me he had a fetish for girl's panties. I said ah ok what do I do? He told nothing just stand there. I did and he lifted up my little skirt and pulled down my panties and took them off. He put them to his mouth and nose and sniffed them and moaned. He said ok that was it. I told him what about my panties? He told me tomorrow after class same thing same time, and he would give them back to me cleaned and washed. I thought what a f-ing weirdo.

The next day same thing went into his office lock the door lift my skirt. and pulled down my panties O'yeah forgot he wanted me to pee in them a little bit which I did in class..He then got down on his knees and stuck his nose in my pussy, I like jumped and he said is it ok I said yes, cause I have admit it turned me on. He then lifted me up on his desk and spread my legs and ate my pussy like it has never been ate b4. I mean up until that time I had high school guys fuck me but never wanted to eat me which I love. He made me cum so hard I thought I would pass out. I put my cleaned panties back on which just got wet right away.

That weekend I couldn't keep my fingers out of my pussy, thinking about doing more things with him. All day Monday my panties were soaked thinking and fantasying about what was going to happen. I was so fucking wet and excited I wanted him bad. He took me by the hand I got naked and he did to. He pushed me to my knees and forced his hard cock in my mouth. He was fucking my throat deep. I was surprised that I could do that. I had never had a cock that big. He then put me up on his desk and rammed his hard cock up me.

He started fucking me hard I could feel his balls hit my ass. About (2) to (3) times a week fucked suck and would swallow his load plus he loved me pissing in his mouth afterwards. Every day it happened I would be so turned on in the bus on the way home, thinking about it that I went straight to my room and masturbated like crazy until I calmed down.

Oh by the way I got an A in his class my mom and dad told me see when you apply yourself you can make things happen I thought MMMM your right

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