My sister and I did our brother a favor 2nd half
He just looked at us and stayed silent for a minute before speaking.

"Well, I seriously have the 2 best sisters on the planet," Tim said.

Well after hearing that I think we were both feeling pretty damn good.

"Well bro, you wanna join us over here now?" Vicky asked.

"What did you say?" Tim asked.

"Well, I think you wanna come over here with us and have that threesome you wanted to have," I replied.

Then he still had a confused look on his face for a minute, he just didn't buy it or something.

"Well with you ladies I'm not related to. I wanted to have a non-incestuous threesome. Thanks for the offer I guess, but I would like to know why you are fucking each other though, I mean it is oddly hot," Tim said.

"Well we wanted to do something for you," I said.

"So you wanted to have we a threesome with me?" Tim asked.

"Well yes, you said you wanted one with your girlfriend, she dumped you and Vicky came up with the idea to do it. So we just tested the waters with each other first," I replied.

He was still a little unsure. He saw both of his sisters completely naked cuddling together right in front of him, but I think we both knew he was turned on, we saw the bulge in his pants.

"Come on Tim, let us do something for you, you do so much for us, we wanna do this for you," Vicky said as she got up.

She came over to him completely naked and gave him a hug.

"Let us prove to you how much we love and appreciate you, we promise you won't regret it," Vicky said.

"Well, you both have birth control?" Tim asked.

"You don't want to get us pregnant?" I asked.

"Not personally," Tim replied.

Then Vicky pulled out some birth control for us to take. So we were safe for him getting us pregnant. Then we both got up and came over to him. We both began kissing him on his neck and other various places where skin showed.

"This isn't gonna make things weird with us though is it?" Tim asked.

"No, it might make us closer after we're done," I replied.

Then we brought him to the bed and we all sat down. Vicky kissed him on the lips first, then I did as well. He seemed to be turned on a great deal so far. Then my hands went down a little south and I grabbed onto the bulge in his pants.

"Wow Tim, you have some package in your pants," I said.

"Well are you two gonna sign for it?" Tim asked.

"You bet your ass we are," Vicky replied.

Then Vicky began undoing his pants. She pulled his cock out of we just looked at if for a minute. It was big, probably about 8 inches long and a little thick as well. We were both impressed, we never saw it that big before. We accidentally saw it a lot smaller before, but now it was huge when he knew that he was about to get laid. Then Vicky got down on her knees on the floor and she took his cock into her mouth. She sucked on it passionately for a minute as I began making out with him. It was even more kinkier than when I did it with Vicky, but I guess that was expected.

"Oh yes Vicky, you have lips and you know how to use them," Tim said.

"And she has a great tongue too," I replied.

"She ate you out?" Tim asked me.

"Yes she did, with flying colors," I replied.

"That is so hot sis," Tim said.

Then I kissed him again and both leaned down on our backs. We made out passionately for a minute and he put his hands on my boobs to give them a nice squeeze.

"Oh nice boobs Jackie, they are so nice and perky, you should be a Victoria's Secret model or some shit," Tim said.

"Thank you, but you gotta have at least C-cup boobs though an we only have B-cup boobs though," I replied.

"Well, we'll see about that," Tim said.

Then we kissed again and I took off his shirt. Vicky was still blowing him like nobodies business. It looked like he was loving it too. He moaned a bit as well, I guess he really loved blow jobs. She began slurping a bit and he was breathing in and out a little rapidly which meant that he was already having trouble holding his load down. I put my right hand on her head and she went down on his cock as far as she could.

"Oh god Vicky," Tim said.

I began kissing his stomach and everywhere else on his midsection. We were a small team and we were gonna make him feel really goo, so he'd keep us around forever.

"Oh that tickles when you kiss me there Jackie, that's not fair," Tim said.

"Tim, we're double teaming you, there isn't a damn thing that's fair about this, we're gonna make you love us even more, you got that?" I asked.

"I got that sis," Tim replied.

Then I came up and laid my head on his stomach as I watched Vicky suck on his cock like mad. She was going up and down rather quickly. He leaned his head back and had his eyes closed as well. Then he just couldn't take it anymore. He began moaning really loudly.

"Fuck yes!! I'm gonna explode everywhere now, I can't hold it anymore!" Tim screamed.

Then she backed away a little and she took all of his cum all over her face. She really seemed to like that as well, so I guess she liked female and male cum.

"Holy shit Tim, you erupted big time," Vicky said.

"I know thank you sis, Jackie why don;t you try it?" Tim asked.

Then I kissed him once.

"I love to," I replied.

Then Vicky an I switched places. Vicky got right next to him as I moved down and began blowing him for the very first time ever. I was more than nervous, but I just saw Vicky do and I know Tim loved me, so I did OK. I just started going up and down slowly, but I made sure to speed up a bit. I knew he was really enjoying himself when Vicky was just doing it for him. When I did it, he began moaning a little loudly once again.

"Holy shit Jackie, you are really good too, oh I love my sisters so damn much," Tim said.

"We love you too Tim, more than you know," Vicky replied.

Then they kissed once again and Tim out his hands on my head. I went down as far as I could, but I wanna try and deep throat him just yet. I wanted it to last before we ha to shoot his load. They were up there making out as well. He really seemed to like from both of us, I could already see a small contest coming, but we'd cross that bridge when we got to it.

"Fuck yes sis, suck on that cock for me," Tim said.

"What does it look like shes doing down there?" Vicky asked.

Then we all laughed and then they both put their hands on my head and made me take as much of his cock as I could. I had about 6 ½ inches of his cock in my mouth and I loved it honestly, I was really trying something new there. I sucked on a handful of guy's dicks before, but of course this was my brother's cock though, so it was out there to say the least. Then I tried going down just a bit further.

"Damn Vicky look at her go, she is one determined lady," Tim said.

"And what about me?" Vicky asked.

"So are you, both of my sisters here are perfect," Tim replied.

Then I climbed up with them and we took turns kissing him on the lips. After a couple minutes, we both laid our heads on his chest to try and catch our breaths for a minute.

"Wow my sisters, this was nice," Tim said.

"And just who said we're done?" Vicky asked.

"No one, I thought I'd let you know as we were relaxing for a minute," Tim replied.

Then Vicky took the condom and opened it. She put it on his cock and got on top of him cowgirl style. We were both eyeballing her boobs like hawks for a minute.

"I think I got 2 crushes right now," Vicky said.

Then she began bouncing up and down a bit. We both saw her tits flopping around a bit, so it was paradise to both of us for a little while, but I did steal a few kisses from him.

"You really do have the best sisters on the planet," I said.

"Damn right I do, now get up there with her," Tim replied.

"OK bossy," I said.

"Oh I'm sorry, I was playing bossy, I didn't mean anything mean by that," Tim replied.

Then Vicky and I just laughed a bit.

"That's not funny," Tim said.

"Yes it is," Vicky replied just before she kissed me once.

We made out right in front of him and he came already, he moaned just a little bit, but that was way the fuck too much, both of blowing him didn't do it, but when we made out with each other, he shot his load into the condom.

"Oh fuck sideways!" Tim screamed.

"Did you cum?" We both asked.

"Yes," Tim replied.

"Holy shit," We both said.

Then Vicky got off him and we confirmed it.

"Well my turn now," I said.

"By all means sis," Tim replied.

Then I got on top of him cowgirl style. I began riding him as well like right away, that just really turned me on that we got him off like that. It was like magic or something like that. Vicky leaned her head down and licked and sucked on my nipples a bit, of course sense that happened, it just made my pussy a whole wetter.

"Oh yes Tim, your cock is so big," I said.

Then he put his hand on the nipple she wasn't sucking on and pinched it a little bit.

"Ow, first her and now you? Be nice to my nipples," I said.

Then Vicky and Tim laughed.

Then I pinched Vicky's left nipple.

"Ow," Vicky said.

"You don't like it either," I replied.

"Bitch," Vicky said.

"Bigger bitch," I replied.

"Ladies, be nice to each other, you love each other a hell of a lot more than most sisters, now kiss and make up," Tim said.

So we did kiss and make up.

"Now that is bar none the hottest kiss I've ever seen in my life," Tim said.

"Then how about this," I said as I pushed Vicky down.

I got right over her pussy and began eating her out. Tim laid there right next to us and took off the condom. Then he began masturbating like mad as he watched us go at it. I never ate pussy either, but obviously this pussy was special. I spread out her pussy lips and stuck my tongue in there as far as I could. She screamed very loudly then.

"Oh motherfucker Jackie I fucking love you," Vicky said.

Then of course Tim said exactly what I was thinking.

"Don't you mean 'Sister fucker'?" Tim asked.

Then we all laughed for a minute and I began licking her pussy all over. She was laying her head on Tim's shoulder and he was helping her keep her cool a little bit. She didn't wanna cum just yet, and I didn't want her to just yet either, but yet she still moved around a little bit as well.

"Come on Vicky, you can take your sister's tongue longer than that," Tim said.

She was getting very sweaty then, as if I was giving her the best pleasure she had ever received in her life.

"Fuck yes sis! Make me cum all over your face now!" Vicky screamed.

I stuck my fingers up inside her pussy as well, but that only intensified the pleasure a huge deal and then as I predicted it would, she came all over my face as she began moaning very loudly. She came even more than I did honestly.

"Holy fucking shit sis, that was like magic, you came like magic," I said.

"I know, we saw that," Vicky replied.

Then I climbed on top of her and kissed her a couple times. We both wrapped our arms around each other and made out very passionately for about 5 minutes straight. Then that was just too much for Tim to handle, he shot his load all over the bed that time.

"Wow, you two really do know know how to show your appreciation to your brother, I can tell you that," Tim said.

"Well we wanted to do something personal for you. We were thinking of getting you an Itunes gift card or something like that, but we wanted something especially for you," I replied.

"Well just curious, what is the Itunes value for a threesome?" Tim asked.

"I'd say probably $1,000 I'd say," Vicky replied.

"That's it, just a grand? I was thinking something like $50,000," Tim said.

Then Vicky began laughing a bit.

"$50,000? Are you shitting me?" Vicky asked.

"What?" Tim asked.

"You just saw your sister fuck each other by fucked by your sisters, it should more like $1,000,000 dummy," I replied.

"OK then, sorry for that, $1,000,000 then," Tim said.

Then we both kissed him again and just cuddled in absolute silence for a few minutes. We both had our heads resting on his chest and we kissed each other a few times as well. It was paradise to the max honestly. We just had sex with our brother and he loved it.

He loved it a hell of a lot more than either one of us thought he would. So we just had incestuous sex, but who cares, we'll all be remembering this for the rest of our lives guaranteed. Now you'd think we'd have to come up with another gift for his birthday and Christmas, but I think he'll be more than happy to settle to put his cock inside us.
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