My story growing up in my home
My story growing up in my home

I have two older sisters. At the time I was 18. My mom would have me take showers with my sisters and sometimes with her. I didn't think anything of it at the time. To me it felt normal, especially when they would have me wash their bodies all over, especially there pussy and assholes, they would do the same to me.

I remember afterwards I was so turned on that I would go to my room lock the door and masturbate like crazy. I found myself craving to have sex with another girl. One afternoon I was in my bedroom and forgot to lock my door, my mom's dirty panties and I was sucking on the crotch and fingering myself. I imagining that she was straddling my face and rubbing her hairy pussy all over my face. I was so into it I didn't realize that she was standing right there beside my bed and she was masturbating like crazy.

She bent down and started to finger and eat my pussy, I just laid there frozen in time. She then started kissing me and I kissed her back. She moved my head around so I could lick her hairy pussy, which I did like crazy, it tasted so dam good.

After we were finished I sat there stunned as she told she had been Bi sexual since she was a little girl. My dad was out of town for that week so me and my mom slept together every night. She made me cum so easy. She had all kinds of gadgets that she fucked me with. A whole new world opened up to me. I didn't realize but my succor team they were all Lesbian.

I remember the first team sleep over I had with them they stripped me naked and I was fucked kissed tongued all night. I was so addicted to girl's older women.

I wanted to try everything and that leads to my first cock. It was my next door neighbor. He would pay me 50.00 to clean his house on Saturday. After my swim in our pool I went over to his house and was vacuuming. I didn't realize that my bathing suit bottoms had crept up in to my ass. When I turned around he was stroking his huge cock. It looked big to me anyway.

My pussy was stretch out a bit from my mom's big rubber cocks.
I was in a trance, I just went over to him dropped my bathing suit and he picked me up and slid his cock right in me, I hurt at first, but after a while he got the whole up me and was moaning like crazy. I loved it my pussy was on fire, he made cum over and over again. Then he pulled it out and rammed it deep in my throat. He then started to cum; I thought it would never stop. I managed to swallow most of it.

So every Saturday I didn't clean his house, he just fucked me. I fucked some of his friends to. I love it. That opened up a whole new world at school. In high school I was known as the cum bucket, I got invited to a lot of parties, but that is a another story
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