My vacation
My vacation

My mom and I were visiting her sister in-law in New Zealand. last year after graduation. One day they all left me alone in the house to go shopping. I got up and was looking around and happened to open a drawer in her bedroom. I thought OMG there was all these rubber and vibrating dildos small ones, huge ones. One was looked like a real arm and fist. I decided to try a few started with the small ones that didn't work for me, gradually worked my way up to the large ones OMG they felt so go it really got me going...

I decide after that to explore the back yard. Wanted to get some sun, so I put on my little bathing suit, I walked down this path onto the secluded beach where I found 4 guys sunning themselves and drinking this weird kiwi drink. They were really nice guys and talked a lot

I drank some and it was pretty strong. Then one of the guys said lets go swimming. I said sure, we started walking towards the water when I realized they were all naked. I said, hey wait a minute, you guys are naked, and they said well and just stared at me. I said what the hell off came my bathing suit, and then they stared at me again only this time more intensely, and I started staring at their hard cocks. Before we made it to the water, they surrounded me and started kissing me all over, I could feel there hard cocks rub up against me. My body started to shake uncontrollably.

They forced me to my hands and knees. One of them put his cock into my mouth I started sucking like a crazy slut. Then I felt a cock entering my ass and fucking me hard, so much for fore play here. The cock in my mouth switched to my ass and another replaced him in my mouth. My mind and body were spinning at this point. , while one of the brothers entered my ass and then one rammed his cock down my throat. I felt like a piece of meat on a BBQ spit.

We all fucked like that for what seemed like hours. I was taking all their cocks and wanted more. Then they got off of me and told me it was time for me to take their loads. I just smiled, got on my knees and proceeded to suck each one off. They had a huge build up of cum, because each one shot huge load down my throat. Some of it squirted out the sides of my mouth and on to my huge nipples..

I stayed at the beach all day. I didn't realize, but these (4) brothers were really close to each other. After like an hour or so and more of this Kiwi drank my head was spinning. Their cocks got hard again with a little help from me. I and one of them got into a (69) position and he was sucking my cock really good, when I felt his brother enter my ass hole again. He was licking my ass and licking his brother's balls and the shaft of his cock.

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