My very first fuck!
After reading bigorange dude stories I felt I should tell my story. It's so funny that I'm actually laughing as I write this. Learning about sex at an early age is not only fun but educational to say the least!

I often visited my grandparents house and I had several cousins (female) who would be there at the same time. My grandparents had a huge house since they in fact had had 12 children themselves! I guess that was normal considering the times they lived in. so they ween't Catholic just horny protestants. My dear cousin Cathy was one of the many that visitied.

We had heard from the older kids about how good it felt to fuck and we could hear our parents sounds as they made love to whomever they could get. We were both from broken families whose parents had been divorced!

One day while outside playing hide and seek with the neighborhood kids we went and hid in the basement of a neighbor's house. It was night and no one could find us or even see us for that matter. We decided to experiment and try to see what the fuss was all about to fuck someone. I was 13 and she was 10 at the time so we didn't know jack shit about fucking only what we had heard.

I laid her down on a sofa that had been discarded and she took her panties off and spread her legs wide. I mounted her and thrust my hard cock deep inside her pussy. She groaned with pain and I withdrew my dick and asked "Are you all right?" She told me that it hurt at first but she felt better now and to go ahead and fuck her.

So I reinserted my cock and started the fucking knowing not what to expect. It wasn't long before I unloaded my young cum inside her pussy and she moaned with such pleasure. After that first experience we knew we really liked the feeling that fucking gave us and we fucked every chance we could! She followed me everywhere I went and when we were alone those panties of hers came off. "I want to fuck" she told me. "I like it! It feels so good" she would say. So of course we did.

When would could get away with it we'd fuck downstairs in her bed until we almost got caught and decided it would be better to go elsewhere. I remember our grandmother asking her one day why she was breathing so hard. She told her that I had been lying on top of her. I quickly said that we had been playing and wrestling. I'm sure our granny knew but didn't indicate that she did.

One of our favorite places was in the woods near by grandparent's house. We had found a used mattress that someone had thrown away while out picking blackberries. We took advantage of that and fucked there often. I loved to cum in her pussy and she enjoyed it too. This was almost an everyday thing for

One time I heard her alking to a neighborhood boy who had pitched a tent in his backyard. I looked in and she had her panties off showing him her pussy and he was showing her his cock.
I told her to get her panties back on go home. He told me that they were just curious about each other's private parts. I told him that was okay if he just looked but nothing else!
I found her at home and she went downstairs and let me in the door. I took her back to a bedroom and took her panties off and lifted her dress and started to fuck that hairless wet pussy. I told her she wasn't supposed to fuck anyone else but me and she agreed to that.

A few years later I was at her apt to fix something and we got to talking. I asked who her boyfriend might be and she said she didn't have one. She hadn't fucked anyone at all but me! I was amazed because this horny woman loved to be fucked. She told me that she was afraid she'd get knocked-up and she was waiting until she got married to fuck again. She never got married so she went without for a long time! I told her that since I was sterile and couldn't get her pregnant that if she wanted to fuck I could give it to her. She jumped up and said to me "let's go! I have wanted to be fucked so bad for so long. I'm glad you can and not get me pregnant, I always did like to feel your cum squirt inside me and I definitely want it now!" I fucked her little tight pussy really good that day and at least 3 times a week afterwards.

This fucking went on for almost 3 years until her family moved to Detroit. She recently returned home to take care of her brother who had a massive stroke. She called me recently and asked me if she could come over and get her fuck like in the past. I told her to come on over and that I had a whole sack of fresh cum for her. She replied "Yum. I've been needing that for all these years and my pussy is so wet! I'll be there in just a few mintues to get that cum!"

It's been over 10 years now and she still comes over to be fucked on a regular basis.
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