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We walked in the house and they were both just eyeballing us like hawks and and we were snakes.

"So, what's going on mom and dad?" Pat asked as we sat down.

"We're good, how have you two been lately? Been working out a bit?" Our dad Louie asked.

"No, just been hanging out with my sister a bit, if that was exercise, I'd be buff," Pat replied.

"Yeah no kidding," Louie said under his breath.

"What did you say?" I asked.

"Nothing, it's just great that you two are so close, especially at your age. I mean damn, you two are like inseparable," Louie replied.

"Well, maybe," Pat said.

Then there was an awkward silence, we had a big secret and it so felt like they not only knew, but knew like every single detail as well.

"So, what have you two been up too, hooking up?" Vivian asked.

"What, what the hell are you talking about?" I asked a little defensively.

I was nervous and we both starting sweating a little.

"I mean like hooking up with your boyfriend or him hooking up with his girlfriend. I mean you are adults now, you aren't teenagers anymore, we're not naive, we know you need to have sex every now and then," Vivian replied.

I was relived.

"Oh, yeah, a little I guess," I said.

"What's wrong sweetheart, you look nervous," Vivian replied.

"Nothing, I'm fine," I said.

"OK then, well what have you two been up to lately?" Vivian asked.

"Just chilling I guess," Pat replied.

"Oh, well it's good to have such a good relationship with each other, after all, you don't have any other relatives other than us. I mean if there was no other people to interact with, you two would still be fine, after all, look at you two, you are like 2 peas in a pod," Louie said.

"I know they are, I remember they would always cuddle with each other when they were young, watch movies together, they even actually slept together a few times too. You remember that, we could only afford a 2 bedroom house, but I think they loved it that way, so they would have the same room," Vivian replied.

"Yeah, I do remember that, Pat was like 10 and Kim was 7 the first time. Well, I guess Pat was the perfect big brother," Louie said.

I just knew it, they knew somehow, I couldn't be that paranoid, I mean why were they talking like that unless they knew? Although, I wasn't gonna jump off the bridge yet.

"I also remember how they used to kiss on the lips, it was just pecks before, but then they kissed for a few seconds. When was the last time you two kissed each other?" Louie asked.

"I don't know, years ago I guess," Pat replied.

"Well, give your sister a kiss, you love her right?" Vivian asked.

So he kissed me on the forehead.

"No, on the lips," Vivian said.

"OK, what the hell is going on?" Pat asked.

They both looked confused.

"What do you mean, we're just asking you to kiss your sister that you love," Vivian replied.

"Yeah, you are talking about us being 2 peas in a pod and a bunch of other stuff, are you trying to get us to say something?" Pat asked.

"Why Pat, whatever do you mean?" Louie asked.
He was pissed off of course, he couldn't say anything.

"Nothing, but is with all the questions?" Pat asked.

"We just had no idea that you two were dating each other, you could have told us you know," Vivian replied.

"What?" We both asked.

"Really? You are still gonna deny it?" Louie replied as he turned his laptop around.

It was our incesttaboo video we made and it looked like they were watching it.

"Oh my god, you guys suck," I said.

"Us, you are the ones doing it and not telling us it appears," Louie replied.

"Fuck," I said as I got up.

"Sit down," Louie replied.

My suspicions were just confirmed, they knew about us now, how though? I mean, were they on that website? I had no idea, but we were about to find out.

"You know, we are still your parents, if it wasn't for us, you wouldn't be here. Te least you could do is tell us that you are together like that," Louie said.

"OK, mom, dad, Pat and I are boyfriend and girlfriend," I replied.

"Obviously," They both said.

"Why are you on this website exactly, are you two into that kind of thing?" I asked.

"Yes actually," Vivian replied.

"Already than," Pat said.

Then it was silent again, it was beyond awkward to say the least.

"So, just curious, is incest not allowed?" Vivian asked.

"What do you mean, we told everyone we were brother and sister, it's," I replied.

"No, not on there, on your webcam show," Louie said.

Holy shit, secrets were out, not in, at all.

"How the fuck did you know about that?" I asked.

"Hey, language. I know we're, and have known each other our whole lives, but we're adventurous," Louie replied.

Then I thought about something.

"What do you mean you have known each other your whole lives?" I asked.

They both looked at each other for a minute as if they had the most devastating secret to end all secrets or some such shit.

"Hello, w just admitted that we're hooking up, you can at least tell us, especially after the little spiel you gave us," I said.

"Well, there is something I'd like you to meet," Vivian replied.

We both looked around for a minute.

"Is there someone hiding here? We don't see anyone around," Pat said.

"Well, you know him and her, but you never knew you had this relation to them," Louie replied.

I was confused, then somehow I connected the dots. I looked at them and then all of the sudden it was like up was down, black was white water was dry. Pat didn't see it for some reason.

"What sis?" Pat asked.

"I think mom and dad are actually brother and sister too," I replied.

Then Pat looked at them with the most surprised look you could imagine, it was even more shocking to him.

"You two are brother and sister?" Pat asked.

"Yes, so when not only we saw you on but having sex on a certain webcam website, it actually turned us on and we knew we had to tell you about us," Vivian replied.

We both were not only just shocked, but offended as well, how could they not tell us after all those years, and they gave us that bullshit about not telling them, what a crock of shit.

"And why are we just finding out about this now?" Pat asked.

"Well, what you didn't know, didn't hurt you, I guess would be the best way to explain it. We weren't sure if you would be weird-ed out by it. We just kept it a secret, it's not like there was any real way of you figuring it out. You both are incestuous kids," Louie replied.

We both just tried to process this for a minute or 2.

"Honestly, we both just wanted to be together, your grandparents passed and we just had each other. Honestly one night we both just decided to be together, it just made sense to us, so we had sex to test the waters, and we both loved it. Believe it or not, Pat you were planned, but Kim, you were not. We did wanna have you at some point in time, but you were a surprise," Vivian said.

"Already than," I replied.

"If I was planned, which one of you wanted a baby?" Pat asked.

"I did," Vivian replied.

We were stunned, it was as if we just found out we were aliens. Then they got close to each other and kissed a few times. It was unreal to us, even though Pat and I had been together for over a year, it was still really weird to us, but it didn't take us long to get over it so to speak. We all talked about how things went for both of us couples, they had their rough patches even though they have been very much in love for so many years. We learned that the loving and everything can be a lot intensified when it's an incestuous relationship, so you could say we learned a lot in that afternoon and they had literally nothing to object to about us being together.

"So when was the first time you had sex?" Louie asked.

"Just before our first show we did together, so we'd know what it be like before we went live," I replied.

"No kidding?" Vivian asked.

"No kidding," I replied.

Then maybe it was just that we were all horny, I don't know what it was exactly, but then all of the sudden our mom asked us something.

"Well, would it be sexy at all to do a webcam show with another couple?" Vivian asked.

We weren't too sure what to say to that.

"You want to have sex with us there for a show?" Pat asked.

"Yes, I guess, let's just say we're really happy you two fell in love with each other," Vivian replied.

"OK, sure I guess," I said.

So I set up their computer, I wasn't too sure we should be doing this, but as I said, we were horny. We were all on the couch and both of us couples were making out a bit before we did a little intro.

"Well hello, as you can see, we're gonna have twice the fun here, we have an older couple here and we're all gonna have some nice sexual fun, so just make sure you aim away from the
computer," I said.

Pat and I made out passionately while our parents made out passionately literally only inches away. Both of us couples leaned down a bit on the couch and Pat actually felt me up a bit right in front of them. It was kinky, it was pretty fresh in our minds that our parents were incestuous, so this was gonna be one kinky web cam show.

"Wait, you guys have condoms here right?" I

Vivian got into the end table drawer and got a couple out. She threw one to us too, I caught it and I grabbed onto Pat's cock through his shorts. I unzipped his pants and his cock came right out of there really quickly, he was turned on to fuck his sister with his parents literally right there in front of thousands of horny chicks and dudes. I grabbed onto his cock and stroked it ever so slowly, it was my hand was a big snail. Right behind us, our parents were getting naked already, they were pumped big time, maybe they had done this before? Anyway, after seeing them, I ripped my clothes off and then his in about 15 seconds. I ripped the condom package and put it on his cock. Then I slowly got onto the floor and laid on my back. I pulled Pat down with me and he laid right on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him so there was no room between us, I couldn't help but whisper something in his ear.

"Make sweet love to me, i want them to see how kinky you are Pat, so make me moan," I whispered in his ear.

He definitely took that under advisement, his lips locked on mine for a minute, it was a very passionate kiss, as he kissed me, he very slowly, inserted his cock into my pussy, he was like a snail too, just the way I liked it. So right there in the living room, there were not 1 but 2 incestuous couples making sweet love to each other. Vivian was on her knees as Louie was pounding her as if they hadn't had sex in years. It was amazing honestly to see them like, but I did my best to focus on my brother that was making love to me. Pat put his hands on my boobs and played with them just a bit. We both were just looking at each other, for a minute, not even with lusty eyes, just with 'I love you' eyes. We both were already sweating up huge storms, I think it was more about them being there, I mean we had sex on my webcam a million times before and weren't nervous, but when we did it with them there, I don't know, it got our juices flowing big time. He began pounding me hard in best way he could in missionary position. On the floor, it wasn't as comfortable, but it was still a great experience though. I felt his cock sliding in and out of me like it was on a snowy slope, no real effort needed to make my pussy sore. A couple times i saw our parents checking us out, they liked that we were incestuous. I put my hands on his shoulders as just kept thrusting his cock. I just felt so loved by him, that he loved me so much that he could just keep fucking me even with them right there and still on web cam too.

"Oh yeah big brother, give them a show they'll never forget," I said as i moaned.

I was moaning like never before really, the stakes had never been this high or been this kinky. He was pounding me as if we were in a race to cum first, but he made sure to kiss his little sister passionately every now and then. I saw them watching us several times and I just took that as a good sign. Louie was sitting down with our mom on top of him bouncing up and down quite quickly. Her boobs were flopping around a bit and truth be told, my pussy got a little wetter. My boobs were squished, my brother was making sweet love to me and my incestuous parents making love too, so all of the x-factors were there and maxed out, it was just a matter of time before I had the orgasm of an lifetime, but as always, it's the jounrey there you love and not just getting there, so i stopped him.

"I want them to see you fucking me doggie style," I whipsered.

"I like that sis," Pat replied.

I kissed him once and then I got up as he got on his knees. I turned around and he inserted his cock into my pussy doggie style. At first he was gentle with me, but of course got a little rough after a couple of minutes. He had his hands on my butt, and rubbed it slowly. I actually just kind of zoned out for a minute, forgot the camera was on, and spaced that mere feet away was our parents doing it. I was probably sweatier than ever and my heart rate was through the roof, this was what I wanted, I mean with our parents, it was the complete package, honestly, whatever the price would be for it, I'd pay it. Then all of the sudden, I leaned up and turned around.

"Pat, will you marry me?" I asked.
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