My web cam show 4
I understood that it wasn't the best time, but the heart wants what it wants and I just kind of blurted it out right then and there. I was just looking at him and they were looking at us while we were all having sex on camera.

"Is that what you really want?" Pat asked.

"Yes, I love you, I love them, and I don't want this to end, ever," I replied.

"Obviously," Both Louie and Vivian said.

We both looked just at each other for a couple minutes as the camera kept rolling, I swear that time stood still for that time, I unintentionally cracked out a couple tears, they went down my cheeks for a minute and then he leaned in to kiss me. That kiss lasted for over 2 minutes, it was passionate and one of the best kisses I ever experienced. Of course over that long 2 minutes I unleashed a few more tears and had gotten closer to him. Then the kiss ended and we just eyeballed each other once again. We both just zoned out, it was unreal honestly, we were soul mates, I swear it.

"Is a non stop stare mean 'Yes'?" Louie asked.

We both looked over at our parents for a second and turned back. We kissed once, and he said the word that just sounds best than all the rest when it's alone.

"Yes," Pat replied.

"Yes?" I asked as I grinned.

"Of course, I love you too," Pat replied.
And with that, we were engaged, just like our parents. Maybe it was a forward to ask right then and there, but I did it, I got a yes and all I needed was a ring. Our mom had a ring, and i was sure I was gonna get one too even if I asked him. Well the first thing we did was finish our show, it was an extra special show obviously, we had sex with another couple that just happened to be our incestuous parents. Then, honestly I wanted him to make love to me, so I laid down on the floor and he of course got on top of me once again. We kissed each other as if we hadn't kissed in years all of the sudden, engaged and loving it.

I swear we were in action mode for about 15 minutes straight. Neither one of us could turn it off if we could. He was thrusting his cock in and out of pussy rather quickly and it felt amazing times a billion. We were both making the floor drenched with sweat, it was beyond unreal. The sex was so good and amazing and I just wanted it to go on and on and on some more.

"I love you big brother, you better not ever stop loving and having incredibly great sex with me, you got that?" I whispered.

"I got that sis," Pat replied.

That was the icing on the cake and made it perfect to eat. He moaned a bit and it was that time, the time when you are the plate and you have to swing the bat, how hard will you sing and knock it out of the park?

"Oh fuck yes!" Pat screamed.

"I want it on my tits, I want every drop of it, now," I whispered.

So he followed the first of many commands, he pulled out and ripped off his condom, he could resist but stroke it just a tad before unleashing a giant wad of cum all over me. He shot at least 5 good shots of cum on me, and then a couple shorter ones, now that was a lot. The whole time, our parents were watching us. They were so turned on by us, it was ecstasy or something like that. They were doing it doggie style still, but not moving though. Then Pat laid down with me and we made out a bit as he began finger fucking me.

"You know, you are setting the bar pretty high for yourself, I'm gonna be needing to fuck me senseless like this all the time from now on," I said.

"I'll deal with it, I can make my sister feel good, real good," Pat replied.

I got close to his ear whispered the 3 words that sounded the best one their own.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you too sis," Pat whispered back.

We kissed again just stayed as close as we could as he kept finger fucking me. This was definitely the longest show we had ever done by far. I think the closet one was 45 minutes, we were at an hour and a half by then and we still were going. Of course in that time, we weren't just having sex in that time. We held each other the best we could and then we heard our dad moaning as well, he looked even more set to kill than Pat did only minutes ago.

"Cum on my tits, just like our kids Louie," Vivian replied.

Then they just copied us, not that we objected to that. We watched our stroke his cock and shoot his load like a cannon all over our mom's tits and stomach. Then he just collapsed on her. So after that we were all spent so to speak, we all just relaxed in silence for a few minutes, both of us ladies just rested in our man's arms, the best place to be, anytime, anywhere, guaranteed.

"I think I speak for everyone when I say 'Best show ever'." Vivian said.

"I think you are right mom, it's good we have brothers that can satisfy us so damn well," I replied.

We both kissed our brothers a few times just enjoyed the incest urges that were in the room, to be with our brothers, it was amazing and it was hands down the best sex either one of us were ever gonna have. Then we had a wedding to plan it appeared, and we needed to get a ring as well. So over the next few weeks we planned our wedding, we got a ring for me and I proposed the right way, yeah, I proposed to him still. Anyway as all this was happening, we still did webcam shows, in fact they were a little more intense I think anyway, we lasted longer and fucked harder too, the added notion that our incestuous parents maybe watching us just made it even hotter, as if that was possible.

So it was the last night before we got hitched and we wanted to do another special show, so I came up with an idea. All the people that watch us talk to us like IMing, so we thought we'd ask the people what they'd like to see us do. We were just in our undergarments, but we weren't expecting to keep them on very long though.

"So, TheBigkid42 wants to see us 69ing each other, while you stand up on the floor, just don't drop me, or I'll kick your ass," I said.

"As if you could take me," Pat replied.

We kissed once and we both got up and stood on the floor. He leaned down and slowly slid down my panties, and then of course I leaned down to take off his boxers as well. Truth be told i was a little more than nervous, I knew Pat was strong, but as I blew him, well, he might lose his balance, although, I was light, I was only about 110 or 115 while he was about 170, so he was stronger than me, so maybe he could handle it. So he picked me up and turned me around so we'd be in the 69 position. I began blowing him while he began eating me out.

Truth be told, I kind of forgot of being nervous as soon as the action started. The camera could see us and the camera seemed to love us. There was something a little different about him eating me out like that, a bigger thrill I guess you could say, or maybe it was that he could still get his entire tongue inside my pussy, either way, I was enjoying the ride. It was good for the first couple minutes, but of course I couldn't be up side down like hat for too long, the blood would rush to my head. I began feeling a little lightheaded after a couple minutes.

"OK, I gotta get down," I said.

So he let me down and I went back to the computer.

"So, TheBigkid42 says, 'Short but sweet.' Well it was nice, we never tried that before. So let's see what else we got here," I said.

I read a few more suggestions, obviously we couldn't do them all, but we could do some though.

"Well, this one just involves me, do you mind?" I asked Pat.

"Sure," Pat replied.

"They want to see my pussy up close and they wanna see me play with myself a little bit," I said.

So I gave the people what they wanted, i got really close to the camera and I started playing with my pussy just a little bit for the horny people. Then I had some hair on my pussy, but not a lot, that was because of Pat, he liked it best that way, especially when he ate me out. I flickered my pussy lips a bit and rubbed it slowly as well just making it wetter. i of course let out a few moans. While I played with myself, I read some of their comments. Mostly short, bottom line was they thought I was hot mostly. I read one of them asking me to do something else.

"Oh, even my fiance hasn't seen me do that," I said.

"Do what?" Pat asked.

Then I took a break from playing with my pussy and I grabbed one of my tits and brought it up to my mouth to lick my own nipple. Pat just loved that, I mean damn, I was surprised that he didn't shoot his load right then and there. Then he got up and got a good look at my tits, even though he had seen them a million times before, that just made him all the more curious.

"Can you do that again sis?" Pat whispered.

I just gave him that 'Oh did that turn you on?' look and I did it again, that time my leg was hit by a splash of cum and the camera got the perfect view of it.

"Well, the man in my life obviously loved that, did you guys love it too?" I asked the camera.

We both sat down and read some of the comments.

"'I'd cum all over you too.' says Dick12. Well sorry, but this the only guy that gets to cum on me. It looks like a million 'Hots' too. They wanna know how long your cock was before we started dating," I said.

"It was at least a couple inches shorter, but now thanks to her, it's a lot bigger," Pat replied.

"Your welcome," I said just before I kissed him.

We stayed close as we read a few more comments, mostly the same until one comment got our attention.

"'Kim, your boobs are looking bigger,' says Sweatyman," I said.

I couldn't help but look down at my boobs. I didn't notice them getting any bigger, but then again it could have just been a compliment from a sweaty man that was ever so horny. Then Pat took yet another good look at my boobs, of course then his cock was as hard as a rock again.

"Well thank you for the compliment, if you masturbate to my tits, just aim away from the computer, it doesn't work when mixed with fluids," I said.

Pat couldn't help but grin at that, I could still make him laugh. This went on for about another half hour, they asked to do various other different things together, like me putting his cock between my tits and him finger fucking me a bit. So as we were getting towards that tired point where we just wanted to retire to each others arms as we went to sleep, we decided to take one more request.

"Well, we need to have some non camera sex, so we'll do one sex act for you guys, then we're gonna call it a night. So let's see what sick shit you wanna see," I said.

I looked at the stuff people wanted to see with their own eyes. We read some more stuff, but then we read something rather interesting.

"'Are you two brother and sister?'." I said.
We both just gasped for a minute.

"'I saw you two on where you said you were brother and sister, you told the story of it started and had sex. Is that true?'"

Someone named Sexylady93 asked that, I wasn't sure what to say. Could we just ignore it?

"Let's just tell them, they may like it, and then maybe we can quit our day jobs," I said.

"For over a year now, every single night, expect for a few sick nights, I have stuck to the woman I love most, and she just happens to be my sister, honestly if you think we're sick, then you might wanna turn off the computer, our germs may come through and get you," Pat said.

"Wow, pretty much that. Trust me, incest is best, if you are horny, try it, no one has satisfied me as much as this guy right here, nowhere close, so if you are watching and you got with me, i won't remember our sex life only because my sex life this guy is so damn wonderful," I replied.

So with that, we were out there, and strangely enough, our viewer spiked up quite a bit, it turns out a lot of people have a fascination with incest, and we got a lot of comments over the next few weeks how hardcore we were being brother and sister. Well, what could we say, we loved rough and passionate sex. Then a couple weeks after that, 2 things happened we got hitched and we found out that my boobs actually were getting bigger due to Pat putting a bin in my oven.

So we're expecting our first baby, whether if it's a boy or girl, we're gonna try for the opposite for our second baby, we wanna continue our incestuous tradition and have them marry each other and have babies together. To think the tradition might have died if it wasn't for my webcam show. Even after our baby was born, we still did it a couple times a week, but we never did quit our day jobs though and the sex is still amazingly amazing, if that makes any sense, it does to us.
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