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I pull into the driveway after a long day of work. I notice that our babysitter Morgan is standing outside the door on the step. I figure she must have just gotten there as well and that Shari must have plans for the evening. I also notice that Shari's friend Kendall's car is in the driveway. I walk up to the steps, greet Morgan and have her come in the house. Morgan is in college and was back for the weekend, so we generally have her babysit the kids for old times sake when she's back. Morgan is one of the cutest girls I've ever met. She's only about 5'4 but has beautiful thick thighs and waist, toned but not fat. Her petite tits she usually is trying to push them up, but tonight it appears she's not wearing a bra, as she's in a loose fitting sports bra and zipper hooded sweashirt. Her hazel eyes and blonde hair light up her innocent, but perfect girl next door look to her.

As we walk into the house I can already tell the kids are gone. Not a clue what Shari has planned at all I guess. I should probably start paying more attention when she says we have plans.

Morgan heads for the living room as she's been through this routine plenty of times. I head down the hallway towards the bedroom and office to see where Shari and Kendall are. I expected them to be in the dining room having a glass of wine, but nothing.

As I'm getting closer to our room, I can hear faint moaning. It catches me off gaurd at first. As I get closer I see the bedroom door is cracked open slightly and as I stand there, the moaning is louder. My heart is racing through my chest right now because I have no idea what the fuck is going on. I slowly push the door open to peak my head in and OH.MY.LORD.

On our bed is my wife Shari, naked as the day is long. She's on her back, caressing her gorgeous double D tits with her legs spread wide open. In between them is Kendall, her friend from down the street. Kendall is blonde, beautiful blue eyes and a mouth that is built for oral sex. Big sexy lips with a big spread to them. Her body is feminine with big round titties, a little gut on her with hips and thick thighs. A nice fat ass on her, she's an impressive specimen. She's slowly but forcefully putting her gorgeous mouth all over Shari's bald pussy. She's down to nothing but a black thong, her tits rubbing against the bed as she eats Shari. She's passionately making out with Shari's pussy while she slides one finger into her pussy. Shari is moaning and arching, pulling at her own tits and grabbing at Kendall's head. I push the door open a little more and slide into the room against the wall. I have my clothes completely off at this point as I'm stroking my cock. Neither of the girls knows I'm here. I continue to jack off while Kendall brings my gorgeous wife to a climax. As she's finishing up, Kendall looks up as she goes to kiss Shari, but is startled when she sees me standing there.

Shari notices me finally and just smiles at me. "Umm..Hi babe!" she giggles as she pulls Kendall in closer to her with her legs. She reaches out and pulls Kendall's head down to her own and I see her drive her tongue into Kendall's mouth, tasting all of her own cum off of Kendalls face. Kendall is still a little nervous but Shari seems to calm her down. I'm still standing there, cock in hand as I watch these two make out some more. Shari looks back at me and instructs me to stand there and watch for a bit. Who am I to argue with her?

Shari flips the script on Kendall and puts her on the bed, face and chest down with her feet on the ground. She straddles Kendall and starts to kiss her ears and neck and down her back. From my angle all I see is Shari's ass on top of Kendall's, both pointed at me. I am still stroking my cock as Shari kisses her way down Kendall's back and kisses her hips and ass. She slowly pulls Kendall's black thong down with her teeth, pulling it all the way to the floor. She spreads her legs apart and starts to kiss up her thigh. She looks back at me as she starts to spread Kendall's beautiful shaved, fat pussy lips. She continues to eat Kendall from behind, paying attention to her clit but then licking her pussy hole and working back and forth.

By now I've completely forgot about Morgan...that is until I feel her hand rub up against mine. It startles me and I jump almost out of the room. As I'm stroking my cock Morgan has slid in and is completely naked as well. I have no idea how long she's been there, but it's obvious she's been watching. I look down the hallway and only see a trail of her clothes leading to the room. She leans up against the wall with me so our arms, hips and thighs are touching. Her smoothe, tan skin is warm against mine. She grabs my hand and holds it as she flicks her own clit with her other hand. I continue to pull on my dick standing next to this slutty little college girl.

Morgan can't take it anymore and she moves in front of me. She backs into me and shoves her ass up against my body. I make a slight noise to catch Shari's attention, to make sure this is allright. She turns for a second "Holy shit, Morgan, what are you doing here?" Her sly smile tells me she knew what was happening. Shari looks up at me and smiles as she goes back to lapping at Kendall's pussy.

I now have this thick but tight bodied college slut wanting my cock. Morgan is pulling at my hips as she grinds her ass up against my dick. Since the first time we had her over I've wanted this moment. I'm not quite ready to fuck her just yet. I spin her back around and pull her in to me. I grab her ass with one hand and pull her head to mine. My dick hits her right on her little stomach. I look her in the eyes as I lean in to kiss her, grabbing her ass and teasing her pussy with one finger while I kiss her. She wiggles on it, but pulls away and drops to her knees. She kisses my thighs and hips while my cock hits her in the face. She tries her best to tease me but she knows she wants my dick in her mouth. When she finally takes it, I grab her by both sides of her head and have her look at me while I face fuck the beautiful girl. I pull her back up and spin her around. I bring her to the bed and put her in the same position as Kendall. Bent over the bed. I reach over and pull Shari into me as I give her a long passionate kiss. I can taste Kendall's pussy all over Shari's mouth. Kendall and Morgan have started making out while my wife and I start to fuck them. I slide my dick right in between Morgan's ass cheeks, squeezing them together letting her fat ass engulf my cock. Shari leans over and spits down Morgan's ass to keep it nice and wet. I tease her ass hole with my shaft as her pussy begins to open like a flower. Kendall has spun around on her back now and is spread eagle. Shari pushes Kendall up higher on the bed and slides her pussy onto Kendall's as they begin to scissor. I can tell by the look of desire in Kendall's eye, she's going to fuck me as well. I pull my dick from Morgan's ass cheeks and position it to slide into her pussy. One little thrust back by Morgan and by dick is buried in her. The sound of her fat little pussy sucking my dick in and her perfect ass slapping against my hips fills the room. She's moaning pulling at the bed sheets. I fuck her as hard as I can, fast but not too fast. She cums rather quickly. Judging by her pussy, she's been ready for that for a while. I turn her over on her back just so I can have her wrap her thick thighs around me. She pulls me in with them. I slide my dick between her perfectly shaped, fat, bald pusy lips. I rub my cock up and down her clit. She looks at me with a want in her eyes. She's begging me to fuck her now. Shari and Kendall have come over and Shari is kissing on Morgan's small titties, and back to her mouth. Kendall kisses her way down Morgan's stomach and has her face at her pubic line. I fuck Morgan until I'm going to cum. Kendall has her face right there as I pull out. I shove my cock into Kendall's mouth as I explode, Kendall milking every last drop out of me.

I step back and catch my breath for a second, but Kendall isn't ready to quit. She pulls me onto the bed, kissing my neck and chest. I'm laying beside Morgan our shoulders, hips and thighs touching again. I can feel her trembling as Shari straddles her. Shari starts to rub her pussy up against Morgan's stomach, then down to one of her perfect thick legs. She grinds her pussy on Morgan's thigh, fucking it as she kisses her and pulls at her tits. Morgan kisses back and takes one of Shari's big tits that's bouncing in her face in her mouth. Kendall has now straddled me and lowered her pussy onto my cock. She has a small landing strip, black hair that is in perfect contrast to her blonde body. Her thick athletic thighs grip me likes she's riding a horse. She grinds on me, her clit rubbing and rubbing as I respond back by fucking her. We are in perfect unison. I'm grabbing her ass, hips and tits and she grinds away at me, her hair falling down in my face then replaced by her tits as I pull her down on me. Her ass bouncing off of my thighs, I've never wanted to fuck someone more than her at this moment. My animalistic rage starts to take over and I flip her over on her back, throwing her thighs up on my forearms and grabbing her hips and rib cage with my hands. She couldn't get away if she tried. I pull her in tight, slamming my cock into her soaked pussy, watching every stroke go in and out of her. I admire the way her pussy can take this pounding and her unseemingly inncont way of wanting more. Shari and Morgan have stopped fucking and are watching us. They're each playing with their own pussy's now. I fall into Kendall as I slam in one more time knowing my cock is about to be drained. Her pussy grips and pulsates at my dick, begging for me to release my load in her. She wispers in my ear "fill my pussy up, give me your cum, every last drop" as I feel my balls tense up and give her my hot sticky load.

I fall over, in between all three of them. Shari snuggles up to me as she kisses my cheek, giggling. "Don't get tired still need to fuck me"....
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