My wife the Vixen

I fixed us a stiff vodka--Blue Smirnoff brand--and started some oldies music we had on our I-POD.

We started drinking and dancing again, but now, it was even wilder.

This time, Jana rubbed against Kurt's cock.

Looking over at him, it was very obvious he was getting a big bulge.

He leaned over and asked me if that was all right with me.

I said, "Oh God, yes, I am as horny as you are. We are having fun tonight. Right?"

Then we started a slow dance and we traded her in the middle of it, holding her tight against our cocks, trying to make her "ohh and ahh" and have mini-orgasms.

You could tell from her face, she started to get tired and wanted to sit down.

So she sat on my lap and I passed my hand down the front of her pants to feel her pussy, test how wet she was.

I asked Jana to show us her clothes, the ones she'd be wearing the next day and had her pull out her Victoria's Secret bra and matching thong.

They were hot pink, the see-through kind. She grinned and I held them up so Kurt will see them.

He took a look at them and said, "Wow, that's so sexy. You've got to be the sexiest woman I've ever seen."

She thanked him. I smelled them and tossed them at him and he licked the crotch part of them and we all laughed.

Then running over to him, she grabbed them away from his hand.

She was beautiful standing there before him all breathless and hot.

Kurt asked, "What color are you wearing today?"

She said, "I don't know."

He told her, "Let's see them."

She said, "No!."

"Oh yes," I said, "you better show them to us, you've been teasing the hell out of us for hours and we can't take it any more."

Kurt said, "That's right . . . "

She looked at him and started unzipping the back of her dress.

Dropping it down a bit, he saw these black sexy thongs and man they were wet.

Breathing hard he asked her to show him her fuzz.

Giving him a quick glimpse through her see-through panties she walked away, but then suddenly turned around and pulled aside the panty to reveal even more of her pussy.

That made him even more stiff.

Moving closer he exposed himself to her more.

She resisted for a little longer but couldn't stand it any longer--finally she submitted to him.

Touching her silky fuzz he lingered and finally said, "Wow, that is nice--so soft!"

With his hand down her clit and fingers doing all they could do, rubbing wherever he could.

Back and forth he continued until her face lit up and she bolted and started cursing the darkness.


She was beside herself.

Standing by the foot of the bed she acted woozy and then an immediate orgasm happened--I could tell from the mind blowing sounds coming out of her.

Easing herself into bed, she laid herself down for us without any resistance.

I took her pants down, all the way,
rubbed her legs and thighs all the way up to her pussy.

She moaned louder and louder and said, "Oh my God, what are you doing to me, you are driving me crazy."

Then she jumped out of the bed went to the bathroom picking up her night lingerie from the suitcase on her way there.

I told Kurt, "You should spend the night with us and hollered at Jana in the bathroom to ask if she agreed.

"Fuck where else is he going at two a.m. in the morning. He's been drinking and it's snowing bad outside . . ."

And that was the truth.

Then with a knowing look, we all agreed, "What happens in South Maryland stays in South Maryland."


I told him let's take our clothes off and rest on the bed. "We'll wait for her to come out of the bathroom."

She went to freshen up and put on some other fancy nightwear.

We both stripped naked and laid on the bed waiting.

When she came out she was gorgeous in her see-through sexy attire which was a very short and red in color with matching thongs.

She saw us both naked and laughed and nervously came to sleep on my side of the bed.

I told him, "She's sleeping in the middle."

Kurt chuckled and told Jana, "You're sleeping between the two swords."

Once she laid down she turned and cuddled with me.

I told her, "We're both naked, and I love how you're dressed, but take it off."

Kurt agreed and helped me undress her.

She resisted us a little and told us,

"You guys are crazy."

We took her top part off and were happy to see she had no bra to take off.

We started rubbing her breasts. Blonde-pink and throbbing hard, her nipples soon stood at attention.

Laying back, she started breathing heavy as she ran her hands down our cocks and we left a trail of kisses all over her face right down her neck to her breasts.

Then I passed my hand down her tummy and Kurt followed me there.

I was headed down her panties and so was he.

Kissing on Kurt, she grabbed his hand and passed it under her panties on to her fuzz.

He took off from there, rubbed it for a second, pulled on the fuzz then passed his two fingers down her slit and in to her soaking wet pussy--finger fucking her in rapid succession.

She started screaming and I grabbed his hand and held it tight over her pussy.

With her other hand she reached for his hard long thick cock and pulled it against her thigh.

I asked her to let us take her panties off and she moaned, "Yes . . ."

We both did this in unison. She lifted up her waist and I grabbed her pussy.

Smelling it and licking the juices out of it, I
passed it on to Kurt who actually started to kiss on her pussy and spread her legs.

With this she started begging me--asking me to let him fuck her.

Suddenly grabbing him, her hands on his face, she proceeded to kiss his lips and he grabbed both her boobs with his hands and
rubbed them repeatedly.

Then she pushed him down on the bed and went down to explore his package.

Sizing his cock, she flicked it with her finger, passing her beautiful long fingers with red fingernail polish and long pretty nails down his balls and started scratching them and then squeezing them.

Then she went down with her gorgeous lips and started kissing his cock and licking it. She looked at him and told him, "It's beautiful and turned around and looked at me and said, "Honey, it's beautiful . . ."

She proceeded to suck and lick it and then she sat on his lap and slipped his cock in her pussy.

Helping her gain leverage, he put her hands on his chest and dug her nails into his skin.

He in turn cupped both her boobs and rubbed them for her, pulling her down on him, kissing her lips and sticking this tongue in her mouth.

They sucked lips as they started rocking back and forth hard and moaning together for about three minutes.

All this time I was watching my trophy wife fucking another man with all these facial emotions she had--the same ones when she first fucked me.

It drove me up the wall and made me want to fuck her instantly.

All of our repeated daily monotonous fucking sessions were now forgotten and we were both recharged--our marriage spiced up--just the way we wanted it.

She'd look at me and we'd tell each other, "I love you . . . ."

Then she turned around and continued to fuck Kurt with ever increasing intensity.

She whispered in my ear, "I've always wondered what he'd feel like inside me . . ."

I said, "And now you know baby. What he
feels like . . . ."

"Yeah my darling, not like you, but still good."

Kurt held on to her buttocks and continued rocking her back and forth against his pubic bone, faster and faster.

Then, she began screaming again, "Give it to me, pl-ea-se!"

Harder and harder they went at it until they both screamed together.

"I'm cumming, Oh my God, I'm cumming."

Then she laid down on top of him and they locked lips for awhile.

Getting off him, Jana laid beside me and between the two of us.

By now I was oozing out of my cock and just wanted to mount her like a mad man.

She and I started kissing and I could tell she wanted me to come badly.

Apologizing to me, she said, "I hope this is all okay with you."

I told her I loved her and loved what we were doing, that I was horny beyond words and getting off on all of it.

She went on kissing me and said,
"Give me a minute, I want to go to the bathroom and freshen up."

I nudged Kurt and asked him how was it.

He said, "You are a lucky man, she is out of this world," he added, "I hope that is okay with you."

I told him, "I loved it all."

Jana cleaned up really nice, like she always did. That's one of the many things I've always loved, her ability to bounce back.


I laid her down and got on top of her and started smooching her lips and tongued her and she tongued me back.

We continued until her face got sore from my rough black facial hair. Then I kissed her neck.

It made her moan and moan and then I went down her to her nipples. To lick them and suck them, make them got stiff again.

She passed her hand down to my cock and started licking it and sucking it all the way down her throat.

Sucking and licking and scratching my balls she almost made me come in her mouth, but then I stopped her.

I wanted so bad to fuck her pussy. That is the best place I enjoy.

I put her on top of me and like my friend Kurt, grabbed her boobs and she my chest and we both rocked and rocked and almost fired but I held back.

I wanted to show our friend another side of my sexy wife.

So, I asked her, "Let me fuck you in the ass."

She said, "In front of him," and I said, "Yes."

Breathing heavy she said, "Okay."

I turned her around doggy style and started kissing her pussy lips from behind.

They are long and big and I love them. I have always called them her "Angel Wings".

I licked her ass hole and lubricated it with my tongue and put my cock against it and eased it inside of her.

She took off--she loved it.

"Honey fuck me hard, don't stop either."

I rocked and rocked and rocked and then heard her screaming.

"Oh my God, honey. Oh baby, I'm cumming!"

Our friend Kurt, who's watching all this breathed heavy, hissed and swore. HOLY SHIT! WOW!"

With the announcement of her approaching orgasm, I reached for her throbbing clit and rubbed it some more.

Within one minute I pumped all my load up her pink pretty blonde asshole and collapsed on top of her.

She laid on the bed for five minutes and turned around and we cuddled up until the morning.

We slept in late and then did some sight-seeing before saying goodbye to Kurt.
We all agreed it had been a marvelous weekend. One we'd always treasure.


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