My wife the Vixon


Ever since her high school days my wife Jana had a crush on Kurt.

She was a cheerleader, a beautiful blue eyed blond with long silky hair and long gorgeous legs in a sexy pom-pom outfit.

She'd tease this good looking young lad who grew up to be one sexy guy with a most manly voice--like Walter Cronkite .

He should have become a T.V announcer on CNN or Fox news He's 46 now and God his blue eyes are just like hers. His sexy figure would go unrivaled most anywhere.

Now he lives in South Maryland. Saint Mary's County.

He works as a contractor is doing well for himself--got one daughter from a previous marriage.

He is single now and likes to drink martinis and so do we.

One day he came home to visit. My wife saw him down town and invited him for a drink.

He obliged and I got introduced .

We had fun that night, the three of us at our house.

Jana and Kurt reminisced about the good old days and he invited us to go visit him where he lived and he made us promise to do so.

We fully intended to keep it. And every so often the subject of visiting Kurt would come up as we lie in bed fantasizing.


I've always teased my wife about men, so I'd ask her, "Jana, wouldn't you like to fuck him?"

She'd say, "No . . . he's my friend!"

I'd reply, "Hey, he's single and you already told me you wanted him when you were young. Didn't you?"

This night as we sat drinking, I asked the question again and she said, "Well ya' know I'm not dead yet . . . I'd fuck him twice if I wasn't with you."

I said, "Well, don't worry about me I'm fine with that."

She blushed some more and started inhaling her Martini.

I fixed her another one in no time. By now I'm horny as hell talking about this.

I looked over and saw her sitting there in her hot pink Victoria's Secret Lingerie with matching bra and thongs, and fuck-me high heeled ostrich feather slippers.

Not being able to stand it any longer, I picked her up and mounted her on the kitchen table.

There, I proceeded to feast on her body starting with her hot lips on down her neck and then on to her size C breasts with those big beautiful pink nipples.

She got her long fingers around the back of my neck and then wiggled her tongue in my mouth quenching my thirst.

Wrapping her legs around my waist, I ran her fingers into my hair at the back of my head as we kissed long and hard.

I bent down and proceeded to kiss her belly button and her blond little pad of fuzz on top of her pretty mound--sporadically I teased her clit.

Then I gave it a once over and tasted it all.

Sticking two fingers up her wet pussy sent her spiraling into an orgasm and a high pitched spine chilling scream.

Running my fingers up to her G spot, I massaged it a few times until I couldn't hold it any more.

By this time, I had a throbbing hard cock ready to plunge into this juicy pussy--large hot throbbing angel wing lips and all.

And that I did.

I heard her say, "Oh my God, that's just the cock I want and NOW!"

We both pumped a few times had a mutual orgasm that was out of this world.

After words as we relaxed in each others arms, and drifted into talking about our fantasies, what we liked sexually. Once again, I brought up her old school friend.

We decided right then and there to go visit him, just as we had promised him we'd do.

Also, Jana and I agreed to play out our sexually fantasy with Kurt--providing he wanted that as much as we did.


My wife wanted to stop in D.C to visit a few historical sites--so we gave ourselves lots of time. We figured four days should do it.

We arrived on a Friday at one p.m. and Kurt met us at the airport in Baltimore.

Jana had on a short sexy dress, light blue in color, with a matching see through light blue thong.

We had trimmed her fuzz short leaving a small amount of it on top, just enough to reveal its natural blond color.

I loved to look at it. It looked so sexy through the see-through panties she was wearing that day.

And I'll tell you, if there is a woman who knows how to tease men, it's my wife Jana .

The plan was to introduce him to that blond fuzz during the ride to his home.

It was February and it was very cold and snowing there, so she had a coat on over her sexy dress.

She greeted him with a big hug and a big wet kiss on the lips that made his face turn red.

He'd already had one drink before he
met us so that probably loosened his inhibitions, allowing him to ignore the blushing and hug her enthusiastically.

He and I hugged too and off we went to his car after picking up our luggage.

Jana sat in the passenger seat beside him and I sat in the back.

As the car warmed up, she proceeded to take her coat and sweater off and turned around facing him as he was driving and turning around to talk to me.

As the conversation went on I motioned her to spread her legs and had her pick up something out of her purse that was on the floor of the back seats beside me.

As she did that her dress went up to her crotch and ever so briefly, we both saw her beautiful sexy thighs and see-though blue panties.

Then she sat up fast and pulled her dress down. Kurt said, "What a pleasant surprise."

Julia replied " You should be watching the road and driving "not this," pointing up under her skirt.

He laughed and said, "This damn road is stressful but driving it THIS way, is much more fun."

Slapping his right shoulder with a grin she said "You're such a naughty boy . . . "

Well, this flirting went on all the way until we got to his home.

We all freshened up and shortly thereafter, picked up another couple that knew Kurt.

We went to a decent restaurant, ate and drank Tangerine Martini's until we were drunk.

Jana sat between me and Kurt and as the night went on she would let her hand rest on our thighs and then would run it up and down as we talked.

We both returned the favor. The only difference was she had on a short skirt.

Every time we pulled it up, we ran our hand over her thigh until her see-through panties were totally exposed.

What a scenery that was . . . after awhile, Jana let the short skirt ride up and stopped
pulling it down.

That made both of our dicks swell
and harden up fast.

After supper, Kurt and his friends took us to a night club to dance and continue drinking.

Now the real party began. After few rounds of martinis the other couple went home and the three of us remained.

And Jana stole the show.

She was the star of the night. She danced. And I mean dirty dancing with Kurt and me.

People couldn't tell which one of us she was with.

There was bumping and rubbing of waists and laps and butts during all this, and you know that is the most erotic thing. That Jana she gets so horny doing this.

How hot was she was? SO hot she told me she was ready to be fucked by me or her friend anytime any place-- even on the pool table right there by the dancing floor in front of everybody.

She then proceeded to announce that to our friend in front of the dancing public and every one looked around and grinned.

Of course you can't help but get some dirty looks from some of these so-called proper women--ones sitting there stiff as a board--with ones that looked almost as up-tight.
Like they had rods up their rectums.

But we didn't give a shit about those. My cock was oozing so bad I was about to fuck her myself, right there.

While we sat at the table I passed my hand through her pants down her panties and felt her soaking wet pussy and took a lick of her juices and finger fucked her few times.

I told Jana and Kurt, "It's getting to be late. We should go to our hotel room. It's one a.m."

Both agreed and we took a taxi to his car and then back to our hotel.

Julia sat beside him and I intentionally got in the back seat.

She proceeded to kiss him and rub him and told him we'd see him in the morning to go tour D.C .

I said, "No, let's go in a little have one more drink . . . we have Vodka in our room at the hotel."

"You won't get any argument from me," Kurt replied. Jana agreed.

Once in the room, all by ourselves, just Kurt, Jana and me, the action began.And Oh my god did it begin!!!!!
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