My wife the Vixon 3
Ever since we started cheating on our spouses I would call her from work at night when I'm on call at the hospital I asked my wife(now) over the phone if she ever had a guy turn her on badly & leave her? As she was doing this to me at work quite a bit at that time .She said yes .So I begged her to tell me all about it
She told me a story about this young inexperienced 17 years old who came to her house when she was getting divorsed from her Husband (12 years her junior)he sat with her & she would give him a beer &they would play card She had the hots for him
So one day he put his hand on her thigh & she wore a short skirt & allowed it to slide up her thighs to reveal her panties and crutch
She said she wore see through thongs one night as she was soo hot for him As they were playing cards and drinking beer
So one thing lead to the other And he kissed her & both got flushed in the face ,they did it again & this time she passed her hand through his shirt to his nipple & played with it .As she was telling me this I had a wild erection & started oozing out my cock & got soooo horny .This was my very first experience with this kind of arousal and I loved it
She continued to narrate Next thing she said he passed his hand in to her tee shirt & caressed her breasts & she loved it & went on kissing him harder He got more courageous & slipped his hand under her panties and started rubbing her pussy then spread her legs apart and she obliged and was so excited to see him do that Then he stuck one finger inside her love canal . I asked her if she was wet ?
She said Oh God was I wet
then he put her hand on his cock with his blue jeans on & I said what did you do ? She said I rubbed it gently & it was stiff like a rock and to her pleasant surprise it was bigger than her husbands Now I'm so horney hearing all this And I said then what
She said he tried to take my panties off & I said did you let him ? She said Oh God yes I helped him ,Then she said he unzipped his pants & put my hand directly on his cock & I pulled it out of it's pouch & slipped my hand over it and squeezed it hard it was hot and was oozing precum I rubbed it down to his balls & sized them & scratched them with my red finger nails & he was in seventh heaven It was his first experience ever( Reminded me of Neil Diamonds Song Desiree) ,Then she said he pulled me on top of him & I almost sat on his cock .Then she said I asked him .Do you want me on this couch or you want me on the bed ???
He blushed and didn't know what he wanted Suddenly he got up pulled his pants up went to the bathroom & came out kissed me & left .She said I was so horny I went to bed
I asked her if she masturbated it out She said No ,By the time she told me that I came in my pants & I was at work luckily it was 10:30 pm then She said 5 days later he saw her down town and apologized for what he did that night She told him not to worry about it
By that time of course some other guy hit on her as she is a gorgeous blue eyed blonde slim and soo sexy
I knew this 17 years old kid & ever since then I tried to get her with him
was hoping to watch her lure him to our bedroom now that he's mature Off course he was in his late 20's and got married and divorced twice However things never worked out
This is the first time in my life I knew I was a stage and she was my Vixon & for 13 years afterword we had sex 2-3 times a day & all she has to do is tell me a story & man she had few encounters in her life . I tell you more later I wish someone have similar experience to share with me
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