Mystery, Anticipation, Expectation, Deferral, and Pleasure
It is a rainy, drippy, spring day outdoors today -- here I am inside, imagining you sitting at home reading this now or perhaps later tonight. You might have on panties and a T-shirt or I might be addressing you as you've just emerged from the shower wearing a towel tied up around your tits forming and extra-short dress which hardly covers your lovely bum.

Perhaps this finds you sitting at your chair reading or slightly bent over, your head into the display, with your nicely rounded butt peeking out your pussy slightly exposed to a view from the back. I imagine looking at your legs and pretty toes and, by telepathy, I manage to cause the towel to spring loose (perhaps it's just the pressure of your ample breasts) which push the towel open and onto the floor. So there you are, but I only in spirit.

Sitting there naked for the moment, you feel the lightest kiss on the back of your neck and then nuzzling into your hair which hangs freely about your neck and shoulders. I kiss further around your neck to your jawline, my smooth warm hands cupping your tits and beginning to massage your quickly hardening nipples between my fingers. I hear you sigh a long pleasurable exhale as I move around to your lips, turning your chair slightly to face me. My face is beaming and I delight in the dreamy look in your eyes as you open them momentarily then plunge back into the developing dream.

I put my finger to your lips to shush any words. You hear a sexy whisper in your left ear, "Don't say a word, close your eyes". To your utter surprise this is somehow easier than expected to comply with. I take you by the hand and draw you to the bed where I lift you onto the bed and then lock the door.

Enjoying the reverie, your eyes still closed, you position yourself in the middle of the bed and spread your legs slightly and take your nipples in your fingers encouraging the excitement that has begun to grow inside you. You feel a hand sliding a loop over each of your ankles. You test the not-too-tight lasso and it holds firm as your draw your legs up and find them restrained in a position that exposes your mound and spreads your labia only slightly.

The initial slight alarm gives way to curiosity as warm hands tie the softest silk scarf on at the wrists of one arm, and with only the slightest protest from yourself, then the other. Your arms are compelled upward over your head and are loosely restrained to the bed posts. Again, the whisper, "Are you comfortable, are you ok?".

Involuntarily, you breath out a Yesssssss! What is wrong with me? You wonder. Why am I so willingly going along with this? There has been nothing but gentleness and soft hands, will this continue? Damn, I hope so!!

You feel a the warmth of my body along side you and then my leg sliding over your body. "Don't peek!", the whisper says firmly.. You will away the desire to open your eyes and begin filling in your the darkened screen of your vision with images of the fantasy as you would have it. The whisper and now the blind fold slipped carefully and gently over your eyes, assures that the fantasy continues to unfold by your own firmness of will.

His smooth butt slides slightly forward on you and you feel the tingle of a finger glide across your neckline and then you sense warmth at your face followed by a deep kiss at your lips and the plunge of his tongue, unmistakably modeling his phallus, into your mouth. You take it savagely and kiss back your breath quickening at the power of his introduction. You feel another deep kiss, then warm breath at your neck followed by the commanding whisper.

"Baby, you've been so generous and attentive to me, doing the things I most enjoy and that you must surely enjoy as well. Tonight, I wanted to surprise you." I promise you will feel no pain at all, but instead mystery, expectation, surprise and pleasure. If at any moment you feel threatened, pain or excess, simply say the word less." There was a pause, and then a movement and the warmth and then again the whisper in the other ear. "You may otherwise express yourself if you are enjoying the experience and More, is another keyword that I will be listening for, should you want it."

The feather touched the tip of your nipple next causing your skin to crawl momentarily with surprise. Then it spiraled outward onto the areola, causing the nipple to pull erect and the surrounding pink skin to pucker slightly. Then the feather slid lightly to the other nipple, replaying the standing ovation of the other and creating a rush of goose-bumps over your entire body. You attempted to draw your legs up but finding them still constrained, you surrender the effort.

A moment goes by, the weight on the bed shifts and you feel a soft head of a rock-hard cock slip between your breasts, warm hands hold them together while he fucks the cleavage between your tits slowly and seductively his lubrication making his manhood slip easily between your breasts. You feel his weight lift again -- this time there is an offering at your lips. "May I come in", the whisper says. You open your mouth and take the moistened cock into your lips, wrapping your tongue around it and sucking a string of precum off him and then plunging with your head, one of the few partsthat are unconstrained, up to take him whole. Surprised by your wanton capture of him, the whisper says, "MMmmmmm" and he pulls slightly back but not freely as you resist the prize being so quickly withdrawn.

You feel the weight shift again as he changes positions, and then all is still. A warm finger runs from the inside of the arch of your right foot slowly up your ankle to the knee, then ever so achingly slowly up the inside of your thigh across the top of your mound, now wet and beginning to ache for attention. The warm finger then crosses to the left side and retraces a mirror motion down the left thigh, knee, calf, ankle and left arch. Again, you attempt to pull your left leg up in response to the ticklish spot, but find you can't. The involuntary jerk of your leg betrays your will and he's found a ticklish spot. "Now what?" you think.

Next you feel his hands take your feet, massaging them warming them. Then kisses up and down the soles of your feet and on your ankles. If this were a car wash, you would have no doubt that you had selected The Works'. Lips nibble at your feet and then take your toes, one by one, tasting them, sucking them like you hope he will do elsewhere before long. Each one in turn was treated and then on to the other foot. Another break occurs minutes go by, you hear the sound of a match being lit and the telltale after-odor of sulfur.

You hear movement in the room, "no peeking" the voice reinforces, as if you could remove the damn blindfold yourself. Next you feel the touch of a long smooth silky something pulled over your nipples. Both breasts involuntarily respond to the stimulation by peaking as hard as any pencil eraser ever was.

"MMMMMMMMmmmm" the whispered voice inflects upward, as a moan escapes your own lips -- another self-betrayal of your mind by your body. You pull your hand involuntarily wanting to touch yourself, but again the restraint holds you back. The need, no longer a smolder, has erupted into a flame of desire. You pussy telegraphs its desire for him by the drop of precum that slides down your crotch and down your butt. Another moan escapes your parted lips along with a deep sigh as your body relaxes awaiting the next act of guerrilla hit and run stimulation playing your body like a Stradivareus violin.

Silence.. perhaps some movement, then silence. Is he still there, what's he doing. Again you hear the sound of a match strike followed by the smell of a match stick extinguished. More silence, has he left you there spread eagle on the bed to be found only after someone breaks into your room? Anticipation, ah, it's anticipation and it is like someone taking your clothes from your mind and leaving you on the side of the road to get home. Minutes go by and then another sound. Quietly, you feel the bed moving again. A pair or smooth warm hands take your legs and begin applying lotion methodically up and down them. The lotion is getting warmer on your legs -- very warm in fact. "Hmmmmmmm", you think to yourself, "what is this?" The hands continue massaging your body with the warming lotion up over your belly, down your arms, your body is very warm indeed but not burning. It's so soothing, your mind wanders, what time must it be, I'm adrift on a glass sea of relaxation, but confusion about the elapsed time nags at the back of your mind. You note that there has again been a curtain of silence, your pussy is no longer nagging for attention but is instead standing there with her hands on her hips demanding attention now. The precum is now a flushing stream dripping down you, awaiting wanting, needing to envelope him to surround him and to be filled and exploded into by that cock of which had the briefest taste before it was withdrawn.

Your warming body does not feel the warmth but only the slight movement of the bed and then lips at your belly button. A tongue pierces your belly button again, an unmistakable reference to a phallus reinforcing the demand for attention from pussy. His kisses downward onto your smoothly shaved pussy. "Enough of this, damn it", you say to yourself. You again reach downward to take and steer the taunting lips and tongue home, but the restraints -- your efforts denied you. Your body releases a moan of need and it comes off your lips as a long and needy, "more, more". Expectation is shouting her desire with a megaphone in your mind. The lips continue teasing kissing an inward spiral around your labia, your pulse and respiration are giving you away that your body is soooo very ready to be impaled by him, any way, just get in there.

After another circle, at last, a long seductive and mind blowing lick from the top of your mound downward deeply between your lips causes your eyes to open and your body to arch involuntarily. "MMMMMMMMmmmmm" the whisper says almost aloud this time. Another louder moan erupts from your lips, "Damn, That feels soooo good.. Then it dawns on you, "Deferral!". Your body shudders, you pull your legs apart offering a wider opening but still constrained by the loops, but the offer is obvious. "Come into me baby, please". Another long lick which almost blows the top off your mind. then silence.

Seconds turn into minutes, how many you don't know. Your body is starting to cool a little now, still the river flows. Then he approaches from the top of the bed you feel his crotch over your head and then again the tip of his cock comes asking for your mouth again, you arch your head back and take it, inverted as it is offered and you suck it hard, tasting the cum that you're managing to milk from his hardened and oh-so-ready member. You suck it hard, and this time you hear him moan out loud, "Oh, Uh Baby, I cant take much more of that!" A battle rages between his little head and his big head, he lingers and you take the opportunity, sucking again hard on object of your desire. "uh, uh.. ohhhhhhhh!, I almost lost it baby, you almost took me", but then he withdraws again, this time reappearing long last at the other needy location.. Your lips separated, he moves in stealthily. You feel him touch down on your clit, plunge his tongue into it and begin flicking it and teasing it unmercifully, You body flames to life immediately responding with that change of tide that you know will draw back and then throw itself over you like a tidal wave. He continues licking and flicking and sucking, the wave rolls again, the response building relentlessly like the rhythmic drone of Ravel's Bolero. Your body arches and he sucks deeply into your lips taking your clit and sucking it hard.

Your body erupts with a St. Elmo's fire of light and sensation -- it hits you hard, your muscles all convulse but being restrained, it only partially succeeds. Next you feel his cock at the gate, knocking lightly, then slowly slipping inside little by little until you've captured the object of your desire. Both moan deeply and exhale a long hard breath. He sucks your one nipple then the other, then feeling the invitation from your softly rocking hips and belly, he picks up the rhythm, pulls out and then pushes inward with force, your body clamps onto him but he repeats and the rhythmic dance of desire is on. Both of you jointly fucking the other, feeling the incredible sensations that drive like a bass drum in the minds of each. Your hips attempt to offer more as he plunges as deeply as possible and then the moment happens you feel him swell and your own vagina responds instinctively by clamping down on him and the lighting strikes again. St. Elmo's fire lights your eyes and brain with sensation. Pleasure has bloomed fully after deferral. He continues pumping as your voice now loudly urges him on with your new favorite thought, "more, yes oh fuck yes, more baby fuck me deep.. Ohhh!

Momentarily the lights flash and heartbeats pound and then the waves of exhilaration recede leaving him tightly embracing you almost seeming like he's become a child in your arms. After a bit, he gently releases the loops on your feet and unties the scarves at your hands. Lastly, he lifts the scarf from your eyes and you open to soft candlelight as he has lit at least 15 candles about the room in those times when he seemed silent. He has been preparing in different ways to light up your world. And he did!

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