With Beth facing him, the stranger reached back and started to untie the blindfold. She put a hand on his arm.

"Slowly... please," she said.

He slowed and Beth had her eyes closed when he removed the blindfold. She gradually opened her eyes... and Beth couldn't believe it. Sitting right in front of her, naked, was her high school science teacher, Mr. Harper.

Beth had a crush on him all through high school. But a lot of the girls did, Beth suddenly thought.

Mr. Harper could tell by the look on her face that she was surprised. He gave her a big smile and said, "Hi, kitten."

Beth smiled, flung her arms around his neck and kissed him. "Oh, Mr. Harper," she cried.

With her arms still around his neck, he said, "Uh, kitten, under the circumstances don't you think you should call me Sam?"

Beth pulled back and looked him in the eyes. "Oh no." She shook her head. "You will always be Mr. Harper to me. I had such a huge crush on you all through school. I don't know how many times I fingered myself to orgasm just thinking about you." 

Beth smiled broadly, then tilted her head to one side. "Do you have another load in you, Mr. Harper?" she asked.

"Anything for you, kitten."

"God, I love it when you call me names like that. I can't remember the last time my husband talked to me like that. It just makes me feel so sexy." 

"Well, you are sexy, my pet," he told her.

Beth gave him a big kiss and told him she wanted to be on top this time. Mr. Harper lay on his back and Beth straddled him. He was hoping she wanted to be fucked in the ass again but her ass must have been too sore for another fuck so soon. But, hey, he wasn't complaining. Her pussy was almost as tight as her ass.

In one quick move, Beth sat down on his cock, taking it all in at once. She let out a gasp as she did and collapsed on him and just lay there for a few minutes, resting her head on his hairy chest.

After a few minutes, Mr. Harper started stroking the back of her head and asked, "Are you okay, kitten?"

Beth turned her face up to his and kissed him. "Yes, I just love the feel of your cock inside me. You are so much bigger than my husband." 

Beth put her hands on his shoulders and raised up. He put his hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her up, leaving only the head of his cock inside her before dropping her back down on his length again.

Beth started rocking back and forth on his cock. She knew she wasn't going to last long this time. She practically screamed, "Cum in my pussy, Mr. Harper."

He inserted a finger from each hand into her ass so he could get a better grip and fuck her harder and faster. His fingers slipped right inside her ass which was still filled with his cum. Again Beth shook and quivered uncontrollably as she had another orgasm. And Mr. Harper seemed to cum at the exact same time as she did.

Beth collapsed on top of him, trying to catch her breath. Mr. Harper was also breathing hard. Exhausted, they fell asleep. Beth lay on top of him with his cock in her pussy and fingers in her ass.

Mr. Harper woke before Beth. He looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand. It read 7.a.m. He had an hour to get ready and get to the airport and catch his plane back home. But he hated to wake her up. She looked so innocent lying on his chest.

He slowly started to finger Beth's ass and she instantly stirred.

"Come on, kitten, time to wake up," he whispered as he fingered her ass. Beth moaned and mumbled, "Five more minutes ,please."

"Okay, five more minutes," he agreed.

After the five minutes were up, and with his cock still in her pussy and hard as a rock again, without a word he lifted Beth up by her ass and slowly began fucking her pussy. Beth responded immediately, meeting his thrusts. It didn't take them long to cum.

After they'd had their orgasms, Beth collapsed on top of Mr. Harper again and told him, "For an older guy you sure have a lot of cum and stamina."

"Well, when I see you only one weekend a month..."

Beth interrupted him. "You mean I'm the only woman you make love to?"

"Of course, kitten, what kind of guy do you think I am?" 

"Well, I just thought that, you know..." she trailed off.

"What? That I have women beating down my door begging me to make love to them like I do you?" he asked.

Beth blushed. "Well..."

Smiling he said, "Oh wait, I almost forgot about Heather, and Barb and Brenda, and..."

Beth kissed him to shut him up.

He broke the kiss and said, "Listen, kitten, I have to get ready and go."

"What do you mean go?" 

"I have a plane to catch in about an hour," he said. "I have just enough time to shower and change and get to the airport."

Disappointed, Beth got off him and, without a word, Mr. Harper went for a shower. Fifteen minutes later, he came out of the bathroom dressed and ready to go.

"Mmmm, is that coffee I smell?" he asked.

Beth handed him a steaming mug of it. "I figured you wouldn't have time for breakfast so..." 

"You're right, kitten, I don't," he said, taking the mug from her.

"Can I at least drive you to the airport?" 

"I don't think that would be a good idea, kitten. What if someone saw us together? We're already taking a big enough chance as it is." 

Beth gave a a shy smile. "You're right, of course. I just don't know how I'm going to make it through three weeks without you." 

Mr. Harper sat the coffee mug down and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. He kissed her on the forehead. "It will make it that much more enjoyable when we are together." Then he whispered in her ear, "Until next time, kitten," and rushed out the door to catch his plane.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know this probably isn't as good as the others. Please let me know what you think.

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