About an hour after Mr. Harper left and her husband was asleep, Beth went to the guest room. She wanted to read some diary entries from her high school days but didn't want Jack asking what she was reading.

Beth flipped through the pages until she found the note of when she first met Mr. Harper. It was her sophomore year and it was also her sixteenth birthday when the first day of school started.

Dear Diary: We got a new economics teacher this year. His name is Mr. Harper. He is my last class of the day. He is sooo hot! I don't know how I managed to learn anything in his class today. The class went by fast, too fast. I have never been attracted to older men before. He looks about as old as my dad. There is just something about him. I could smell his cologne whenever he walked by my desk. I walked home with Sarah and Ann. They just rattled on like a couple of chipmunks; at least that's what it sounded like to me. I couldn't remember a word they said by the time I got home. All I could think about was Mr. Harper. When I got home I did my homework, but I can't tell you what it was. I was on automatic pilot. Well, until tomorrow, diary.

The next day's entry said:

Dear Diary: I wore a really low-cut top and miniskirt to school today. All the boys were drooling but I was only interested in one male and he WASN'T a BOY. I sat in the front row and I know Mr. Harper noticed me. I saw him smiling at me. I sooo wanted to finger myself right there in Mr. Harper's class. I could feel my juices running down my thighs. I couldn't wait to get home and finger myself to orgasm. I didn't even wait for Sarah and Ann to walk home with me. I ran all the way home, went straight to my room and ripped off my clothes and plunged my finger in my pussy and fingered myself to orgasm. It seemed to take about three seconds before I was cumming and screaming Mr. Harper's name. I am just glad Mom and Dad weren't home. I would have been sooo embarrassed if they'd heard me. Until tomorrow, diary.

Beth then skipped a few pages:

Dear Diary: I finally did it last night. I lost my virginity. I really only did it to see what it feels like to have a cock in my pussy and taste cum. Jack is the name of the guy I had sex with. He's cute but he is no Mr. Harper. Jack was shy at first but that didn't last long. We were at a party and he was sitting by himself. He didn't look like he was having a good time so I asked him to walk me home because I wasn't having a good time either. When we were about a block from the party I took Jack's hand and laced our fingers together. His pulse was racing like he was about to jump out of his skin. We walked the rest of the way to my home in silence.

At my front door, I asked him if he would like to come inside. He hesitated but I unlocked the door and dragged him inside. I noticed him looking around the room. I told him it was okay, we were alone. My parents had gone for the weekend. I told him to wait where he was and I would be right back. He seemed really uncomfortable so I made him promise to be there when I got back. Jack just nodded. I went to my room and undressed and went back to the front room where Jack had promised to wait. He was still standing where I left him. He was like a statue. As soon as he saw that I was naked his eyes got as big as saucers. I think he was too scared to run. I dropped to my knees in front of him and took out his cock. He was already hard. I licked the tip with my tongue, tasting his pre-cum. I looked up at him and smiled and asked if he liked it. Jack smiled and nodded yes. I didn't have any trouble taking Jack's cock into my mouth and down my throat. I don't know if his cock is big or not since it was the first one I'd seen up close.

I closed my eyes and took Jack's cock into my throat. With my eyes closed, I pretended it was Mr. Harper's cock I was sucking. First I sucked in long slow strokes. I heard Jack moan so I sucked faster. As I sucked his cock I played with his balls. He seemed to like that too. I sucked his cock as fast as I could because I wanted to taste his cum. When he shot in my mouth it didn't taste bad. I can't describe the taste but it was nothing like I had ever tasted before, plus there was a lot of it. I swallowed as much as I could but some ran out of my mouth and down my chin. I used my fingers to scoop it up. Then I licked Jack's cock clean. I stood up and took his hand and lead him to my room. I undressed Jack, then I sat on the edge of my bed and told him to crawl to me. He quickly got on his knees and obeyed. When he got to me I opened my legs as wide as I could and spread my pussy lips and told Jack to put his tongue in. He eagerly obeyed. Once he put his tongue in I lay back and closed my eyes and squeezed my tits with both hands. Again I pretended it was Mr. Harper between my legs. I don't know if Jack did a good job licking me because it was the first time I'd been licked there. All I know is it felt good and I orgasmed. I almost cried out Mr. Harper's name but I resisted the urge because I didn't want Jack to feel bad. Plus, if I called out Mr. Harper's name Jack might tell people at school. Then it could get back to Mr. Harper and I would be horrified. After I orgasmed all over Jack's face I asked him if he wanted to have sex.

He was like, "OH YEAH BABY!" First, we did it with me on my back. It didn't take him long to cum inside me. I just hope I don't get pregnant. Then we did it with me on all fours and Jack behind me. He shot his cum into me again and I collapsed onto the bed exhausted. He collapsed on top of me. We were both trying to catch our breath when Jack looked at the alarm clock on my nightstand and told me he had to get home or he would be grounded. I asked him if he would like to do this again. He gave me a big smile and said, "You bet!" Well, until tomorrow, diary.

Beth remembered how they'd had sex every chance they got and she made sure they used protection.


Beth was going crazy. Instead of three weeks since she'd seen Mr. Harper, it had been six weeks. Three weeks ago, husband Jack had been home and didn't go away with his buddies. Now, she had about an hour before Mr. Harper's expected arrival. And he always showed up as promised.

Beth gauged she had just enough time for a bubble bath. She liked taking a bubble bath before Mr. Harper arrived because it made her feel ultra-clean. Plus she always gave herself an enema. Mr. Harper always rimmed her.

Beth counted down the minutes until there were only five minutes to wait. She'd had something on her mind these past weeks, something she needed to discuss with Mr. Harper.

She heard the front door open and then saw him open her bedroom door. He had a big smile on his face and he said, "Hi, kitten."

He held his arms open and Beth rushed to him and they kissed. Beth wrapped her arms tightly around him and didn't ever want to leave his embrace.

Mr. Harper whispered in her ear, "I've missed you, kitten."

"Not as much as I've missed you."

Beth then dropped to her knees, undid his belt and pants and shoved them to his ankles. Mr. Harper was only semi-erect but, as soon as Beth wrapped her hand around his shaft, he quickly grew to his full size. Beth licked the pre-cum from his tip and then his cock disappeared into her mouth up to his balls. She held his cock in her mouth and throat, inhaling his scent.

Beth didn't gag or choke on his cock anymore when she deep throated him. She'd had a lot of practice sucking his cock and she loved sucking his testicles. They were the size of golf balls and one was a mouthful.

She didn't normally use her hands when she sucked his cock but she figured he would cum faster if she did. And she wanted his cum. She wrapped her right hand around Mr. Harper's cock but it was so thick her fingers and thumb didn't meet. Even with her hand in place, Beth still had half his cock to suck, it was that long.

With her left hand, she caressed Mr. Harper's balls. She anticipated he'd cum soon and, just as she thought that, she felt his sac tighten and he started filling her mouth and throat with cum. There was too much for Beth to swallow and lots ran down her chin and dripped onto her tits.

Beth slowly stood and Mr. Harper used his fingers to scoop his cum from her tits and into her mouth. She licked his fingers clean and then walked over to the bed and waited for him to undress and lie next to her. Beth snuggled up, her head on his chest. Twirling his chest hairs she said, "If I ask you something, will you promise to tell me the truth?"

"Of course, kitten, I will always tell you the truth. Ask me anything you want."

"Well, that first night you were here, how did you know I would be home alone, naked, bound and gagged?"

Mr. Harper hesitated for a moment. "Well, you know your husband's friend Scott?"

"Hmm, yes, I know Scott."

"He's my son and he knows how Jack treats you. Jack brags about what he does to you sexually and how mean he is to you. Scott knows about the bondage and how Jack makes you put on those things. He also knows you didn't like it."

Mr. Harper paused, slowly running a hand down Beth's spine. Then he said, "I also knew that Jack went out with his buddies one weekend a month and I remembered how you were always flirting in school, the way you dressed and liked to tease. You don't know how many times I wanted to keep you back after class and have my way with you but you were so young and I didn't want to take the chance of being wrong. Anyway, I made plans and Scott helped me. He has a key that Jack gave him for emergencies and he came in and put out the items for you to put on. And he left the door unlocked for me.

"The rest, you know but I figured if you didn't like what I did that first night, you would never see me again. That would be the end of it. You couldn't call the police and have me arrested since you couldn't identify me."

Beth turned her face up to Mr. Harper and briefly kissed his lips. "I wish you had kept me back at school," she said. "I would have done anything you wanted. And I'm so glad I liked what you did that first night and that you came back. My husband has never made me feel the way you have."

Beth quickly straddled Mr. Harper and guided his cock to her pussy. She was so wet, he easily slid home. "Just lay there," she murmured, "let me do the work."

Beth slowly fucked him at first, leaning down and rubbing her boobs in his face. Beth couldn't believe it had been six weeks since she'd done this. She was so horny she knew she wouldn't last long.

Even though Beth told him to let her do the work, Mr. Harper rolled her over and she wrapped her legs around him as he fucked her like the slut she was. She kept begging him to fuck her harder and faster and he was happy to oblige. In a very short time, Mr. Harper was cumming in her pussy.

He rolled back over so Beth was on top again and they fell asleep like that.

The next morning, Beth left Mr. Harper to sleep while she went for a shower.

Shortly after she got into the shower, there was a knock at the front door and Mr. Harper got up to answer it. It was Scott.

Drying herself in the bathroom, Beth heard voices coming from the kitchen. She couldn't make out what was being said but thought she recognised Scott's voice. Wrapped in her towel, Beth walked toward the kitchen and heard Scott say that Jack had been bitten by a snake and had died before they could get him to the hospital.

Beth couldn't believe it. She stopped in her tracks. Jack was dead? And within seconds, amazing even herself, Beth realised she didn't really care if her husband was dead.

Beth then heard Scott ask Mr. Harper, "Do you think you'll have any trouble convincing Beth to move in with you?"

At that, Beth blinked, grinned, and quietly turned away and tip-toed back to her bedroom to dress. "I know he won't have any trouble," she muttered, her grin turning into a huge smile.
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