Naked Neighbors 2
It was official, after skinny dipping with our neighbors my mom said that my brother and I were going to become nudists ourselves. In order to keep us in just our skinnies, mom made the rule that if we were caught with our clothes on in the house she would cut them off.

I found out that week she was serious when she found my brother in his shorts, tee shirt and socks watching TV in the living room. I pulled my naked body off my sheets and walked into the living room were my mother handed me scissors and said
" I want to see him in nothing but his skin"
I got on my knees.
Being this close to my brother naked was still a little wired. I started cutting his long Nike basket ball shorts at the knee and moved up till I hit the band,

As they fell to the ground, next I started cutting the boxers, I cut from the side of his thigh because the scissors were sharp and I didn't want to cut his balls.
They fell revealing his flaccid but harding dick. His tee was long and still covered most of his dick and ass so I started to cut from the bottom of the side, as I started to stand up his last shred of clothing that was covering his dick and ass slid of his body, I was literally standing toe to toe with my naked brother. We were both blushing when mom said I had to cut off his socks.

Once again I got down of one knee, he had to pick each of his feet slightly up for me to cut them off with out hurting him, but see as I as squatting and breathing right on to his dick he grew really hard really fast. I pulled the torn socks off his feet and he was now naked as the day as he was born, or at least I though so till Mom said he was growing to much pubic hair. She got the electric razor from the drawer and had me shave his hard dick and balls right there, then we were standing completely bare in the living room, without clothes or any body hair, what remained of it was one the carpet.

He was on the verge of cumming, while my bald Pussy was now wetter than ever, when Mom said we were done without hesitation we both ran back to our rooms. from then on we knew she was serious about the rules. I love my outfits and wasn't going to have them cut off my body by my naked brother.However the rules became less clear when it involved having other people over.

The rule that I had to be always naked at home went extremely well, I loved the feeling of cool leather against my butt and hole when I sit , or the tingling sensation of drying myself not with towel, but running throughout the house after I showered, or the secret pleasure of touching myself in any room, if my brother or mom walked in I simply had to stop touching my shaved Pussy. Mom and I had walked in on my brother several times enjoying himself, mostly in the shower, a few times in his room on his bed, at first he was horribly embarrassed, but over time he got use to it, He would stop but he wouldn't be embarrassed about it. Since Sarah's house was a short walk in the woods, her bare butt became a common site in our house. We never bothered getting putting on clothes going over to one another's houses since walking through the woods. At first sandals and towels were common but soon we just left a towel at each of our back doors to wipe our feet off when we arrived, since our parents wanted us to have complete nude experience. Having our bodies exposed and shaven made us less likely to catch ticks because it was easy for our parents to inspect us.

Having friends almost showed the limitation of the rules, I had friends besides Sarah who often wanted to come over, but it would be strange for me to answer the door naked if they came over. Quickly we found a type of "blackmail" worked. My friend Carley was supposed to meet me outside, but instead walked thought the front door and found my brother walking around nude in the hallway. At this point I was dressed because I was about to go out with her. I dragged her out the door and told her that my brother always walked around nude, suddenly Carley really wanted to sleep over. After I talked with my mom I told her that we could have a sleep over the next night. The whole time while we were in our PJs Carley wouldn't stop talking about seeing my brother's dick, around midnight, I told her that my brother was always nude in his room which was always unlocked, also that my brother would walk nude to and from the bathroom and if we waited for him we could corner him.

We both sneaked upstairs and waited in the towel closet, when we heard my brother open the bathroom door we jumped out grabbed him ran into the bathroom slamming the door. At this point he was completely cool with being nude and was not bothered, as Carley giggled poking his bare stomach and butt. It was then I said that we were going to turn this into a show I was going to film him walking around the house. All of us giggled as my brother who was in on this pretend to be horrified, behind my naked brother was the glow of the camcorder light as the three of us girls fallowed him into the kitchen.

The kitchen light turned on and there was my mom. Because we wouldn't respect my brother's privacy my mother said she wouldn't respect ours, she then picked up the phone and called Sarah's mom, telling her what we did, and asked her how she thinks we ought to be punished,
"just what I was thinking she said" She told Sarah and me to start stripping, if we couldn't respect my brother when he was nude then we didn't deserve to wear clothes. My mom said she was about to call Carley's mom, but Carley pleaded saying she would strip naked so long as we didn't tell her parents.

Sarah was the first to strip and was quick, she only wore a long tee shirt and pair of panties . With my brother, her tanned olive ass became the second nude one in the room. I went next, shedding my tee, pajama pants and panties, last was Carley.Being the last to strip was made easier seeing that her friends had already done so.

Carley was tallest of us all, and was fairly muscular being on the sophomore basketball team. She first pulled down her long black basket ball shorts showing off her long legs. Next came her socks, off next her tee, then black bra freeing her small breasts with extra long dark nipples that rounded perfectly at the bottom of her chest. Lastly came off her panties, revealing her black curly bush which stood out against her pale body.

Carley became easy with the situation, because she wasn't in on what happened she assumed that Sarah and I were far more embarrassed because we were shaven, on top of that I was now naked in front of my brother. My mom grabbed a trash bag and threw all our clothes in it saying we were going to be naked as long as she saw fit.

May be continued?
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