I looked, as I lay there, down through my boobs with my legs spread wide. All I could see was Nancy's forehead bouncing up and down. All I could feel was Nancy's long rough tongue hitting all the right spots on my pussy to drive me wild. I had made Nancy into quite the pussy eater. And oh yes, Nancy loved the same done to her. Since she had started, she had as many women as men clamoring after her.
I wished she had more time for me, but that gal was just too popular.

Nancy was a married woman with four children, three girls, and one boy. She was married to David, a microbiologist, who probably spent too much time peering through a microscope. Nancy looks were nothing to get the men in the world excited. She was flat chested, and the clothes she wore were never revealing. I did suspect a nice ass and legs, but nothing she wore helped with solving that suspicion. The only thing Nancy was famous for was being one of the best cocksuckers in this county and her reputation was well known by only those in the know.

Nancy only gave blow jobs to married men, reasoning that they would keep their mouth shut. Her clientele probably was not getting at home that feeling that men love. It doesn't take much for a man to want that feeling of superiority of having his cock in a woman's mouth. She only made appointments in the afternoon when her kids were at school and her husband at work. She never gave service in her home but only at a motel or hotel. His payment was just the rented room.

I heard about her after blowing one of Jim's old friends who missed Jim's lips on his cock. He said, "You are almost as good as Nancy." I had to learn all about Nancy from him. I was surprised he revealed that much about her as he did. I got to finally meet her at a parent's conference at the school. What a disappointment. Plain Jane would be a compliment at best. I did manage to strike up a conversation with her, and we did go to get coffee after the meeting. I did invite her to go to the beach, and she seemed happy to go. I just had to see what was under that oversized dress.

The day was warm, and I will admit I wore my skimpy bikini just to see how she would react to that much of my body showing. I watched her as I slipped off the beach coat, but could not tell if she was interested. She slid off hers, and she had a one-piece aqua suit. I was right. She had shapely legs and a nice firm ass. The only thing that showed on her top was her nipples protruding against the fabric. It was sexy, just big nipples, nothing else. We laid on our towels and talked about kids, her four and my Elaine at the time was getting ready to graduate. I could wait no longer.

"Nancy, I heard you are the best cocksucker in the county."

She stared at me, and finally said, "Who told you that?" when I told her she continued, "That will be his last suck from me."

"He says you are better than me. Nancy, I do get a lot of compliments."

She laughed and said, "I hope I am not losing my first place position."

"How do you keep it so close to the vest. I mean blowing guys, they talk."

She went on to explain about keeping it with married men who have a lot to lose. She tells them any word back about her she will make sure that their reputation will also be hurt. She said, "Men are a funny animal, they think they have the power over you with their cock in your mouth, but with one bite, they would be a new man."

"Ever bite one?"

"Only one, who used to like me to nibble on the head, and drag my teeth down his knob. I did it a little too hard, and he yelped, but I made it up to him by paying for the room the next time."

"Do you enjoy sucking cock that much?

"I can't get enough of it. I suck my husband constantly, but I need more. I am obsessed with the feeling of the hard fleshy feeling on my lips and in my mouth. If my husband ever found out how much cum I have eaten other than his, he would probably shoot me or poison me."

"You like the taste?"

"The nectar of the gods!"

"You do know there are plenty of women out there with the same lack of attention from their husbands. Too much of stab, pump and unload without any consideration for the woman's needs"

"Never thought about that, but would not be the same."

"Maybe better!"

She sat up and pulled the front down on her suit, and laid back down. Damn, she looked sexy. With slight indications of mounds holding two large puffy nipples, almost like a teenager. I was getting wet looking at her.

"Nancy, would you consider making love to me?"

"Let me think about that, and I will let you know."

"Let me give you something to ponder," I said and sent her one of my best nude photos of myself to her cell phone. She looked at it on her cell and only said, "Oh wow." With that short exclamation, I was very encouraged.

We departed the beach and said our goodbyes. I said, "Now don't forget." She winked and took her tongue and touched her nose. Watching that feat, the heat between my legs beat out all the places that sun had baked on my body that afternoon.

I anxiously waited for her call. I was so worked up about it, I did myself while watching two lovely's do each other on the internet. The call finally came, and Nancy was like a school girl asking for a first date. She asked me if I wanted a visitor; was anybody else at home; what should I wear, and not she could go through with it. I answered all her questions, and she seemed satisfied.

"Nancy, there is no rush. We will talk about it and take it slow. Maybe as far as we will go is just neck, until you are sure."

"Let me get dressed, and I will be on my way."

That feeling between my legs was intense and delightful. She arrived dressed in a red sports top and white shorts. The top had those protruding bulges, and the shorts were loose enough to work my hand up the leg. Ordinarily, this outfit would not even be close to calling sexy, but with her educated mouth, she seemed to pull it off. I got out a bottle of wine and poured. We sipped together. I did have some cookies laced with pot if I needed it. Our talk was casual talking about everything and nothing. I asked the three dollar question.

"Nancy, have you ever fucked any of your clients?"

"Only one, a young soldier who I took more than a liking to. He was being shipped to the far east. He did not want a blow job but wanted to fuck me. I relented and gave him what he wanted. It was that kind of lovemaking that was sweet and tender. It was my first man I fucked other than David, and it was inspiring. I will never have to worry about him bragging of his conquest; he never made it back from there."

"What do you do that makes you so wanted?"

"Carol, I am the type of gal that pulls down pants, keeps licking the head until it is hard, using my tongue all over it, and if his ego wants it totally in my mouth, I take as much of it I can get down my throat. When I can feel he is about to cum, I put my well-lubricated finger up their ass and massage his prostate with tenderness and then listen to the yell, scream, cry or outrageous moan of pleasure. That is how I get them back and get called the best cocksucker in the county."

When she got done with that explanation, her breathing was heavy. I watched her nipples poked the top out even further. She was making me very hot. She caught me staring at the protrusions and laughed.

"They are always that way. Sometimes I wear a training bra to hide them. It is a real kicker for a 34-year-old woman to be in a training bra, but can't go to church looking like this. By the way, the pastor is one of my clients."

"Well, smarty pants, his wife and I got it on in grieving consoling. It seems the reverend did not take care of his wife in that category, and she was an easier make than I thought it would be. A gradual showing of leg and cleavage, got her doing the same thing. Sometimes our sessions would have no words spoken. She was a hottie, and I think she would have given him what he wanted if he asked."

We both laughed at our conquests. I was getting a little tipsy, and I think Nancy was also. It was time, and I asked, "You ever kiss a woman, Nancy?" She replied, "Yes, but not sexually."

"Would you like to kiss me?"

"Carol, I think I would like it better if you kissed me."

I stood her up and held her head with my hands and slowly moved in to kiss her. I parted my lips and placed them on hers. She responded by opening her lips to me. I let my tongue touch her tongue and then retreated. I sucked on her lip. I withdrew and looked into her eyes.

"Oh god, that was so sweet and tender. It was not like a man's hungry aggressiveness. Carol, do that again only this time let me enter my tongue in you."

This time she held my head and with lips opened, kissed me. I parted my lips to let her do what she wanted. Her tongue entered my mouth, and oh god, it didn't seem to stop. I have sucked shorter cocks than the tongue she had exploring my mouth. I remember her touching her nose with that tongue but what a feeling of that tongue of hers fucking my mouth. I rubbed her puffy nipple protruding from her shirt. She whimpered. I just found out those small tits were so sensitive that with more touching them she pronounced, " You are making me very wet." We held and kissed each other. We necked like two teenagers. I finally said, "We you like to share my bed right now?" In a very soft voice, she said, "Yes."

When she walked into my bedroom, she was taken back by all the mirrors on the ceiling and walls. She said, "Oh my!" We stood next to the bed, and I kissed her and pulled her top over her head. There they were those beautiful puffy nipples. I leaned down and let one slide into my mouth and gently sucked. She whimpered like a puppy. I was on fire with such a strong desire to eat her. She felt my breast and then started unbuttoning my blouse. Her hands went right to my titties. Holding them, squeezing them, and finally leaning over to kiss my hard nipples. I whimpered myself like a puppy. My pussy was soaked as I pulled her white shorts down her legs. Her lavender bikini panties came down next, thereby exposing a neatly trimmed pussy. I touched it, and she shivered. I let my finger make circles around her opening. She pulled down my skirt exposing my bare cunt. I pulled her down on the bed kissing her nipples then her until I moved down and spread her legs. I nuzzled her thighs, and I could see the wetness coming out of her pussy. She was ready, and I ate her until she came, yelling at me that I was a big as whore as she was. She lay there panting, and I kissed her again and went right back to enjoying the taste of her pussy. It took her no time to orgasm again. This time she only said, "Love me, love me!" I was going to go at her again, but she asked me to roll over. I did.

I thought I was going to cum just by her sucking my tits. I was so fucking hot I wanted more, and she obliged. I felt that long rough tongue on me and god it was magic. She put her tongue in me and touched places that only a cock or finger had reached. It's moving inside me made me feel like I was in some infinite space. The pleasure almost became unbearable. When that tongue of hers reached my clit, I was gone with spasms of joy I had not ever felt. I kept telling her, "Nancy, right there! Right there!" I fired an explosion of pleasure. I could hardly breathe. I lay there as she cuddled me and made me feel so womanly. I told her, "You were wonderful!" in between gulps of air.

"I have to go. My kids are probably on there way from school." I kissed her saying, "Can we do this again?" She replied, "Only if you want to, Carol." I kissed her swollen nipple, and I think she got the message...
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