Nature Girl
Twelve years ago I was hiking in northwestern New Mexico. There are some amazing rock formations there and they can be a lot of fun to climb. It's one of my favorite places.

You already know what's going to happen, right? I'm hiking, I meet some chick and we fuck our brains out in the great outdoors.
Who wouldn't be thrilled?

That would be too typical though. My experience was waaay different from that. Here's the strange truth.

I was hiking and climbing and hadn't seen anyone all morning, when I heard scuffling behind and above me. Down from a rock hops this attractive, out-doorsy-type woman. I'm no good with ages, but she was probably somewhere in her 30's.

Her leg muscles were all toned and fit looking, her dark brown hair was pulled back in a long pony tail, and she was wearing a white baseball cap and a white t-shirt above her hiking shorts and boots.

She was small-breasted and had a good, well-rounded ass. And her eyes, well, her eyes were just beautiful. Altogether, a really nice looking woman.

We were up pretty high, but it was still more like hiking than climbing. There were a lot of huge rocks with trails between them. Here and there you could walk out onto a big flat rock for a place to sit or stand and rest. We were on a rock like that. You could see for miles out over the plains. And even if we stood on the edge out there in the wide open, no one from below could see us because we were up so high.

She dropped her pack and took off her hat, loosed her hair, and took a long drink from her water bottle. God, she looked amazing with her arm raised and her head tilted way back, the sun highlighting her from behind. Then she squirted water all over her neck and down the front of her shirt, which surprised me because even though it was sunny, the air was still crisp. It wasn't like she would need to cool off yet.

So that's where my thoughts were--duh--about the weather, when she dropped the water bottle, closed her eyes, and started RUBBING HER BREASTS, getting herself all wet.

I was truly stunned. My dumb mouth was probably hanging open.

Then she started pinching and pulling her nipples so they would stand out through her shirt. I could tell she was giving it serious effort 'cause I heard her groan a couple of times when she twisted herself really hard.

Honestly, it was all happenning so fast that I wasn't turned on as much as I was freaked out.
When she walked toward me I felt the urge to back up a step.

Then she was standing right in front of me, those beautiful eyes and lips capturing me with a wicked little smile. She grabbed my belt buckle and started undoing my hiking shorts. I just stood there as she unzipped my fly and looked up into my face a couple of times making penetrating eye contact. The smile on her lips was gone.

With her wet t-shirt tits close enough to touch, my thoughts and feelings finally began morphing from startled to horny.

Without hesitating she pushed my shorts and underwear down to my ankles, then raised up and stripped off her shirt in than oh-god-yes sexy way a woman can pull her top off over her head.
She smiled a big smile as the shirt came off and she shook out her hair. Looked like she was enjoying the sun.
Shit, she was hot.

I struggled getting my boots free from my shorts, then finally kicked the clothing aside. By then my big cock was making me proud--a total hard-on sticking straight out in front of me. Fuck, if she was hot, so was I!

She grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up. When I started helping her she left it for me to finish while she got out of her hiking shorts.

So this chick who still hasn't said a word is standing maybe two feet in front of me, both of us wearing just our hiking boots.
Her nipples were dark dark brown. The darkest, richest chocolate brown areolae I have ever seen. God, that really got to me, looking at those dark brown nipples, close enough to taste.

The air was cool, the sun was warm, and our bodies were damned good-looking, if I may say so. The feeling of being a part of nature had just increased, like, tenfold.

She calmly strolled over to the edge of our big flat rock, and I followed her.
She stood looking out across the wide distance, and I stood beside her trying to look out there too, but goddam, this woman was fucking NAKED and I couldn't help but look at HER!

After a few moments, I put my hand on her ass. Our flesh was warm in the sun. She didn't resist so I got behind her and wrapped my arms around her naked body. Her back felt so warm against my chest.
I rested my chin on her shoulder and leaned my head against hers. So close I could hear her breathing, could smell her hair.

I pushed forward against her so she could feel my hard cock standing up, pressing into that gorgeous line in the middle of her ass.
We stood there like that for about 15 or 20 minutes just soaking up the sun and looking out over the vast plains wearing only our boots. I totally relaxed.

After what seemed like forever, she reached back and carefully took my cock and began to pull it slowly. Then she turned and stood beside me so she could pull it better, steadier. She took one of my hands and put it with her hand on my cock so that we were yanking it together.

We pulled steadily, then faster, me studying her whole body--face and hair, her elegant neck, smooth shoulders, her good round belly, inviting legs, and those fucking unbelievably dark brown nipples.
She stared at my cock pretty much the whole time.

When she could tell I was getting close, she took a couple of steps toward the edge of the rock and pulled me with her.

I took my hand away and she finished me with both her hands pumping me hard and fast.
The great outdoors got to me, and when I came I called out one very long, very loud yell that echoed through the rocks and out across the plain. I think that's the only time I've ever made a sound like that.

She gasped and grunted, spreading her feet and bending her knees some so she could jerk harder, when my first white jet spurted out into the air and off the edge of the high rock. I really think that's what she was after--she wanted me to shoot my cum out into the great wide open spaces.
I'm not real philosophical or anything, but it was kind of a dramatic moment--earth and sky, woman and man, man's seed--you know, all that "circle of life" crap.

Anyhow, I don't really know why she did it that way, but she sure as hell enjoyed it. Every time I shot cum she made some kind of noise, breathing hard, grunting from deep in her throat. When the biggest shot flew in an arc and then started falling, there was almost a kind of whimper in her growling.

I watched it fly too--all of it--and it was pretty fucking hot. Well, the whole thing was pretty fucking hot--a great looking naked stranger jerking my seven-and-a-half thick inches just to watch me cum.
Her tits bounced around (god! those DARK brown nipples!), her hair was flying, and the harder she worked, the heavier she breathed, just like if she was riding me fast and hard.

We didn't screw, and I didn't get to taste her, but I got to enjoy the hell out of looking at her beautiful body. And she gave me one hell of a hand job (I came big time, BIG load.)

But the sexiest part of the whole experience, I think, was just being there high up in the rocks, naked together, my cock hard as a pole, just standing there in the sun with my arms around her.

I should mention that after I came she did go down on me and suck the head for twenty or thirty seconds, to make sure all the seed got out, I guess.
Then she briefly, kind of affectionately, scrubbed my chest hair with her fingers, went and picked up her clothes and stuff, and walked naked between the rocks.

And she was gone.

I just stood there looking at where she had been, my drooping cock still dripping a long thin string of cum.

The sun felt so good I stretched and yawned, then lay on my back all spread-eagled. Stayed right there on that big old rock for the longest time, no clothes on except my boots.
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