Naughty Boy!
I walk up quietly behind you. You are preparing dinner, your concentration firmly on the task at hand. Seeing your hands so strong and sure gets me so excited, all kinds of sexy scenarios floating through my mind. Ahhhh there it is, I have just the thing. I very quietly back away and go into the bathroom, strip off all my clothes and silently walk back out. You are still at the stove, your back to me, still in your own little world, I wonder what you are thinking about?

I press up close to you, my hard nipples poking into your back, my hand drifts to your cock, rubbing you through your jeans. I say "I just got done reading your latest story and you have been a VERY naughty boy. Always taunting and teasing, your sexy words driving me and everyone else wild with desire. You know what your stories do to me, and judging from the comments, everyone else who reads them as well."

I can hear the cocky smile in your voice as you say "I know they make you crazy. I have been a VERY naughty boy."

I continue to rub your cock through your jeans, it is stiffening against my hand. Making me want, making me need, but for now I wait. I feel you start to turn and I say "oh no babe, stay just like you are. You like to tease so much I thought it was high time you were teased some in return." My hand still rubbing against your, by now very hard cock, through your jeans. I lower your zipper and my hand steals inside, reaching through the split in your boxers until my hand touches bare skin. I carefully pull your cock and balls through the opening of your boxers, then your jeans. I lean around you to take a look at what I have just done. I don't know what it is, but there's just something so hot about only a man's cock and balls being out of his pants and everything else covered that excites me so much. And seeing you like this, so big and hard, out there on display makes me tremble with excitement. I take your engorged cock in my hand, your skin so velvety soft, covering your shaft of steel, my fingers caress then curl around you, stroking you slowly. I want you so badly, but I have a game plan, and having you is not included in the plan....yet. My hand stroking you must be getting you very excited as you start thrusting your hips moving your cock a little faster in and out of my hand. I stop and take my hand off your cock, "tsk, tsk, tsk, I distinctly remember telling you to stay as you were. So not only are you a naughty boy, but a naughty boy who can't follow instructions."

I walk towards the kitchen table, pull out the chair that I know you sit in to write your stories, turning it toward you, I sit down. Spreading my legs wide, I put a leg on either side of the chair and scoot forward a little so my pussy is at the edge of the seat, slightly leaning back. You start to follow me and I say "stop right there," you stop and give me a puzzled look. My gaze heated, I say in a taunting voice, "such a shame that you're a naughty boy, as naughty boys don't get to have, they only get to watch. So don't come any closer."

I run my hands over my breasts, watching you, I tweak my hard nipples until I moan, looking into your eyes as I do it. Cupping my right breast I lift it to my lips, you see my tongue dart out and flick across my nipple a few times before I suck it into my hot wet mouth, I hear your sharp intake of breath. I take my nipple out and flash you a sexy, taunting smile, then cup my left breast in my left hand and bring it to my mouth, doing the same with this one as I just did with my right breast, watching you the whole time. I hear a soft moan escape your lips.

My right hand drifts down to my pussy while my left rubs across my breasts pinching, tweaking my nipples. Fingers lightly trace my soft lips, I can feel my juices leak out of my pussy and run down toward my ass. I trace my fingers up towards my clit and grab it between my thumb and fingers, pinching firmly, then I rub my fingers over the hard bud that my clit has become. Stroking against it over and over. My breathing getting heavier, little whimpers escaping me. I watch you as you grab a hold of your cock and start stroking it , your eyes glued to my glistening pussy. I slip my middle finger into my cunt, thrusting it in and out, then add my pointer finger in as well. I thrust my fingers in and out of my sopping pussy. You can hear a squelching sound as my fingers slam in and out of my soaked cunt. My whimpers are getting louder and louder, my muscles getting more tense with every second that passes. I look at you and you are stroking your hard shaft faster now, a look of raw lust in your eyes and I know that mine are screaming FUCK ME! Moving my fingers in and out faster and faster, the tension builds higher and higher and suddenly with a long loud moan I explode, my hips bucking, fingers thrusting fast and deep, watching you stroke as I cum. My pussies wild contractions finally still and I pull my fingers out. They are coated with my creamy cum and I start to move my hand to my mouth. Not even halfway there I hear an almost animalistic growl and look up at you. You are stalking toward me, lust in your eyes, reaching me you grab my wrist and bring my fingers to your mouth, sucking them strongly into your mouth, your tongue rolling over and around them licking and sucking all the cum off, my pussy clenching at feel of your lips around them.

Still holding my wrist you yank me to my feet, spin me around, pushing the top half of my body over onto the chair, you say "you want naughty? I'll give you naughty, bitch!" And before my brain can register the meaning of your words you slam your big, swollen cock into my cum soaked cunt, burying it balls deep inside of me in one stroke. You grab my hips tightly and slam into me over and over, your balls smacking against my clit every time our bodies meet. The combination of this and how hard you are fucking me is hurtling me quickly to another orgasm. My whimpers and moans getting louder and more urgent, you say in a taunting voice "you're getting close aren't you? You gonna cum all over my big, hard, naughty cock, huh? Are you? I asked you a question."

"Yes" I almost sob out.

You move your hands up to my shoulders and pull me even harder onto your cock. The speed and ferocity of the fucking you are giving me both surprises and thrills me. I need to tease you more often runs through my mind, but is quickly lost again as you continue to drill into me. My body is trembling, reaching, straining. You growl out "cum for me, bitch! Cum NOW!!! Those words release the floodgates holding back my release, and with a hoarse scream I cum. My cunt squeezing your cock, muscles rippling around you, almost milking you. My moans almost constant as as my orgasm seems to go on forever.

When the spasms finally subside you pull out of me, my cum leaking down the inside of my thighs. You tell me "get on your knees slut, I want to cum all over your face." I quickly move to comply. Your cock is coated with my cum and you stroke a few times then your hand stills at the base and with a long, loud groan you start spewing cum. The first two ropes hit my face, but I have other plans for the rest. I put my lips over the head of your cock and start sucking you, the rest of your cum shooting into my mouth . You always cum alot, but this time seems even more than usual, I quickly swallow time after time not wanting to miss a single drop of your creamy salty-sweet load. When you finally stop cumming you reach down and help me up, pulling me into your arms for a kiss. Your tongue sweeps into my mouth, tangling with mine, your hands threaded through my hair, holding me to you, feasting on my lips and tongue. When we break apart we are both breathing heavy. I go to move away and you say silkily "where are you going, my pet?"

"I am going to clean up some" I reply.

You say "do I look like I am done with you?" You are looking down, so my eyes follow, and your cock is still hard as a rock. I moan and say "no, I guess it doesn't babe." Privately I think to myself "WOW! I need to tease him more often" and chuckle in my head. You turn me around and push me down over the chair again. You slide your still hard cock through my wet swollen lips into the pool of cum that is still inside of me. You stroke fully into me a few times and then pull out. Fucking my pussy again is not part of your plan.

You rub the large head of your cock against my asshole, spreading my cum over and around it. You push firmly against my hole, your cock is so large it doesn't want to open big enough to accept you. You push harder and feel the head splitting me open, I gasp in pain and tell you "wait, wait, stay still and let me do it babe." Your pushing stops and you say "with pleasure, my pet." I back against you taking a little more of your cock in and stop, I move back and forth on just that portion and then slide a little more of you in, and again move back and forth, then sliding a little more in. Working your large cock into my ass takes a little bit and when I have you fully buried in my ass I stop for just a minute both to allow my body to adjust, and to savor the feeling of you filling me so completely. With a strangled moan you say, "ohhhhhhh, you are so tight around my cock, babe. It feels so good." Moaning I agree. I move forward so just the head of your shaft is still inside of me and then rock back onto you, your full length now inside. I move forward again and slam back and forth onto you, my ass fucking your cock. You watch, seeing your cock disappear into my ass over and over, my butt jiggling each time our bodies meet. I am getting more and more excited, moaning, whimpering, gasping. I say in a sex roughened, urgent voice "fuck my ass babe, fuck it hard!"

"MMMMMMMM with pleasure, you're ass is so damn tight, this is probably not going to last too long" you respond. You grab my hips and and start ramming into me, I am slamming back to meet you, grinding back onto your cock. You can feel me squeezing even tighter around you and tell me "play with your cunt, I want to feel you cum with my cock buried in your ass, DO IT!" I rub my clit, my moans almost sobs, breasts swinging back and forth, feeling you pounding into my ass over and over. Just like earlier you tell me "cum for me bitch, do it, do it NOW!" Hearing those words just does something to me, hearing the command in your voice. And with your words echoing in my ears, I cum violently. My screaming, sobbing voice filling the room as my pussy and ass spasms wildly, my ass tightening so tight around you if you weren't plowing into me so hard, you would not be able to move. But your body will not be denied, your hips piston in and out of me. The tightening around you, my screams and sobs pushes you to the brink. You tell me "I'm gonna cum."

"Oh yes babe, cum in my ass." I hoarsely plead, my voice trashed from my screams a few moments earlier.

With a few final strokes, you bury yourself deep in my ass and still, with a feral growl you swell, then pump my ass full of your hot, thick, creamy load. I can feel you pulsating and your cum spraying deep inside of me. When your orgasm finally ends, you drape yourself across my back, kiss the side of my neck and say, "does that qualify as naughty?" All I can do at this point is moan.

Both our breathing harsh in each others ear, trying to come down from the sexual roller coaster we have been on, "that was incredible babe," I almost purr into your ear. You respond with a smirk in your voice "I know, it definitely was."

You say "well I have a mess to to clean up here, call you tomorrow?"

"MMMMMMM please do" I respond sexily.

"I love you."

"I love you too."


"Bye babe."

The receiver clicks down.
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