Naughty Nurse
She looks up at the clock and smiles. Everything was right on schedule, maybe she was even a few minutes ahead. She had dropped off the kids at their Nana's. Her husband would be coming back from the lunch date with an old buddy, and she was hoping to make the afternoon into a great memory.

Glancing nervously at the mirror, she tugs at the silk stockings, and adjusts the top once again. She had never dressed up quite like this before, but her husband had mentioned how much he loved the naughty nurse outfit she was looking at with the Halloween costumes that she decided to forget about body issues and be the naughty nurse of fantasy.

He opens the door to a quiet house. With two little toddlers, quiet was something rarely heard, and he calls out to see if anyone is home- "Hun, are you home?"

She takes a deep breath and responds "Yes, I am in here. Can you come in and help me with something?"

He walks in, completely oblivious to how nervous she is, he stops and gapes at her, openmouthed. The short white skirt skimmed her ass, which was hardly covered by red boyshorts- purchased because she knew he loved to see her in them. Her legs were encased in white thigh highs, complete with little red cross garter belts, which matched the white nurse uniform that barely hid her breasts from his view. She even had a perky little hat with a red cross pinned securely on top of her head.

"Well, hello. I heard you are not feeling very well. I thought a special checkup might help figure out what is wrong. " She nods and leans in a bit, kissing him hard, letting him play with the lacey garters and the flesh between her stockings and her skirt. Drawing back, she grabs his hand and leads him to their bed.

"If you will just hop up on the examination table, I need to check your blood pressure and heart rate." she says, slowly unbuttoning his shirt, loving the feel of his skin. Kissing and nibbling his neck as she pulls the shirt off him slowly, she can feel his pulse leap, and see the effects of her ministrations as a bulge starts showing against his thigh. He tries to grab her to pull her close.

"Sir, that is not allowed." She says, trying to sound indignant, which was hard with a smile on her face. "I am sorry, but it is against rules- you are a patient after all. You will be happy to know that your heart rate checks out very well." Removing his hand with a giggle, she feels herself getting more into her role. Leaning over a bit, making sure he can see the red lacy panties peeking out of the costume, she starts to undo his pants buttons, having him step out of them, his cock standing proudly at attention. Pushing him down gently onto the bed, she gets between his legs.

"I am going to take your temperature now" she said kneels before him. Taking the hard member in her hand she slowly starts sucking down his thick shaft, and running her tongue up from his from his balls to the tip, causing him to clutch at the bedspread, and thrust up slightly.

"Mmm, the temperature reading seems to be hot... I need to retake that." she murmurs, rubbing her soft lips gently up and down his length the whole time. She continues to treat him like a lollipop until she feels him start to get thicker in her mouth, causing the fluid of her desire to leak out in response. Lapping up a drop that leaked from the tip, she stops her gentle ministrations, takes a breath to gather her roleplaying character again and asks with a smile if he would like her to stop the exam, as he seems very agitated.

"I am aching and need of your help.. Nurse" he ground out with a grin. Smiling naughtily, she instructs him to roll over and get comfortable. Kneeling next to him, she picks up massage oil she laid out in a cup of warm water next to the bed before he got home, along with a towel. She pours a generous amount onto his back, and carefully sets the bottle back down; worried it might spill and stain. She settles in and starts at his shoulders, working her way down with firm strokes until the oil is absorbed, and occasionally adding a bit more oil as the muscles begin to unknot under her loving touch. Slowly ending the back massage with teasing hands, she instructs him to roll onto his back, and begins the same loving movements, starting at his shoulders, and moving down to his arms, his torso, his thighs, everywhere but where he was aching for her touch. He groans at the sweet torture, his cock jumping every time she gets close.

"Well, darn. This does not seem to be helping you relax. Hmm, maybe it is something you are eating?" she said, biting her lip nervously as she slowly unbuttoned the top, exposing her plump breasts being held by a red corset with bits of white lace. He grins and leans up, pulling the cup down, exposing her already hard bud to his hot mouth. Moaning, she clutches his shoulder, feeling the pleasure spike all the way deep in her belly. He continues to play with her breasts as he gets up on his knees pushing her down on her back. Kissing his way slowly down her face, and neck, he starts sucking and nibbling, making her move restlessly and bite her lip to hold back her moans. As his hand strokes down her body, she shifts, allowing him to push her skirt up around her hips. His questing hand rubs her thigh, she opened her legs, and his hand finds her already damp. Her breath catches as he slides one finger in her, his thumb rubbing firmly on her clit. He pulls the lacy shorts down her legs, leaving her nylons and heels still on and pulls her to the edge of the bed, kneels between her open legs, with her legs over his shoulders he begins to kiss her soft inner thighs and lips.

He sucks the firm nub in his mouth, and she bucks slightly, moaning his name. He sticks one finger, then two in, moving in a slow and lazy rhythm. He does something he had never done before, and had only recently read about. In a firm rhythm, he traces the alphabet on her with his tongue. A, B, C...She arches her back and lets out a little mewling sound, F, G, H... her hands clutching at the bedding. Her breathing was now coming fast, and he could feel her get wetter, so he kept the pace up K,L,M... thrusting deeper. She tenses, and he can feel waves of pleasure coming off her as she orgasms around him, her whole body curling in a ball of pleasure.

Letting her catch her breath, he says with a cocky grin. "Must not be what I am eating."

"Don't...worry... We... out." She pants, trying to stay in character even though she is all mussed, her thighs wet with her own juices. "What do you recommend Nurse?" He says with a grin, loving that he had such an effect on her, but knowing the rest of the alphabet could wait.

"You just concentrate on getting better" She says, turning around, leaning over the bed and wiggles a bit in invitation. He gets behind her, teasing her with her fingers, until she moans his name in need, supplication and demand. He replaces his fingers with his thick cock, sliding in, and at finding so her hot and wet, he bites back a groan of his own. Slowly be begins moving, one hand on her hip, the wrapped firmly in her hair, holding her in place as he kisses and nibbles on her neck and back, making her gasp and shiver, her body instantly is covered in goose bumps.

She starts pushing back at him, and the rhythm becomes more primal. Grabbing her hips he rams into her, and she groans deeply in approval. Guttural sounds of pleasure come from him as their flesh slaps together, roleplaying all but forgotten for the moment. Feeling herself quickly climbing to another peak, but wanting to be on top when he came, she stops him with no little regret.

"Doctor's recommendation is we try this with you firmly nestled in your nurse, while on your back." She says in a voice thick with passion. He pulls out of her, and gets on his back with a smile of compliance. His shaft is glistening with precum and her juices; she can't resist leaning down to taste her on him, smiling at his groan and slight upthrust, before she hikes up her skirt around her waist with one hand and uses the other hand to position him at her slick entrance, her thighs shining with her nectar. With a whimper, she impales herself her orgasm gripping them both tightly as the pleasure/pain she feels when he bottoms out in her sends her over the edge. After taking a moment, and still shaking gently, she begins moving again, rocking with him deep in her, enjoying how good they feel together.

"Baby...I...Uh" he stutters, and quickly she grabs his hard cock as it throbs in his release, holding it firmly to prolong the orgasm, and when she releases him, she can feel him pulse and shoot his seed deep in her, and she squeaks in surprise as another orgasm hits. He grunts as her body milks him as she comes, but keeps his arms wrapped around her, enjoying the pleasure on her face. Panting, she collapses on him, satiated, and very pleased with how her surprise turned out. Lethargy and bliss sets in, and she climbs off him, and tucks herself into his side.

"I think you cured me Nurse. I feel ever so much better" she hears him mumble sleepily as she drifts off.
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