Naughty Schoolgirl
Another frickin snow storm! What a cold frozen winter we are having. After spending two weeks in Jamaica in December the frozen cold of January and February have me chilled to the bone. Six fresh new inches of white frozen hell glued with a nice layer of ice to the driveway was making me dread going outside. The driveway had to be cleared as another foot of snow was on the way that evening. The hubby and I usually tag team all the snow removal but I just was not into it today. He must have picked up on that fact and offered to take care of everything himself.

"Why don't you stay on the house so you don't hurt your back shoveling?" he offered.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" I replied.

"Not at all" he told me so I said "Well then I will make you some hot chocolate and have it and a nice massage waiting for you when you are done, maybe a little surprise too."

Out into the cold frozen hell went my sweet hubby to snow blow and shovel the driveway and dig out the car. I knew exactly what little surprise I had for him. I had recently received a sexy, cute little schoolgirl outfit in the mail another of my many ebay purchases. As I heard the snow blower going full blast outside in the drive I took a steamy hot shower. Paying attention to every detail I first washed all over and conditioned my hair then time to shave. Everything had to be smooth and soft so I went about carefully shaving my under arms, legs and then my pretty pussy and ass. Everything shaved smooth except for a little triangle of trimmed hair. Stepping out of the shower I dried off and moisturized every part of my body. Religious use of all my many special creams and potions along with exercise afforded me the appearance of someone a quite a bit younger than my actual age so the hubby did not seem to mind the over crowded drugstore condition of our main bathroom.

After finishing my shower and moisturizing routine I set about dolling myself up. Dried and curled my blond hair with my spiral curling iron to make it cute and wavy. Then full slutty make up with red lips to match my schoolgirl outfit. A few sprays of my favorite perfume Red Be Delicious to make me smell totally eatable. Now to get all dressed up. I had laid all my attire out on the bed and went about putting on each piece. First my under garments a red French thong with red push up bra then white thigh high stockings with cute little satin bows on the front, a white blouse that tied up in the front, little plaid red stain mini skirt with built in suspenders and lastly my super sexy Mary Jane style black leather pumps. I had painted my fingernails bright red the day before so they matched my fantasy outfit perfectly. Into the kitchen I went to make some hot chocolate to warm up my frozen man but really I had a few other ideas on how to warm him up much better.

I heard the garage door into the house open and greeted my cold hubby taking all his wet snow covered clothing and hanging it to dry.

I then posed for him in my slutty schoolgirl outfit and said "So what do you think about your slutty schoolgirl babe?"

"I think you need to go get me your camera so I can take some pictures of this!" his said with a little evil snicker.

He knows I like to have my picture taken when I dress up for him and he loves being my photographer so I already had my little pink fuggi digital camera all ready. First a few shots in the hall outside the bedroom. What a great photographer I have he even had a text book as a prop! His cock was growing with every picture he took and I would stop in between poses and give it a little stroke.

Then I got my instructions "Go and lay on the bed" he said.

Posing me laying on the bed he took several more pictures then I sat up and his yummy hard cock was staring me right in the face. Grasping his balls with one hand and his shaft with the other I licked the head and sucked it into my hot mouth.

Just a little sucking making him even harder then he said "Stand up and lean over the bed all the way."

I did as requested and he adjusted me just the way he wanted with my legs spread wide all bent over with my ass in the air.

I was propped up on my elbows and he told me to put my head down on the bed which made my ass stick up even higher. He threw my miniskirt up around my hips and pulled my red French thong to the side. Click, click, click I heard him taking more pictures then felt his hands on my very wet pussy.

"Damn you're soaked!" he exclaimed.

Posing for sexy pictures always turned me on and made me extra wet and ready. I reached behind me and guided his hard cock into my eager pussy. Ahhhh it felt so good stretching my tight walls pounding my g spot. My pussy was loving it's fucking but my ass had gotten so horny sticking up in the air all that time getting pics taken I wanted his cock in my tight little ass hole!

I looked behind me at him and said "Fuck my ass babe I want to feel your big hard cock in my ass."

He grabbed some KY off the night stand and proceeded to lube up my tight hole with his fingers. Inserting one and spreading the lube inside me I asked for two fingers. Stretching that tight little hole with his fingers made it even hornier for his cock. When I could feel the head of his dick pressing against my horny ass I pushed back and felt the head pop right in.

I was so ready for it "Pound me with that thing baby!" I yelled with excitement.

All the way in his cock invaded my slippery tight little ass hole. With only a few strokes I came and came hard shooting his cock right out of my ass! He reentered me and kept slamming into my ass.

After a bit of punishing my tight little ass hole he pulled out and with a smirk said "how about you suck this for me?"

"Sure just go wash the ass off of it first" I told him.

I was pretty kinky but sucking an ass covered cock wasn't exactly my cup of tea. He went into the bathroom to get washed up as I sprawled out on the bed. Seems he had something else in mind first as he was rooting around in the bedside night stand drawer. He pulled out a anal vibrator and a dildo.

"Pull your legs up" were my new instructions.

The small anal vibrator slipped right into my ass that had been loosened up with that hard cock. Then sitting between my legs he headed for my pussy with the dildo.

"Don't you need some lube for that?" I asked.

With a laugh he said "Are you kidding you're so wet your pussy is frothing!"

In went the dildo and the slow stroking began. I could feel the little anal vibrator doing it's job as my vaginal muscles gripped and squeezed the dildo sliding in and out of my horny twat. A few mild orgasms just set me up for wanting more. I wanting that big full body multiple orgasm.

"Hand me BOB hon" I requested.

My good buddy BOB my favorite vibrator who when I was frustrated always got the job done. With the little vibe in my ass and a nice medium sized dildo stroking in and out of my slick pussy I hit my clit with BOB. Legs started to shake and I could feel the heat building in my pelvis. My erect bud of a clit started throbbing rhythmically with the contractions in my pussy and ass. Cumming again and again releasing all the tension and even a little squirt of girl cum. I pushed his hands and the dildo away, took the vibe out of my ass and was fucked out done!

Now to take care of my man. Laying him down on the bed I swallowed his freshly cleaned cock and licked his balls producing all the moaning sounds I love. With a lubed finger I enter his tight little ass hole to a groan of pleasure. I sat beside my sexy man and watched him wank his cock with my finger fucking his sexy ass. Mmmm what a sight to see and hear I loved it! His ass started cumming first squeezing my invading finger as he moaned, groaned, grunted and kept stroking his cock fast. Then with that scream I love to hear he let loose and eruption of hot spunk shooting up into the air and landing all over his cock, balls, both our hands and his stomach. I love watching his cock explode though it's just so hard to keep from sucking it when he cums to get to see the show. Spent and sweaty off to the shower we went. Got all cleaned up, dresser in comfy sweat suits and mugs of hot chocolate in hand. Two more snow storms predicted for this week alone. Wonder what other adventures we might have?
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