Naughty Student
It was the last period of the day and the most boring. Sarah stared out the window with her sapphire blue eyes. Her strawberry blond hair hung in loose waves around her shoulders as her 36DD boobs spilled out of her light pink halter top.
"Miss.Fox?" said a stern voice. Sarah turned her head, surprised and looked at her young teacher who was 25, Mr.Moore.
Sarah smiled and said "Yes Mr.Moore?"
"You are aware that I am passing back the tests now right? The test is worth half of your grade." He said.
Sarah smiled angelically and nodded "Of course I do Mr.Moore!" He was so sexy! He started to hand out the tests and Sarah drifted off to a daydream again.She had not come back to Earth until she heard a cough over her desk as her test was passed back. She turned the test over and her heart sunk. On the front page in red ink, was her grade. A huge 10, circled and right underneath was a sticky note. The note said "See me after class." She tucked the test into her folder just as the bell rang. She got up to get her things from her locker and then come back to the classroom.
Sarah's friend Kelsey walked to Sarah and grinned "You totally drifted in class! So your coming to cheer practice right? The competition is in 2 weeks!"
Sarah replied sadly "No I can't....I failed my test and I have to go see Mr.Moore after class..."
Kelsey gasped "Are you serious??Not fair but you'll totally enjoy it.He's so sexy,nice, and did I mention sexy?See you later." She winked and disappeared in the crowd.Sarah walked to her locker and put all her things in the locker. She slammed her locker door shut as someone slapped her tight ass and squeezed one of her ass cheeks ignoring the very thin and short skirt she had on. She turned to see her boyfriend, Collin. Collin was the school quarterback, a basketball player, a hockey player, and a baseball player. In all, he was a jock but he was gorgeous AND SMART.She reached up and touched his blond hair and looked at his emerald green eyes.
"Hey Collin." She smiled and leaned in as she kissed him briefly.
"Hey babe.We still on for tonight after your practice?" said Collin as he grinned flashing brilliant white teeth.
"Can't.Got to see Mr.Moore because I bombed the test." She rolled her eyes and smiled. "Bye." She kissed his neck and left a red mark shaped like her lips from her lipstick. She walked to the classroom and turned the doorknob, shutting it behind her.
"Lock the door Sarah." commanded Mr.Moore from his desk. Sarah did as she was told and sat down in the desk, directly in front of Mr.Moore. "Sarah you failed the quiz and your grade is an F right now.I'm sorry but I have to speak to Coach Jen and tell her to take you off the team. Permanently." It was only September and permanently was forever for her! Cheer leading was her life!
"No! Please Mr.Moore I'll do anything......I need to stay on the squad! I'm their captain! I'll do ANYTHING!" pleaded Sarah.
A thin smile crossed Mr.Moore's lips. "Anything?"
"Anything." Sarah confirmed.
Mr.Moore walked forward and told her "Get up." She did as she was told as Mr.Moore took off her shirt, bra, skirt, and her thong and had her put on slutty knee high stockings. He then started to kiss her and slipped 2 fingers into her clit. She was surprised and she whimpered slightly. Mr.Moore then played with her boobs. Sarah took his head and plunged it into the middle of her chest as Mr.Moore sniffed and enjoyed the sensation of being trapped between two female mountains of joy.Sarah was starting to drip on the floor. Mr.Moore removed his head reluctantly and then went to the closet. He came out with a leather whip from one of their projects. "Lean over the desk like a good slut. From now on you will call me Master."
"Okay." replied Sarah. She was a bit scared but really horny.He lashed one of her ass cheeks as she cried out and it left a red satisfying mark.
"Master!" He snarled at her. "Yes Master!!" He lashed her again on the other cheek. "40 lashes for not obeying my direct orders!" He whipped her ass 20 times and it turned bright red. "Now turn around slut!" He commanded. She did as told, weakly. She cried out in pain as he repeatedly drew the whip onto her huge 36DD breasts. Her master grabbed her mouth and started to kiss her violently. She writhed but then decided just to go with it. He dropped his pants and then took out a huge,long cock with pre-cum oozing from it. "You know what to do."He said as he settled onto the desk.
She crouched onto the floor and started to put his cock into her mouth. Amazingly, she fit all 10" into her mouth. Her master took shoved it in deeper until she gagged and then took it out, and rammed it back in. She did this until his cock was nice and soaked with saliva. Then she turned around and eagerly awaited the cock to penetrate her. He purred "What a good slut you are..." Then he plunged his cock all the way into her. Then he started to pump vigorously as she moaned. He pumped for 5 minutes and in that time she had 3 organisms. She was trembling in pleasure. "I'm going to cum!" He yelled and Sarah turned around and opened her mouth wide. He shot 4 loads of cum into her mouth and she swallowed.
He suddenly got up and got dressed quickly. Sarah blinked and said"Master wasn't I a good slut for you? A bitch? A whore?"
"Oh maybe, maybe not.We'll find out soon." He slapped her ass and left her still trembling from her organisms and the taste of his salty cum in her mouth. Sarah got dressed, and left as the janitor came in.
He said "Another one eh?" as he looked down at the wet floor. He shrugged and cleaned it anyways.

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