Navy SEAL team 6
I have stated that I worked at a nuclear facility until 2003. At one site, we produced components for nuclear weapons for the Defense Dept. It was interesting but highly classified or at least for the workers even though a local reporter told everyday events to the public about the weapons and the processes that we used.

I met my dear friend, Carolyn at one site in 1980 and learned about her, her quirks, and passions for 9 years till she died. We became best friends (not lovers, but could have) and I cherished every moment with this lovely creature!

She died in 1989 and I fell into dark abyss, with no return. I drank myself into a trance every night to not feel the pain of her loss.
It worked for 5 years but eventually it caught up with me.

The afternoon she died (May 26th) I was in my apartment when I received a call from 2 friends telling me she had passed. I went into instant shock hearing this. The 2 friends were women friends, Kim and Wanda. I had a big attraction to Wanda but hadn't tried to take her out beause she had been dating her current boyfriend for over 5 years and was renting his house for her and her kids.

Once when at training Wanda and I paired up as partners for training in "pressure points" or how to subdue an advisory with minimum force. Folks, that shit hurts and I laid my head back on her huge tits...(god, she was huge!) to relieve the pain in my neck. We sorta got in trouble for that but what the HELL!

Anyway, a few years later she was giving my co-worker a lunch break and this group of guys from La. was coming into the plant and I had to check them out. The driver of the vehicle took his hand and placed it on top of mine and rubbed gently. Wanda saw this and smiled "big time"! I liked to have never lived that down.

In the late 90's our facility was scheduled to have a force-on-force drill to prove we could protect our plant from agressive forces, We found out that SEAL team #6 had been selected to be the opposing team. Under normal circustances it would have been a team from another facililty which we could kick their butts...but, SEAL team #6? We definitely would lose that battle and be shut down indefinitely!

Fortunately that team was sent to do something else and we beat the "bad guys". It was during that drill that I finally convinced Wanda to give me some of her tits and pussy as a reward.

Thank you SEAL team #6 for bin Laden and for not fucking up my deal with Wanda!
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