Need A Larger Water Heater
That Christina is something else Bill chuckles to himself, thinking of the phone sex they had just had a few minutes ago. She thought she could tease me and get me all excited, which alright, admittedly she did. When she gets horny and her voice gets all husky and smooth like dark honey, liquid sex flowing past her lips,OH WOW! His cock always stands at attention, just like he knows she wants.

But as usual he turned the tables on her and what started out as her teasing him, changed into him teasing her. He chuckled to himself knowing the exact moment it happened, her sharp gasp, something she had no control over. He told her "play with yourself," and he spun out a sexy scenario of them fucking, to play across her mind and make her crazy. He knows what his voice does to her, she's told him many times, and he's only too happy to employ his deep sexy voice to make his woman cum for him, to hear her sharp cries in his ear.

He keeps spinning out his sexy tale for her enjoyment and satisfaction, loving the gasps and moans that she is powerless to hide, even if she wanted to. He hears her mewling, whimpering cries, and the sound of her breathing getting very fast and heavy. Her breath catching, and almost desperate, urgent whimpers tells him her release is near. He asks "you're close aren't you my love?" All she can manage is a breathy "uh huh".

Only listening now, loving how she sounds when she is so close, just hanging on the precipice. Ahhhhhh there it is, the sound he had been wanting and waiting to hear, her husky, sharp cries of release, so sexy to him, go on for a little while, and he just listens, enjoying every second. Her cries of pleasure making his cock so hard it hurts. Then the wind down period, with her deep satisfied moans is always music to his ears, knowing it is him that brought her such orgasmic pleasure.

She always giggles self consciously in his ear afterwards, the combination of sexy, passion filled woman and shy, innocence such a pleasing combination to him. When she is able to speak she says "oh babe that was so incredible." And as always, teasing her in a cocky voice he says "I know," her bubbly laugh bringing a smile of joy to his face. Their complete enjoyment of each other,love and devotion, plainly recognized and treasured by each.

After a little more conversation and teasing laughter, he tells her he has to go. Telling her how much he is looking forward to a hot shower now that the hot water heater is replaced and finally working, all he has to do is wait just a little while for the water to heat up and then he is going to take a nice long shower, maybe even play while in there. She moans at this announcement, telling him "hear me moaning for you, my pussy wrapped tightly around your cock as you cum."

He says, "you know I will.

He tells her he will call her back after he is done with his shower and they say their "I love you's" and "good byes."

Closing the bathroom door, he strips all his clothes off one by one, climbs into the shower and turns on the water, adjusting the spray to just the right temperature. The hot water cascades down his back like a lovers caress. Suddenly he feels full breasts with rock hard nipples against his back and a hand sliding around him and taking his cock. He can tell by her height and the feel of her body pressed against him who it is and asks, "what are you doing here, my love?"

She responds, "after that hot phone sex I couldn't stay away. I desperately needed you."

His moan of pleasure from her very obvious desire and need of him echoing in the small room. He wraps his hand around hers, which is gripping his cock, he starts moving her hand with his up and down his hard shaft, he controls the speed and pressure, but it's her hand stroking him. Their hands move up and down his skin covered steel shaft, both of them loving the feel of his hard dick sliding in and out of her hand. He lets go and removes her hand from his hard member and turns to face her.

Eyes dark with passion, they devour her naked body, taking in every inch of her curvy body. He pulls her tightly up against his body, his lips descend, taking possession of hers lustfully, his tongue sweeps into her mouth, demanding a response, and of course receiving one, as her tongue tangles with his. He reaches up, taking her breasts in his hands, squeezing them roughly, like he knows she loves. Her husky moan echoes in the small, steam filled bathroom, as the water streams over their bodies. Bending his head, he takes her hard nipple into his mouth, suckling it, nibbling and biting on the puckered flesh, her hands move of their own volition, threading through his wet hair to hold him to her breast. Her moans of pleasure making his cock throb with need. He moves his mouth to her other breast, giving it the same loving attention he just gave the other. Her hand steals down to his fully engorged dick and she strokes him slowly.

His hand moves down her body till he reaches her pussy, her sharp gasp of pleasure spurs him on, as his finger delves into her core, stroking into her over and over, then he adds another finger into her tight hole. He curls his middle finger into a come hither motion, slides it to the roof of her pussy just inside her entrance. He knows he has located her
g-spot by her sharp intake of breath, immediately followed by a deep, long moan. "Ohhhhhhh yes babe, aaaaaaah right there," tumbles out of her lips.

Her body bucking against him, her hand still stroking his cock is picking up speed. He strokes and strokes against that nerve rich area, hearing in her whimpers and moans that she's getting so close to her release. He redoubles his efforts speeding up his stroking, her sharp, husky, almost sobbing cries, coupled with her inner muscles squeezing shockingly tight on his fingers tells him she's cumming, which is confirmed when she squirts all over his hand, so much love juice shooting out it's running down his arm and dripping off his elbow, into the tub.

"WOW!! So hot!" He thinks to himself. Once her muscles stop spasming he removes his fingers and brings them to his mouth, sucking her sweet tasty juices off of two of his fingers, licking and sucking until he has consumed every bit of the nectar he just coaxed from her body. The other two he brings to her mouth, "suck yourself off of me babe, I want you to see how good you taste." Her eyes flash fire at him and gaze hotly into his the whole time she licks and sucks her own juices off of his fingers.

His mouth devours her lips, sharing any remnants of her juicy goodness that still may remain. His tongue stabs in and out of her mouth, just like his cock soon will be her pussy. They break apart, chests heaving from their labored breathing. Her gaze almost sets him on fire, she pleads with him, lust and need in her voice, "FUCK ME BABE!! FUCK ME NOW!!!!

Feeling the same overpowering desire, he's only too happy to grant her wish. He pushes her, pinning her against the back of the shower, her gasp and deep moan, lets him know how much his aggression is exciting her. He lifts first one leg and then the other, wrapping them around his waist, telling her, "hold on tight my love, this is going to be a fucking that you'll never forget."

He can feel the heat radiating off her still wet, wanting, cunt, and with a primal grunt, slams his granite like cock, balls deep into her in one stroke. Her gasp and deep moan echoed in the room as he started fucking her hard, and fast, his hips like a piston, pile driving his hard dick into her over and over again. Her tight, and getting tighter by the second, cunt almost sucking him in, her almost constant sobbing cries, urging him on. Her nails dig into his shoulders harder and harder, he knows he will be wearing her crescent shaped marks on his back, but doesn't care, if anything it makes him fuck her harder.

Her cunt spasms around him, squeezing him, her muscles milking his cock, desperately wanting to draw the cum from his balls, but he's not done with her yet. Her sharp, sobbing, constant cries as she cums, music to his ears, releasing a beast inside him he didn't even know existed. He unwraps her legs and sets her down, spins her around pushing her to the other side of the shower, her back to him, water cascading over it.

Pushing her legs wide apart, he grabs her hip in one hand, and his cock in the other, positions himself at her dripping hole and slams into her from behind. She cums instantly, the pleasure he and his hard cock are supplying, too much for her to resist. His thrusts, savage now, actually lifting her feet off the floor of the tub. Her greedy cunt taking everything he is giving, and still crying out for more, as her muscles squeeze around him constantly. She is caught in a non-stop constant orgasm, as soon as she starts to come down from one, he quickly pushes her into another. She feels his thumb pressing against her asshole, then it enters,thrusting quick and firm, this additional sensation, rips a scream from her throat, and another orgasm from her body.

Begging him, her voice hoarse from all the moaning and screaming, "please fuck my ass babe, I want to feel you in my ass, PLEASE!!" He pulls out of her body, leans down and pushes the stopper down on the tub, thankful he got the extra large hot water tank, so there is plenty still available. Passion fueled kisses and gropes to each others bodies fill the time while the tub fills with water. When the level is perfect, he sits down in the tub legs outstretched. He grabs his rock, hard cock, still standing at attention for her, while she turns away from him, her sexy ass a feast for his eyes.

Straddling him, she lowers her body until his cock is pressed against the entrance to her dark hole, the hot water has loosened her muscles some, pressing more firmly she feels his dick start to split her hole open. Sharp fiery pain makes her gasp, and still momentarily until the sensation passes. Then she pushes down more, taking more of him in, she has to pause again, but she wants it, and will not be deterred or denied. She keeps working her ass up and down his shaft, until finally, his large cock is buried in her ass. She stills, so her body can get used to, and accept this large welcomed invader.

Her ass stuffed full of his cock, she finally starts to move, her body sliding up and down his cock, like a stripper on a pole. The visual for him is incredible, watching his cock disappear into her ass over and over, her cheeks jiggling every time their bodies meet. He takes her ass in his hands, and moves her body up and down his cock, pushing her even harder onto his stiff member. She cries out, her asshole tightening around him, massaging his cock, as she cums once again. He privately chuckles to himself, thinking how incredible it is to have his own personal living, breathing, orgasm machine at his disposal. This amusing thought quickly leaves him as she slides faster and harder onto his cock.

Deciding it's time for him to take over, he pushes her onto her hands and off of his cock, he slides his legs out from under her, and kneels behind her. She is on her hands and knees in front of him, her ass, such an inviting sight. Positioning the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass, he slides in until he is fully buried deep inside of her. He starts fucking her, his cock a battering ram, slamming into her ass over and over, pushed past his limit, he is a fucking machine. Her dangling tits, bouncing back and forth from the force of his savage fucking. She cries out again, cumming yet again, loving the intense sensations her stud is making her feel.

This time the force of her orgasm, her ass muscles squeezing, milking his cock, is more than he can take, it's way past time to fill his little slut's hole with something in addition to his cock. He feels the cum boiling in his balls, eager to escape, feels it traveling up his shaft, his cock dying to explode. With one final savage thrust into her, he grabs her shoulders, pulling her onto him even harder, burying himself as deep as he can get, deeper than he's ever been before. He can no longer deny his body the release it so desperately needs, and explodes deep in her ass, spewing a seemingly never ending supply of his thick, creamy seed deep into her ass.

She could feel him getting closer, she knew the end was coming near, this knowledge confirmed when he pulled her down even harder onto his cock. She felt his dick swell even larger, then felt his creamy cum shooting into her, his cock pulsating as he unloaded his seed deep into her ass. All these sensations pushed her over the edge, screaming, she came one last time. The intense contractions of the muscles in her ass milking the last of the cum from his cock.

His chest draped over her back like a cape, he held her tightly to him, his arms around her waist, as they both enjoyed little aftershocks of pleasure coursing through their bodies. His lips press sweet kisses along the side of her neck, as they both try to calm after this magnificently powerful storm of lust they have just survived.

He comes back to himself, his mind in the here and now, and looking down sees his cock, now less than semi hard, and deflating rapidly. His stomach, completely covered in cum, larger drops pooling on his chest. Holy shit, out of hot water!

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