Neighbor 4
A couple miserable rainy days slowly go by. Most everyone is staying indoors at home or shopping at the malls.

Now finally, a bright sunny warm dawn graces us for a beautiful start of the day. The draught has been satisfied. The ducks are qacken happy, the plants are greener and more of everything are alive and colorful. The ground seems to have dried quickly inviting a walk into the woods.

I have the urge to go down to the river and just relax and collect my thoughts. Yeah! grab that blanket and a book for some quiet time. I stroll down the pathway and eventually find a private spot near the shore line. Just reclining at the river's edge gives me a breather. I love taking in the surroundings, the fresh rain clean air, and watching the water currents and ripples passing by. This just relaxes the body, mind and spirit. I like sometimes communicating with myself and/or just plain thinking to my self. Appreciating the beauty of Nature is in my being. Saying "look at that" as eyeing a bird, a tree or a animal. Maybe it is the good conversation and bright ideas which come forth and make me glad of the good fortunes I do have.

The water acts like a magnet and shortly I convince myself to wander into the water. Cool and refreshing, I don't care if my shorts and sneakers get soaked. I'm cooled off!

I return to the blanket. Finish spreading the cover out and I grab my book, recline down and began reading my favorite Clancy novel.

However, soon I fall asleep. Dreaming now of thoughts of my new neighbor. She excites me for reasons I do not understand. She makes me feel good and alive. I enjoy our conversations and wish more yet concern I don't go pass some boundry. She has become a friend. Although, a nice new change from my routine ordinary day. I wish I knew more about her.

So off and on I nod off. I enjoy watching the currents in the water, sometimes seeing a jumping fish, the ducks and swans paddling around. Feeling relax I drift off to dream land again.

During a nice romantic dream episode, I wake from feeling splashes of cold drops of water on my face. I open my eyes partially blinded by the sun, and see my neighbor shaking her beautiful wet hair on me. She took a dip in the river too. "Lie down, how are you" I said. I was actually just dreaming about you"

She replied, "that is very nice and I can see by the bulge in your shorts you were involved in something." She leans over to my lips and moistens them and slides in her tongue to twist and dart with mine.

She pinches my nipple and sucks on my tongue and that immediate stimulus caused my now full size hard on reach out the bottom of my shorts.

"Slow down" I whisper, You'll make me cum."

"You really want me to slow down" she whispers back.

"No" I replied. I need you babe. Please make me cum and French it with me. Will you catch it and share with me."

"Of course, I would be delighted." she whispers back. She moves down to my unhidden hard on pulsing next to my leg and grabs it. She slides the leaking precum about the shaft. "You are ready aren't you" With that she engulfs my penis through her lips keeping a tip grip and returning to the glands head and hold and sucking. With a slight smooth jerking motion with one hand and putting pressure on my balls. I feel the build up of pressure readying the semen to eject.

She feels the rolling thunder rippling through my dick and then exploding in her mouth. Rope after rope I hold her head and finger through her hair.

She gathers all the cum, mixing it with her tongue. Looks up at me and moves. She reaches up to my face and places her lips upon mine and slides her tongue between our lips and we share the loves juices together, while impaling me back and forth, each of us swallowing the love nectar.

"Babe, I am so horny let me fuck you." I said

She said, " I'm in my fertile period but fuck me in the ass it will be okay and you can eat me after if you like. or fuck my clit."

I roll to her side and lift her short mini skirt and watch her juices flow from her love hole. It is nice when there is no underwear.

I get on top of her and swish my dick through her lips. Now well lubricated I slide my shaft up to her clit. Gently rubbing, her clit begins to grow out of its hood. I align the point of her clit with its projection into the slit in my penis head. I kept running the glands head over the clit and bumping it. My shaft snuggles within her cunt lips as she thusts her hips into me and I slam my shaft down on her. We both are coming to our release point. We are riding each other and then with my dick on the front of her clit my hot cum seeps out flooding her with the moist hot lather coating her clit. My dick continues to
messaging the juice in.

My lover spasms over the sensitive energy release, moaning and feeling the gift of vibrant nerve endings. She relishes the feeling of hot cum gently sliding down her vagina lips. "Oh that wonderful feeling" she sighs. I lay on top of her letting my dick finish empting on to her clit. "I don't want to move" she says.

"I am so hot", she whispers.

I get back on my knees. I look at all the cum drenching her clit and driping down over the lips and begining to pool at her swollen vaginal opening.

"Babe my cum is running into your vagina. Your hot and your open." I said.

Ahh gee! I don't need any swimmers in there" She whispers in desparation.

"I will clean you now." as I go down on her. I start sucking out the pool and cleaning between her lips. My tongue hungerly slurps the juices up and finish at the clit. My lover feeling more confident now request a little workout on the clit. First, I place my forehead on her bush while my nose rubs around her clit. I just rub my face into her and it felt so good.

She said, "hope we got it all". Anything else we can do?"

Let's do a little more. Sit on top of my face and finger yourself while I eat you. Try to cum and squirt flushing your cunt." I suggest.

She mounts up. Riding my face gives my tongue a chance to sweep higher into her. She begins rocking in rythem. I feel her arousal and the dripping of her juice. Quick all of a sudden her legs squeeze my head and a flow of liquid fills my mouth. As I her a deep moan, I swallow fast to keep up.

My lover rolls over exhuasted. After a few minutes we arise and walk toward the water. After a good washing of each other return to the shore line grab our things and begin to walk back hand in hand. Stopping along the way, each looks into the eyes of the other. Squeezing the hands we continue the walk out of the woods.

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