Neighbor part 3
I wander over to visit new next door neighbor....

"Hello, I call.

"Yes, who is it" she calls back.
Hi, how is my favorite neighbor. How is your leg and ankle?" I called through the screen door.

"Fine, come on in" she invites."thanks for helping me. the ankle is still slightly sore, which is expected. Thanks for your treatment yesterday. How about some ice tea....freshly brewed."

"Sounds great, yes I would love some." I open the door and step in.

Oh, by the way, I just wanted to check with you that I did not get too carried away yesterday with your period." I really enjoy when my lady is in the height of her "femaleness" or "womaness". It's very exciting to me but I also understand a lot of women are either rejected by jerky males who can't appreciate this special event and some woman never gain the opportunity to experience the pleasure of sex with their period."

"Well", she whispers, "that was my first time getting it on during my period and I loved it. It just moved along so natually and I really like the part of you enjoying me being me. Cleaning up after together was fun and cute. I hope we can share each other again like that. Not many guys can get that tuned into their lover that deeply. Being or having that bridge to connect with such depth is special. It's like the difference of making love while you look or cannot look into each others eyes and feel what they are feeling. Wow! how deep is this going?" she smiles and winks. Ahhh... the ice tea! She exclaimes.

She hobbles over the the fridge and gets the pitcher and a couple glasses and returns. Here ya go! Drink up."
As she sits closely across from me and opens her legs enough for me to see her satuated pad. She lifts her injured leg and states, "it is still a little swollen. Check it out."

I grab her by the knee cap and gently bring my hands down to the ankle. Testing the area for soreness. I kind of pinpoint the damage area and return feeling up her leg slowly but with determination. "Do you have any body lotion?", I gulp.

"Oh yes, can you do both legs with the lotion. The skin is so dry" as she requests.

"Of course"! I smile and as I get a hard on immediately my heart and breathing begin to race.

She limps over and gets the lotion and hands it to me. Do a good job as yesterday... will you." she smiles. Now as she leans over and gives me a kiss she grabs my dick. I feel her tongue dive to the back of my mouth and flip around with my tongue and begin to suck on it. She reaches my zipper and releases the great impaler. Oh.. it is streching so rigid and standing so upright. I glop some lotion unto my hand and reach up into her crotch.

She straddles me while maintaining lip contact. My hands are about her ass cheeks wet with lotion with my fingers pressing ito her anus and then quickly moving to feel to her nipples and breasts. She unbuckles my belt and unbuttons my shorts and slides them down past my balls. My dick is free and reaching to the ceiling.

"I'm going to paint your dick." with that she reaches up to her pad and pulls the soak pad from her panties and squeezes her warm juice making it drip warmly onto my shaft. It must of grown another inch. She dribbles the nectar and messages it into my dick. She then lathers my balls as they gain momentum for a blast. She grabs my face and deepens her kiss. She smears her juice over my cheeks and lips and her fresh natural perfume intoxicates me.

She slides my well lubricated head between her cunt lips after pushing the panties to the side. She rubs the opening of my penis head right onto the spear of her clit. Now, with my balls coated, she redirects it to her already expanded entrance and commences to engulf it to the hilt. I feel her cunt clamp down on its continued squeeze and begin milking. She then scopes up some nectar and pinches and grabs my nipples and begins to message her juice unto my chest. I just look into her eyes and feel our souls coming together.

All I remember are four rapid ropes of my cum rocketing into her cervix and then passing out.

Coming back(cuming)to consciousness, I feel her cunt lips sliding along my mouth and lips with her dripping dew. "Hmmm... tastes so good." I questioned, "What did I come over for ...? Other than to check in on you of course". A kiss, a hug and some more???
Did you know of the myth, that if you eat of the menstrual flow of your lover, she will stay within your heart forever? I questioned.

"Here's hoping" She whispers with her delightful smile.
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