Never Be No One But You
**A Gift of Love for the Precious One I Adore**




Your image surrounds me, everywhere I go,
A smile so captivating, it illuminates the depths of my soul,

When first we meet, your aura fills the sky,
Reflections in a mirror, just you and me, lying side by side,

We keep meeting this way, one lifetime after another,
Always too preoccupied, but never forgetting the missing treasure,

Lady of the Wind, whispers your name, such a gorgeous harmonious melody,
Ever seeking to reunite our hearts, loves' virtuous destiny,

The radiance of your eyes, the thrill of your touch,
Your eternal flame, lifes' truest quest,

Never before, forever since, our eyes hold a secret, known only to us,
Words reveal no clue, the seven veils hide no truth, our spirits unite, everlasting lust,

The other side of Eternity, the flip side of Infinity,
This is where I know you From,
Where are we Headed?,
Right Here, Right Now!, the place where ceaseless dreams have just Begun,

Your my Dreamworld, as real as a breath of fresh air,
I simply love the way you style your flaming, whispy, electrifying hair,

It frames the most precious lips, I only need kiss but once, then caress forever,
Let it hurricane on our parade, nothing can defuse the power of a prayer,

You allow me to love you, never ever holding back, always wanting me to stay,
I so love it when our relentless, victorious climaxes carry our breath away,

When your fingernails penetrate my skin,
There's no stoppin', all day, then through the night, 'til the mornin' comes, again and again,

Words resonate from your softly whispering lips, making me wanna' buck, holler and roar,
I crave hearing your breathtaking, sexy, moaning sighs, "More...Oh Yes...Please...Give Me More"...

You're such a precious, uncommon emerald jewel,
Oh, Baby, Baby, Baby, my heart and soul wants yours to know, there can Never Be No One But You...

***********Eternal Loving Affection***********
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