Never Been Here Before
Our eyes lock onto each other the moment we begin undressing. We've been invited to a friends nude swimming party that I surprised myself in accepting. Don't get me wrong, I love to get naked, however it's usually with a single partner. I do enjoy threesomes but only after we've gotten to know each other.

Her eyes penetrate every aspect of my intentions. My eyes become equally intense, what a sexy smile, what a sexy body. I slowly begin untying my colorful Hawaiian shirt cinched across the waist. She slowly mimics the same enticing lure. We both toss the garments aside like a matador flinging his cape alluring the bull to strike.

We begin walking toward each other exaggerating each meticulously slow step. I kick off my sandals, she follows suit. She lowers her florescent magenta bikini bottom, I begin lowering my Hawaiian print swim suit. She begins stepping out of her suit so slowly that her pussy lips cling to the material, she wets her drooling lips, she knows exactly how to tease, I'm loving it!!!

I step out of my suit one leg at a time allowing my cock too flop against my thighs as it lengthens and swells to half mast. The curvature of her tiny breasts accents the hugeness of her bulbous nipples. Her clit begins protruding at the peak juncture of her fabulously swollen labia.

We're now standing face to face, my cock straining to lift upward with every flexing maneuver I can muster. She opens her thighs allowing my cock to press upward into the separation of her moistened pussy lips, then making contact with her clit.

She reaches down wrapping both hands around my shaft. In one motion she slides the foreskin back allowing her clit to stimulate the crown and hood of my cock. She takes great pleasure in sliding back and forth then circling all around the circumference finally culminating in slowly penetrating the opening of the crown with her clit. Pre cum combines with her thick juices as she gently fucks the crown of my cock. My balls sway against her pussy lips as we both augment her penetration with swaying our hips for more stimulation.

As she presses her clit deeper into my cock I thrust forward lifting the tip of my cock upward as she releases the foreskin pushing inward stimulating her labia. We both rock our hips in countering motion increasing the stimulation as her clit drives deeper and deeper. My cock swells out of proportion widening the circumference of the foreskin. She widens her thighs allowing the foreskin to begin penetrating the area between her pussy lips and clit. Her mouth opens, her jaw drops the intensity of stimulation becomes overwhelming. Guttural sounds become louder as her blissful state of arousal heightens.

I feel an orgasm building as we both latch onto each others hips pulling toward each other more and more intensely. Our breathing becomes more intense, she strokes my shaft as if jacking off a pile driver.

All of a sudden she draws her hips back, her clit releasing from my cock. In one continuous motion she hurls the head of my cock into her pussy driving it to the edge of her hand holds around the base of the shaft. She opens her thighs wider, I thrust deeper, her hands let go as I bury my cock so deep in her pussy her body leaps skyward. She lifts up on her toes only to come back down with a driving force that inhales my cock nearly to the hilt. She holds on to my shoulders for support.

We both sense each others timely orgasm. Her downward force causes her knees to buckle, my upward force is augmented by straightening my legs, lifting up on my toes. Our hands raise upward and downward toward our waists allowing us more leverage, maximizing the feverish, penetrating madness we've engaged in.

With long, deep thrusts from both of our insane attempt to reach maximum satisfaction we fuck each other so hard that her pussy lips are following my shaft deep into the inner treasure of her loins. Her clit drags along the entire top portion of my shaft, adding a thrilling sensation. I begin rotating my cock to the right then to the left. She picks up on my intentions and shifts her weight accordingly. Our breathing becomes forcefully intense.

After fifteen minutes of demonstrating to each other how long we can last, we both lose control and hurl ourselves into an orgasmic fit. Our bodies spasm, jolting uncontrollably. All of a sudden she twists around so I can fuck her from the rear. My cock drives deeper as I continue to rotate from side to side. Cum spurts out the sides of my shaft, her pussy lips drip with our combined cum. The lubrication drives us into an uncontrolled frenzy. She forces her hips back as I force mine forward. We hammer each other so hard my balls smack against her belly button. I grab her hips and hurl myself into her pussy as if trying to launch my entire body into hers.

We fuck each other into a sweating ball of cum splattered maniacs, cream dripping down our thighs, legs and ankles, onto the floor. After about a half hour our energy wanes slowly as we finally collapse into a twisted hugging position with my cock buried in her pussy so deep our pelvic bones become fused. We continue to grind our way in rotating directions savoring the orgasmic bliss we both cravingly long for. I reach my fingers into her pussy pulling her engorged clit out so I can grind the base of my shaft against it's protruding length. With each grinding twist our bodies flinch with added stimulation.

As she lays across my chest, our hips constantly rotating so we can stay locked in sustained ecstasy. I lift my thighs forming a cradle for her to straddle one thigh in a scissors position allowing for us to be able to continue gnashing our pelvic bones together in blissful harmony. Her spongy swollen clit feels so enticingly suckable. The sensation arouses my cock to stay hard. I also continue flexing my shaft so she can feel my overwhelming excitement. She's so adept at flexing her cervix we bond together feeling the awesome tightness of each others arousal. Thick creamy cum keeps us sliding in and out one another in a mesmerized state of complete orgasmic ecstasy.

Our eyes meet as she whispers, "Let's do that again."

I smile, her eyes close, then mine as we enter an unconscious stupor...

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