Never Before Experienced Depths of Penetrations
The sounding part of this fantasy is true. The actual size is an exaggeration but I'm working on it! Only wish the rest of it could be true!!!

The woman's anatomy section is also true but slightly exaggerated. Fantasies tend to be that way! I have a swinging partner who's clitoris is no fantasy, it's over seven inches long and three quarter inch in girth with a one inch tapered bulge toward the head.

I completely got off sucking her outrageous clit. No woman I've ever known had a more intense orgasm as her. She was an oral sex maniac and got me off every time she inserted her tongue in the crown of my cock.

(Pictures found in album titled Sounding.)

There are plenty of examples on the web demonstrating these techniques: sounding, fisting, clitoral/cock insertions.

Proper preparation is the key to any and all sexually satisfying sensations.

WARNING: Preparation includes purification!!!

It was only suppose to be an experiment however the intensity of satisfaction created an entirely unanticipated phenomenon.

They found themselves alone in the coed side of a shower. Everyone else had gone home. It was their turn to close up their swingers party house after a weekend of soaring intimate relations.

She was amazed at the way he inserted his entire middle finger into the opening of his crown after drawing back the monstrous foreskin covering it's massive hood.

"Mind if I watch you? I've never ever seen anything like that."

"Feel free. I started using a sounding technique years ago. I had this craving desire to find out if fucking my own cock would somehow replicate the ecstasy a woman feels while experiencing a deep penetrating orgasm."

"I'm glad I met you. I've had the same cravings, wondering if fucking a guys cock with my clitoris would somehow replicate how a guy feels in the orgasmic throws of deep thrusting intercourse."

As she keeps talking he notices her clit emerging from between massively low hanging, flowery pussy lips. Her hands begin stroking her lips then her clit. Sparkling juices flow as her clitoris elongates into a massive erection.

"I can't believe how easy your middle finger slides in completely to it's fullest depth. How large a sounding rod have you been able to insert?""

"I've reached the size of a one inch ball end diameter rod that tapers to an inch and a half at a nine inch depth. I can only use it when my cock is completely flaccid. I'm working my way up to being able to use a taper up to a two inch diameter at twelve inches of length."

"How long have you been able to stretch your cock while it's flaccid?"

"I've been able to reach twelve inches with a one inch rod but so far I've only reached eleven with the one and a half. K Y gel helps elongating a flaccid penis."

She begins stroking her clit the way he loves jacking himself off. Then he wonders how she would feel if he jacked her off.

"That's one amazing clitoris. How big does your clit get when you stroke it like that?"

"I've gotten as big as seven to eight inches long with an inch and a half inch diameter. Right now it feels as if it's growing bigger than I've ever felt before."

"Any chance you might enjoy fucking my cock with your clit?"

"Thought you'd never ask. Bet my clit would become way more swollen if you jacked me off. Would you like that?"

"You bet I would."

As he jacks her off her juices begin to emerge and flow freely. Her body melts into a blissful relaxed state of ecstasy.

His cock presses between her butt cheeks then up against her anal sphincter. He begins sliding up and down feeling her sphincter tighten then relax.

"You put me in a state of complete satisfaction. Now I want to do the same for you."

He holds his flaccid cock out cradling it in both hands. She inserts the tip of her clit into the head of his cock while her juices flow providing plenty of lubrication.

His cock begins swelling as she presses slowly inward. The sensation overwhelms him as he looses control of any remaining flaccid looseness.

She feels his cock becoming erect as it comfortably tightens around her clit giving her an amazing complete wrap around fist grip sensation she's never felt before.

Their eyes close as their hips begin thrusting toward each other. Her clit becomes a massive nine inches long comfortably filling the slick inner walls of his cock.

Their hands let go as they both reach for each others shoulders. Her erection holds her steady within his cock as his excitement releases pre cum adding more ease of motion.

As they become more comfortable their hands cup each others breasts. His pectorals are well defined, her breasts are perky hands full of soft blossoming gourds with amazingly long nipples.

Their intensity increases with every thrust. Still they take it slow and easy in order to sustain the blissful sensation of exploring a new found pleasure.

"Oh Wow, now I no longer have to wonder how you guys feel. I don't think I can hold off this next orgasm much longer. Can I explode inside your cock?"

"Go for it. If this is how you gals feel being fucked to the depths of satisfaction then I want you to be my partner any time your heart desires."

"You've got me for as long as you'll have me."

He reaches down grabbing her hips then pulling them toward his to increase the intense sensation he's having.

She wraps her hands around his cock allowing the foreskin to glide smoothly over her clit as she withdraws then thrusts with a little more force each time.

Their breathing becomes erratic as they both moan the pleasure they're engrossed with.

Her intensity increases as she jacks him off harder than he's ever been jacked off. He throws his hips forward allowing her full control.

She fucks his cock into orgasmic submission as their combined juices spray fan like over their entire genitalia. Juices drip off her flowery hanging pussy lips as his swaying cum soaked balls make contact with her anal sphincter then slide upward into a haven of bliss.

She offers to lay him down so she can fuck him the way she loves being fucked with her legs spread wide. However, their positioning doesn't readily allow for this method.

He then lays back offering her the position of taking his cock loosely in her hands and fucking it with all the pleasure filled intensity she's ever dreamed possible.

After experiencing tremendous orgasms her clit and his cock return to a flaccid state. She queries with her eyes for his approval to remain inside his cock with her clit extended full length.

He pulls her hips tightly into his with more than just approval. He continues thrusting while her clit becomes flaccid then begins becoming erect again.

Her body twists and sways with the kind of pleasure seeking thrill of a first time orgasm.

The experience takes them into a realm of sexual pleasure that seeks sustained ecstasy beyond any semblance of ordinary sexual fulfillment.

He adds yet another sensation by wrapping both hands around his cock, squeezing gently but firmly.

She gasps for breath as another orgasm erupts with unanticipated excitement.

Neither one of them remembers falling asleep joined at the hip. However, they are both fully awake to the enjoyment of realizing they spent the night locked together in blissful harmony.

Their bodies tingle with electric like sensations mimicking a sustained orgasm.

"What do you say to a wondrous breakfast, then I have another experiment I'd like you to consider."

"Yes, I'd love to suck your clit into orgasmic bliss."

"You can definitely have that pleasure if I can fuck your cock with my tongue while you suck my clit. I want to taste and feel your cum flow down my throat."

"And then???"

"And then I have a request that while I fuck your cock with my clit you fist my pussy with one hand and my ass with the other."

"May the depths of satisfaction never cease!!!"
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