Never Ending Night
I was young, single, bored and home alone on a Saturday evening, and I didn't know what to do with myself. My friends were all busy or out for the night, so I sighed as I thought to myself," I might as well just go to the bingo hall." I liked playing bingo. It kept my mind occupied. I wasn't getting any sex and I was feeling plagued with sexual frustration. As I got ready to go to the bingo hall, I felt that familiar heat between my legs and thought, "I'd love it if I could hook up with someone tonight."

I showered and did my makeup, put on a lacy push-up bra and a skimpy thong, and then I put on a tight form fitting low-cut top, tight faded jeans and a wide black belt, all which nicely enhanced my firm breasts, flat tummy and rounded derriere. I adorned my ears with large hoop earrings and found a
nice bracelet for my right wrist, my watch for my left wrist, and then tucked my pant legs into a pair of black knee high, 4-inch heeled leather boots. I loved dressing up sexy, even when going to a non-sexy place like the bingo hall.

Giving myself the once-over in the mirror, I thought, "Hmm, not bad...not bad at all." I slipped on a short leather jacket, strapped my handbag over my shoulder and headed out the door to catch the 8:15 bus for the bingo hall.

Upon my arrival, I saw the usual people, a lot much older than me, and a guy (much more my age) I had seen there once or twice before that I thought was attractive but never got around to meeting him.

After a couple of games, that attractive guy surprised me when came over to me, smiled and asked, "How's your luck going tonight?"

"Ah, it could be better, and you?" smiling with a reply.
He smiled and said, "You know how it is. You win some, and you lose some. My name's Russell. Friends call me Russ."

"Well, it's nice to meet you...Russ," I replied and shook his outstretched hand. "I'm Beth," I added as I looked him over. He was taller and nicer looking up close with his dark hair that was combed straight back.

He asked if he could join me and I answered, "Sure, why not?"

He sat beside me and we made small talk as we played a couple of more rounds, and then I said, "I've seen you here before."

He replied, smiling, "I've seen you too, but I never got your attention."

I replied, "Well, you have it now."

"Good." He winked at me. "Would you like to grab a coffee at the coffee shop down the street?" "Sure," I answered after a moment of pause. "I've had enough bingo for one night." We left the bingo hall and got into his car and drove to the quaint coffee shop a couple of blocks away. We sat inside and had a cup while we talked, and when we were ready for a refill, Russ asked,
"How about we take the next one to my place. I live on the side street over there," pointing out the window to a street a few stores down. "Sounds good," I answered while thinking to myself as I felt more heat building between my legs, "I hope he wants to fuck me, I really need it tonight!"

We pulled into the driveway of a small nearby house, and Russ told me as we got out of the car, "I hope you don't mind, but this is my mom's house. I can't afford renting a place right now, but I have a nice private setup in the basement."
"No, I don't mind," I answered, thinking that right now the back seat of his car would have been good enough for me. He walked me around to the side door of the house and led me down the stairs to a nicely kept, one bedroom basement apartment. I took off my jacket and he hung it up for me while I walked over to the couch. He sat down beside me and said, "I couldn't help noticing you at the bingo hall the last couple of times I went. I'm glad I finally got to meet you."

"I replied, smiling, "I noticed you as well, but I didn't think you liked me."

"Oh, I think you're very attractive, and sexy. I always noticed the way you look, the way you dress, the way you walk. I really like what you're wearing tonight, those boots and that tight top and jeans look great on you. Were you ever a model?" he asked, putting his hand lightly on my leg as the nervous sexual tension between us was beginning to build. "Well, thanks for the compliments, but no, I was never a model, although I did win a bikini contest once," I added, smiling at him. "I'm sure that was easy for you. You have a great figure and a beautiful face. And I like your full lips!" he added.

I smiled seductively at him when he commented about my lips. "Thank you again, Russ. I'm glad you are so attracted to me. I haven't gotten many compliments like that in a while." "Oh, I could compliment you all night, Beth. You look fantastic, so beautiful and sexy," he said and then he made his move and kissed me softly.

"Well, I love your flattery," I teased, smiling shyly at him. I took another sip of my coffee, put the cup down on the table and then moved closer to him and initiated another kiss. He put his arm around me and we moved into a long, deep, tongue teasing kiss. Russ began caressing my tits as we kissed, and I moaned at his touch while feeling my pussy beginning to throb. "I love your kisses baby," he told me. "You have hot lips!"

"I love yours also," I murmured, and feeling how hard my heart was beating, I confessed with a passionate quiver in my voice, "I love to kiss. It turns me on so much!" By now, Russ knew that he had the green light to go the distance with me, and to assure him of it while kissing deeply and fondling each other, I ran my hand down over his hard cock that was swelling through his pants. "Mmm, I feel such a big lump down there," I hissed against his ear. In response, Russ grabbed my hand and said," Come with me baby!" He led me to his bedroom and we kissed passionately in the doorway, and I smiled widely at him while he watched with anticipation as I stepped away from him and slowly began undressing.

I unzipped and took off my boots and removed my socks, undid my belt, pulled, my top off over my head, and unzipped and pulled down and took off my jeans. I smiled sexily at him as I reached back and undid my bra, and with a flick of my thumbs I pulled down the shoulder straps and quickly removed it, proudly showing him my firm, perky breasts and big brown nipples. I then pulled the thong down my legs and stepped out of it to complete my strip tease. He was now smiling with lust in his eyes as he looked at me. He took his time lusting over my shapely body. I walked over to his bed, giving him a good look at my ass as I turned

"Wow, what a bod! So fuckin' hot!" Russ said, gasping and smiling. "Thank you Russ, I knew you wanted to see me naked, and I didn't want to keep you waiting," I replied teasingly while I waited at the side of the bed for him. I sat on the side of the bed when Russ took off his shirt, kicked off his shoes and socks, and then his pants, leaving a sizable tent poking through his boxers. "I knew you wanted to see me naked too," Russ replied as he dropped his boxers.

"Wow, you have a big cock, honey!" I exclaimed as my eyes grew large over the sexy sight of his manhood jumping free of his boxers. He pushed me down on the bed and we kissed and fondled each other madly and passionately, caressing and exploring what each other had to offer.

"I love your body, hot and sexy!" Russ said excitedly as he began to suck my tits and finger my wet pussy. And as he pleasured me this way, I stroked his cock, feeling it growing even stiffer in my hand. "Great tits baby, so big and firm!" he exclaimed, "Oh yeah! Your pussy is so it. I love everything about you!"

Feeling how hot and juicy my pussy was getting around his finger, I told him, "I love to be licked. I think oral is the best form of foreplay." "Oh yeah!" he replied, "I love to eat pussy, and I love having my cock sucked babe. I can't wait to see
your gorgeous lips wrapped around my cock!" "Oh, you will get that, no problem. I really love doing that," I assured him, "but I'd really love for you to lick my pussy first. I need it so bad!"

I stretched out sideways on the bed and Russ moved to the floor, kneeling at the side of the bed. His mouth was salivating at the sight of my shaved, wet pussy when he knelt between my legs. My body jumped a little and I moaned as he began to lick and suck my pussy lips first, and I squirmed when he slipped a finger in my hot hole and trained his tongue on my swollen clit. His tongue flicked my clit fast and I moaned and shook continuously as he licked and fingered me.

"Oh baby! That's so good, oh my god, oh my god. Yes," I groaned and hissed. "Oh yeah, don't stop. Don't stop. Oh yes, Oh yes! Lick my pussy baby!" He kept licking me and I felt myself coming over and over, drenching his lips, his nose, and his chin with my hot, sweet juices.

"I love your pussy baby. Yummy!" he said and continued licking my horny gash.

He was driving me to my wits end and I had to make him stop before he drove me completely out of my mind. I said as I gently pushed his face from my crotch, "Oh that was great honey. I love it, but it's your turn now. Let me suck that big cock!" Russ gave my pussy one more lick before he stood up. He leaned down to kiss me and let me taste my juices on his lips before he settled beside me on the bed. We kissed some more and I sat up and kissed and licked his nipples, ran my tongue down his chest, then licked my way down over his belly and licked the tip of his cock the moment I reached it. I looked to his face to see his reaction, then opened my mouth wide and wrapped my full lips around his big, sexy cock and began sucking it. I heard Russ moan and felt him twitch and shake as I worked my lips, tongue and mouth on his thick, hard cock.

I paused a few moments later to admire his manhood. "Oh my god, look at your big, sexy hard on!" I exclaimed. "Wow!" I breathlessly added, feeling my desire rising as I stroked it with my fingers. "All for you baby. I'm glad you like!" he happily replied. "Oh, I don't like it," I paused to say, "I love it! I love the size and shape. You are so big and thick, and oh so sexy! I love your balls too," I went on to say before I cupped his hefty nuts in my hand and firmly but gently massaged them.

He liked it even more when I used my tongue on his balls and then ran my tongue up and down his shaft, and then back up again to swirl my tongue around the swollen head of his cock. I kissed, licked and flicked my tongue on it some more, then took his cock deep into my mouth and sucked it passionately, running my tongue on the underside of his thickly veined shaft as I drew it deeply into my salivating mouth. Russ ran his hands over my soft skin and felt my tits as he watched me devouring his cock.

"Mmm fuck, that's great head baby. Let's sixty-nine, I want to taste your hot pussy again!" he begged me. "Mmm, I love a sixty-nine!" I replied, taking his hard cock back into my mouth as I swung my ass over his face and planted my hot, wet pussy onto his eager mouth. He grabbed the cheeks of my ass and squeezed them while he licked my pussy again. I moaned all over his cock as he licked and sucked my clit again, and added even more pleasure to my already heightened excitement when he rubbed his thumb against my anus. Then he moved his head up and licked my rim, then pointed his tongue and pushed it though my tight bud. I literally went cross-eyed as I felt his tongue making its way inside my tight butt-hole.

"Ohhh, that feels so good, I've never had that done before!" I cried out delightfully. "So, you like having your ass hole licked, baby?" he asked. "Mmm, I like having everything licked!" I gladly responded and took his hard, tasty cock back into my mouth. I squeezed his legs while I sucked and licked his cock, taking it deep into my hungry mouth and sucking up and down hard and fast as we got more passionate with our actions. I heard him moan as I sucked him and he made me twitch and shake as he licked my pussy and ass. I felt his hands on my body, caressing my ass and reaching down to tweak my aching nipples.

"Beth, you give great head, baby," he said to me when he came up for air. "You're so fuckin' good!"

"I love pleasuring a man this way, honey!" I replied honestly as I paused from sucking him. "I always loved doing it, and you have such a big beautiful hard cock, I can't wait to feel it in me!" I sucked his cock some more, alternating drawing it deep into my mouth and then flicking my tongue on the tip. The sounds of sucking and licking filled the bedroom as we continued to sixty-nine for several more minutes. Russ was relentless about flicking his tongue on my hard clit and running his hands all over my body. I could not take it any longer.

"Fuck me baby! I want to feel your big cock in me!" I pleaded after popping his cock from my mouth. I pulled myself off him, gave his cock several more deep sucks, and then I lay back on the bed and spread my legs wide. He read the lusty look of anticipation written on my face as I laid in wait to feel his hard cock sinking into my hot pussy. Russ knelt between my legs and took his well-sucked cock glistening with my saliva into his hand, rubbed my clit with the head of it, and then pushed his thick, swollen, purplish mushroom slowly into my hot, wet pussy.

"Oh. Mmm, oh yes," I gave way with a grunting cry while grabbing hold of his shoulders and lifting my legs from the bed and drawing them back in taking him as I felt his long thick shaft pressing deeper into my wet aching cunt. He fucked me slowly at first, allowing my pussy to stretch comfortably around his cock, and then he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer and began to fuck me steadily. It was a beautiful moment for me, moaning and grunting and moving my hips in rhythm with his thrusts. It was like dirty dancing on the sheets of the bed as I tightened my pussy around his cock and grinded against him while he fuck me deep and hard.

When I felt Russ's balls slapping against my bottom, I grabbed his back and dug my fingernails into his flesh and held on tightly. He grabbed my ass and pulled me higher, then reached down to suck my tits as he fucked me. My tits were bouncing nearly up to my chin as he fed more energy into pounding my hot wet pussy, giving me every bit of his thick, hard cock with every thrust.

"Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh," I cried out with each hard driven thrust of his cock. "Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, Fuck me baby. Oh yeah, yes, yes," I screamed out in passion.

The headboard of the bed banged steadily against the wall as Russ pounded his cock as hard as he could into me, and then he grabbed my ass all the tighter.

"I'm gonna cum baby. Oh yeah, this is so fuckin' hot!" he screamed out.

"Oh yeah baby, cum for me honey. Let me have your hot cum," I moaned in response. He kept pounding his hard cock into me, and then he stiffened and grunted like an animal and I suddenly felt the hot surges of his cum filling my pussy. "Oh yes, honey. Oh yes, oh baby, yes!" I cried out in feverish delight as I felt his hot cum turning my pussy into a cream pie.

He continued to pump me with his cock, then pulled it out and straddled me, and I eagerly took his still hard cock into my mouth and sucked his cum that still dribbled from the end of it

"Yeah, that's it baby, get every drop. Drain me!" he told me as he watched me sucking him clean.

His cum was sweet to my taste buds as I passionately sucked his spent cock, pulling every drop that he had left in his balls and swallowing it all. I finally freed his beet red tip from my mouth and he collapsed beside me. His heart was pounding as hard as mine was when he put his arm around me and kissed me deeply. We kissed some more, sweating and panting as the smell of our sex filled the room. I ran my hand down his chest, feeling his still pounding heart. "Oh my god, baby, that was great! Wow, I'm still shaking! I exclaimed.

"I've wanted to fuck you since the day I first saw you. I always hoped I'd get the chance," he told me. "Beth, you're so great, you are a fantastic fuck!"

"So are you, honey, and you can fuck me anytime!" I exclaimed through my still growing excitement. "I'll give you my number, just call me and I'll find a way to hook up with you." Russ laughed when he saw how excited I was over him. "That's what I wanted to hear baby." "I hoped so," I replied as I lay back, feeling my pussy still tingling as I nestled into his arms. "Can you stay the night?" he asked. "Gee, I thought you'd never ask," I answered with a giggle.

"That's fuckin' great!" Russ replied and kissed me. "I want to fuck you again tonight," he said with a wink.

"Oh god yeah, you're my kind of man!" I responded with a big grin. "I want to do it again too," I exclaimed as I got onto my knees and hovered over him, giving his lips a sweet kiss while my tits dangled against his chest. We kissed deeply with our tongues flicking deep into each other's mouths, and then I looked down and saw that Russ's cock was getting hard again.

"Oh my god, Russ. Your cock is hard again already!" I said as I stroked his rising member. "Mmm, I love your cock baby; it's so big, and you are still as horny as I am." I then knelt between his legs and began licking his tasty nuts, and then I took his hard cock into my mouth and sucked it hard and fast. Russ gasped and shook as he watched me suck his cock. "Oh yeah, suck my cock baby. I can't get enough of that!" I paused and looked at him. "I'll suck your cock anytime you ask!" I answered surely, and then I wrapped my full lips around it and sucked and licked it some more.

After a few more sucks I leaned over and kissed him as I stroked his precious member, keeping it alive. He smiled at me and told me to lie back, and he straddled my torso and put his hard cock between my tits. I pushed them together, letting him fuck my titties to his delight. "Oh yeah, you have such nice big firm tits babe, this feels so good. "It feels good to me too," I replied and flicked my tongue on the tip of his cock as it slid up to my chin. "I'm glad we're so good in bed together."

"We're great in bed together. I'm getting used to you baby, and fast," he said as he moved his hard cock back and forth through the deep, soft cleavage of my breasts. He then pulled his cock from my tits and put it to my lips.

I opened my mouth and eagerly took it in and sucked it hard and fast. I propped my head up on the pillows and gobbled his hard cock as he fucked my hot mouth, shamelessly making loud slurping sounds as I sucked him hard and took his cock deep into my mouth. He watched me hungrily devouring his cock with amazement pouring from his eyes until he pulled his cock from my puffy lips, grabbed my thighs and spread my legs wide and quickly slid his hot member into my wet, creamy cunt. I closed my eyes, arched my chest and moaned as I felt every inch of my new-found lover entering me, and joy filled every fiber of my body. I was literally on cloud 9.

"Oh my god, yeah, I love the feel of your big hard cock so deep inside my pussy!"

My arms encircled his back and my legs climbed his hips, and I bucked his hard muscled ass with the heels of my feet. "Oh fuck me baby! Give me that big hard fuckin cock!" I cried out joyfully as he began fucking me hard and deep once again.

Russell gasped and took a deep breath as he settled in and drove himself deep and steadily into my hot wet pussy as my hips and pelvis moved in rhythm with his thrusts. "Oh yeah baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Your cock feels so good. Oh yes, yes, yes!" I cried out as he pounded my pussy deeply.

I felt my orgasm rising, my body tensing, my head beginning to spin out of control, my thoughts going in every direction, and I ran off my rails like a high speed train wreck as my body bucked with overwhelming spasms.

I screamed loud enough to wake the dead. "Oh! God, oh god! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!" Russ lowered his head and muffled my screams with his mouth covering mine. I knew that this was not going to be anything quick and I continued to scream into Russ's mouth as I came. It seemed like I truly entered the gates of heaven. I thought I'd never stop coming! But when I finally did come back to earth, Russ didn't give me the slightest moment to catch my breath. He grunted and groaned as he kept driving his hard cock into my wet juicy pussy, fucking me wildly, slamming his nuts against my bottom.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah. This is so good! I can't get enough of you!" he graveled as he fucked me hard and fast. "You pussy feels so good baby!" "Oh yeah baby, I love your big hard cock. I love getting fucked like this!" gasping in reply. He kept fucking me as hard as he had for the past half an hour, his balls slapping against me, both of us sweating and panting, shaking the bed we rode on and banging the headboard against the wall. "Slap those big balls against me honey! Mmm, I love it!" I cried out. He grunted loudly, splitting me with every bit of strength he had, then pounded me against the sheets as he felt himself beginning to cum.

I dug my fingernails into his back and my body shook as I felt Russ's flood of cum filling my pussy a second time, and this time I came with him. He pumped every drop into me with his cock buried as deeply as he could go. Sweat dripped from his face and the sweat of both our bodies mixed together.

We lingered in a hot, sweaty kiss, and then he pulled out and got off of me, moaning and gasping as he lay beside me, panting and sweating as I was. "Oh my god baby, oh wow, I never been fucked so good in my life!" I said as we both tried to catchour breath. He smiled at me and said, "I can't get enough of you babe, and there is more where that came from.I want to fuck you all night long!" "Oh my god," I gasp. "You are a regular fucking machine! I don't know if I can keep up with you!"

At that point of time I got up from the bed, still tingling and quivering as I wobbled my way to the bathroom to clean up. I was having the best night of my life, and yet, he was still promising me of more to come. I washed my face and wiped the sweat from my body with a wash cloth, and cleaned my pussy the best I could while I was at it. I found a hair brush and brushed my hair until it looked presentable once again.

When I re-entered the bedroom 10 minutes or so later, Russ was lying on the bed watching me as I came back to his bed and he said as he admired my naked body, "Beth, you're so sexy baby. You are the definition of a wet dream! What a hot, sexy woman you are! I nearly blushed over his flattering comments and I said, "Well, thank you honey. I'm flattered and I don't know what to say." "You don't have to say anything. Just believe me when I say a lot of men would gladly line up to have a turn with you! And I bet you can teach them all a thing or two," he replied. I laughed over his comment as I slipped down on the bed beside him and said, "I don't need men lining up for it when I have someone as good as you. If you lasted five more minutes fucking me the way you had, I might had died from a heart attack! Not a bad way to go, I must confess.

We laughed and sank into a long deep kiss, caressing each other's bodies and then he moved to my tits and as he sucked my nipples his cock began stirring again. "Oh my god! Really? Oh wow!" I exclaimed with delightful shock as I stroked his cock and felt it rising. "Oh yeah baby, you make it that way. I can't get enough of you, you turn me on so much!" he
responded as I stroked him.

"I can't get enough of you either. I love your big, beautiful hard cock!" I moaned as I got on my knees between his legs and kissed and licked the big round mushroom several times, pointed my tongue and licked his slit, then took it into my mouth again, sucking it quickly, then licked his balls and ran my tongue up his shaft before taking as much as I could into my mouth. I sucked him deep and hard, making Russ gasp and moan while I serviced his delicious throbbing meat.

I sucked him steadily and deeply for a few minutes more. His cock was red and rock hard and he told me, "I'm going to do you from behind this time." I moaned with delight as I got on all fours for him, letting my sexy round ass beckon his approach as he knelt behind me and guided his hard cock onto my wet canal to fuck me for the third time in one night.

"Oh my god, I love how deep your cock fills my pussy!" I cried out as I felt him drive his full length into me once again. "Ah, mmm, yes, yes, I love it from behind! Fuck me anyway you want baby!" He held my hips as he fucked me doggie style, driving his cock deeply into me, slowly and steadily in and out like a well-lubed piston. And then he fucked me faster as he caressed and held my ass tightly, making my dangling tits swing back and forth in rhythm of his thrusts.

"Oh, oh, oh, baby, oh, oh, oh, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. Fuck me baby! Oh, this is so good! Oh, fuck!" I sang out with pleasure-filled cries as he drove his cock into me. He fucked me this way for a few minutes more, making my heart pound through my chest, and then I said, "Let me ride you, baby I want to ride your big boner!" Russ pulled out and laid back on the bed, his hard cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. My eyes smiled at him as I took his cock into my mouth again and gave it a few quick sucks. I then got on top of him and guided his cock into my hot pussy.

He held my waist as I leaned down and kissed him, letting my nipples graze over his chest as I came down on his cock and he pushed it up deeply into my hungry cunt. He kept his feet flat on the bed and his legs arched to drive his cock up into me. "Oh my god, I love jumping your bone!" I cried out as I rode his hard cock. "Mmm, I love feels so good!" I leaned down again and lent him my lips and we locked into a long deep kiss as I kept riding his big cock with my hands holding his shoulders tightly. He held onto my waist as we fucked in rhythm and I dangled my tits over his face, letting him capture my nipples between his lips every chance he got.

The bed creaked loudly like the bolts that held it together were coming apart, and the sheets were wet with our sweat and crumpled from our long night of sex. The air in the room was filled with the smell of sweat, pussy, and cum, and it drove our senses wild to fuck each other all the harder. We grunted and moaned as we fucked each other, both tiring but continuing as long as we could.

Russ thrashed his hips under me, driving his cock steadily up into me, smiling at me as I looked down at him, kissing me quickly as he felt and saw the expression on my face that I was going over the edge again. Then not being able to take anymore after having another mind-blowing orgasm, I got off of him and took his cock into my mouth, panting as I sucked it hard and fast until...with a loud grunting moan, he shot his hot load of cum into my waiting mouth.

"Mmm, that was so delicious," I purred after swallowing it down and licking my lips. I then cuddled up to him on the bed until we both stopped panting and sweating. We kissed and then we both got up and cleaned up and came back to the bedroom. We straightened out the sheets and crawled between them for a sound sleep that lasted until noon the next day.

I could go on and on about this guy, but as with most all of my stories, it is always the first time around that I like the best.
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