Never In A Million!!!
I never thought this bizarre experience was ever possible. I was wrong!!!

I've been into the swinging scene from the start (1960's). I enjoy sexual relations with many girlfriends I've met over the years.

Although I've heard about shemales/tranny's or what I prefer to refer as women with well endowed male anatomy, I've never met someone until now.

Her sexy voice breaks the sound of the shower while I rinse off.

"Can I join you?"

"Feel free. Be right with you."

"No hurry, I'll be here all night."

She hands me a towel and while I clear my eyes she's fondling my cock about ready to suck it after drawing the foreskin back and stroking my shaft.

"You feel like letting me have my way with you tonight? I crave guys with massive cocks."

As my eyes focus on the most erotically gorgeous creature on the planet my mouth forms words I'm not in control of.

"You can have your way with me as you wish for as long as you wish."

As I'm trying to figure out if this is a dream or just an illusive imagination on steroids she introduces herself.

"Hi, I'm Shandra. Angie told me to look you up."

Angie's my all time steady sex partner. We've been together for over forty years. We joined a swinging club back in the '60's and have had the greatest sexually orgasmic filled life style imaginable.

Recently, Angie told me about Shandra. Said I'd be amazed at finally meeting a girl with enormous male genitalia. Something I've had a really quirky desire to experience.

Her body is a sculptured work of art. She's from Senegal, Africa. Her skin is radiant jet black, blue eyes, long black hair, massive tits and nipples so long they look like flaccid cocks.

"Angie said you're probably the most accepting person she's ever known. So, I wonder if you could accept my outrageous anatomy."

"I've been wanting to meet a woman with massive male anatomy. I've had this secret desire to suck other cocks besides my own but nothing has felt right, yet. Seeing your well endowed features I'm hungry to share tonight with you."

"If we hit it off may I invite myself to stay with you all weekend?"

"Why do I get the feeling that we're sharing the same thoughtful desires?"

"Because we are. Is it possible to get into one of these cabins. I'm so turned on I want to suck your cock while you suck mine for openers. Then we can take it from there."

"I stay here regularly and have my own cabin. Right this way."

Shandra and I are so eager to get it on we fondle each others cocks while sharing kisses all the way to the cabin.

I carry her through the doorway with her cock in my mouth while she strokes my cock from above. Our pre cum is quite plentiful.

We make it to a waterbed where we immediately assume an erotic dual oral position with our legs sprawled out so we can raise and lower our bodies in rhythm to the waves created by our intense oral sucking, stroking, thrusting penetrations.

Her foreskin is enormous, the crown of her cock a massive grapefruit sized monstrosity with a fist size opening.

"Your amazing cock is so huge I can barely suck half your crown. The taste of your pre cum is a pure heaven sent treasure of sweetness."

"I thought my foreskin was huge but Rod, you've got me beat. I love the gaping opening in your crown. My tongue'll do wonders with your cock."

"You already have. I haven't been this close to an orgasm in such a short time for years."

Just then Shandra's body bucks and twists with an orgasmic release that floods my mouth and covers my chest.

While she's pouring cum all over my body I erupt with an outrageously enormous burst of cum that shoots four feet in the air landing between her tits forming a puddle of juicy white liquid.

"I sure want to suck your cock but your so huge It's impossible. My tongue will hopefully satisfy any quest for orgasmic pleasure."

"The way you use your tongue is plenty intense for me. You tongue-fuck my crown and head so deep I couldn't hold back that orgasmic rush. Rod, I have a special request if you'll be so accepting."

While we enjoy the result of our first orgasm Shandra asks, "Would you fuck my cock with your cock?"

"I've had the pleasure of docking cocks with several friends but never imagined the possibility of fucking another cock."

"Angie told about a dream where you were fucking a black woman's cock after which you expressed the desire to meet her."

"That's right. I woke up fucking Angie instead with visions of her as a black woman with an enormous cock."

"Wanna give it a go?"

"You bet I do. It really has been a kinky desire of mine even though I thought it completely impossible."

"Well, here's your kinky, quirky desire come true."

We begin to fondle each others cocks. I lick her creamy hooded crown in circular sweeps with intermittent penetration into her larger than life crown opening.

She pulls my foreskin back and slides her middle finger into my crown. Then she inserts her dragon tail-like tongue and fucks deeper and deeper.

I insert my tongue in her crown and we both tongue fuck each other in unison. Pre cum again oozes out.


"Let's do it."

She grabs my shaft with both hands and I follow her lead. We both draw our foreskins back.

Instantly she draws my crown into hers. We fit so well it feels as if we've done this before.

She pulls me in deeper without hesitation. I thrust deeper. Then we switch hand holds.

She positions her shaft in such a way that I can thrust deep and hard. I take it slow even though there's no resistance.

"Wow, your cock is so lusciously tight shall I go deeper."

"Go as deep as possible and lets both thrust slow at first just to feel the warmth of our new home."

So we set up an unusual rhythm with the waterbed aiding in apposing thrusts.

"Go for it Rod, I'm ready. Fuck me harder with each thrust."

Shandra pulls out all the stops and we go for it as if this is what we've been seeking forever. Her cock is an amazing vessel of pleasure and she's loving every thrusting penetration.

The head of my cock swells into an awesome pear shaped spectacle.

I reach the full length of my cock so I thrust harder so that her crown presses hard into my pelvic bone.

"Do that again Rod. Keep doing it. What a sensation. I'm going to cum again. Fuck me Rod, as hard as you can."

I send every shock wave of depth defying penetration into her cock. The walls of her shaft bellow out as the hooded crown of my cock blasts it's way to the depths of infinity.

We both reach an orgasmic level of excitement and just blast off by fucking each other so hard our bodies feel like their a volcanic flame bursting fire ball erupting out of control.

We continue for an hour longer slowing down gradually until all our cum is practically spent.

We lay there with my cock fully penetrating hers. She strokes her foreskin over my shaft and hers. The sensation is so soothing it's an orgasmic rush.

We both wrap our hands around our combined inner and outer shafts and stroke our way to another orgasm.

I lean into her tits and suck her enormous cock like nipples. Her body twists softly to the soothing sucking licks I provide.

I swallow each nipple one after the other.
They begin to become erect. I suck harder. They become more erect. I can suck each one past my glottis down my throat. She quivers ecstatically.

"Keep sucking Rod. That feels outrageously orgasmic. Your cock still feels hard inside mine. Go ahead and fuck me if you like. Hope Angie told you how multi-orgasmic I am."

"She did. You and I have such similar traits. I want to keep fucking you for as long as you wish."

"Let's just follow our instincts all night."

"Sounds ever so appealing to me. I'm so glad we finally got together."

"So am I. Wait 'til Angie gets back. She'll want to join us for sure."

"I can't wait. She always has something new to explore sexually. I already know what she wants from both of us."

"I do too. She wants us to fulfill her craving desire for massive double penetration."

"She's been after me to have a friend join us. Now we surely know who that friend is."

"I love the way she enjoys every orgasm to the fullest. We'll surely join her in that aspect."

"You bet."



"Let's just slowly fuck each other all night. I'm really getting off on having your cock inside mine."

"Sure glad you said that. It's been my goal from the start. I really love your nipples sliding down my throat."

"If my cock gets sore inside would you fuck my ass?"

"Only if you'll fuck my ass. It's been waiting for the likes of you for a long time."

"How much can you take?"

"I've been exercising with a sixteen inch cock four inches wide."

"Can I fuck you right now. I've been dying to fuck someone that deep."

"Would you suck my cock while your fucking my ass?"

"I'd be delighted too. It'll be pure ecstasy."

Shandra and I get into a face to face position. Using plenty of anal lubricant She gently fits her crown into my anal sphincter and begins thrusting deeper and deeper.

Her cock feels so tight yet the way she thrusts and withdraws with twisting rotations it's so pleasurable I'm almost ready to climax again.

She takes hold of my cock and strokes it with both hands then pulls back the foreskin and sucks my crown placing her teeth behind the hood of my crown.

She pulls forward with her teeth and dives her tongue into my crown opening. I go wild with the combined feeling of being fucked anally and being sucked intensely.

We trade positions all night long becoming so consumed in a fucking sucking frenzy we're lost in sexual insanity. Finally we collapse as the sun breaks the horizon.

My cock is so swollen I can't withdraw it from Shandra's cock. The massive bulge of my crown won't slide passed her enormous head.

"It's alright Rod, just thrust deeply all the way forward and stay inside me. We'll become flaccid then we can separate but for now let's enjoy being locked together."

"My cock feels as if it's going to burst loose with another fountain of cum."

"Go for it. My cock is so vibrantly on fire you could fuck me into an orgasmic stupor."

We reach that awesome sensation where our bodies feel as if they're experiencing an infinitely sustained orgasm.

This is a thrill beyond compare. All that's missing is Angie.

"Shandra, I still can't believe the size of your cock or how tight it feels yet you can take me on so comfortably."

"It's a secret I'll share with you and Angie as soon as she returns."

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