Never Learned His Name
I was working at the store till closing. Bored out of my mind, leafing through a magazine, I never heard him come in. I didn't know I wasn't alone till he touched my hand on the counter.

I looked up in shock, not from not knowing he was there, it was from the way my body responded to his hand touching mine. It was like a lover kissing me, turning me on in a heart beat. I stared at the hottest, darkest eyes, his smile, it was like he saw me naked already. His lips brushed the back of my hand. He turned, went back to the door, my hand tingled from his kiss. Long wavy dark hair, touching his broad shoulders. He turned the cardboard sign around in the window, saying the store was closed. Then he locked the door.

My walking behind the counter, him in front, leading him into the back room was like a dream.

I suddenly realized what we were doing while he kissed my lips. His hands cupped my cheeks, so softly. His lips urged mine open, they did, his kiss stole quite a few of my heart beats. He knew exactly how to kiss me, my knees going weak, toes curling.

He removed my red shirt with the company logo above my breast. I had a moment's shyness till I met his eyes again. They were so dark and deep, so powerful and soft. They lit my fire inside me.

I removed my bra, letting it fall to the floor. Stealing more heart beats, his hands touched my breasts. My hard nipples grazing the palms, I felt my wetness in between my legs. He teased me, kissing my whole breast, before sucking my nipple. I was gasping out loud, never knowing how lips could raise my body temperature.

I came as he kissed and sucked my other breast. My body feeling the blissful release. His hands on my hips as he kissed down my body. They tugged my black shorts down, sliding down my legs.

Only for a moment did I register I was completely naked in front of this stranger as my panties whispered down my legs. His lips, kissing my thighs, moving closer to me. I melt in his mouth, pulling him in tighter. His tongue teases me only a moment before licking my clit. My hard nub, licked and sucked on by this stranger. Pleasure through out my body as I came, my hands pulling him in even tighter.

Kissing as he undressed, tasting me, my hands feeling his naked chest. They drop to his cock, hard and long. He moans with me as I stroke it. I drop to my knees, the floor is cold as I suck his cock. Its so big in my mouth, I never guess how big, but it certainly pulsed.

I'm no loner leaning against the desk, he has me in his arms, my legs around his hips. I moan, then cry out as he slides inside me. He's so very hard. I'm fucked fast and hard, orgasms, one after the other have me shaking. My pussy walls squeeze him non stop.

I feel his first blast, hot cum drenches me. I cum again as he shoots more cum into me, a long squirt, then another. His body shakes with mine as he fucks and cums, it seems like forever. I never learned his name, but I think of him a lot.

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