Never Thought It'd Happen Like This ::Part 1::
Never Thought It'd Happen Like This - Part 1

By HotRod and Danika

Dedicated to-My Ultimate Girl/My Ultimate Guy

their kind of love needs no magic,
it's in the way they move, so majestic,
their kind of passion needs no romance,
it's in the way they boogie, the way they dance...

the moon questions the sun, "think we'll ever know that kind of joy?"...
the earth smiles...
the sun embraces the moon, the stars...
the galaxy spirals ever more...

She decides to travel light, 'I'll just buy what I need on Kauai.' She boards the plane at LAX with just a travel pouch. He decides to travel even lighter, 'I'll just live in this swim suit and t-shirt, not that I'll be wearing the t-shirt much anyway'. He boards the same plane.

The expression on their faces is calm, yet there's an intensity waiting to explode. They're seated several rows apart and neither looks directly at the other, yet, that doesn't mean their peripheral vision isn't dancing with speculation. Their physique, the confidence in their stride, and the lack of need to make small talk sets them apart from the other passengers.

His jaw line twitches as he straps on the seat belt. Taut neck muscles disappear into well developed pectorals that reveal an individual who works out every day, and enjoys a physique that once was displayed on a Marine Corps poster. She can't help but notice his hands. She's always been attracted to a man with large handsome hands. His aren't lily smooth, they are calloused from years of hard work. But that's just the way she likes them. Solid evidence of a hard working man.

She flips the hair out of her eyes with a small toss of the head as she tucks her travel pouch under the seat in front of her. Slim, toned arms speak volumes about the importance she places on taking care of herself and staying healthy. Small flashes of light catch his eyes as he examines her ears. Two small diamond studs in each ear and an industrial in her left ear. Wow, he hadn't seen that combination before. He had never been a fan of piercings, but there was just something about her that made the jewelry so arousing.

She's the scarlet image from the depths of his most seductive dreams. She's the girl that he would create if he had all the power in the universe. Until now, the image in his mind might as well be a shooting star lost in space somewhere between the Seven Sisters and Ursa Major. Her hair reflects the sunlight like liquid gold poured from Mt. Olympus itself. Her skin is smooth and real, no makeup on that face. Freckles dance across her nose, revealing the child within.

Out the corner of his eye he catches her elbow gently leaning on the arm rest, her head slightly tilted at the angle that seems to drive all men wild. He holds his head at an angle to see if she looks back. She does, smiling, even as she realizes that he was staring. He smiles and winks - not a come-on wink, simply a look of recognition. He knows the query look in her eyes; it's the mirror image of his own.

Did she just see what she thought she saw? Her fingers quiver with an excitement she thought was only attainable in her dreams. Heat rises between her thighs as her eyes close sloftly, she has the power to create images out of the unquenchable fire in her lustful passion.

Thoughts of lust race through her mind as quickly as her neurons will fire. 'Where is he from? Could this guy be the God, his body is the sculptured essence of all I could ever long for. He's older and sexy and he's the ultimate guy. He looks like a sex god. What am I thinking? I've dated too many guys like this.' Try as she might, she can't just ignore him. Even if he's one of those dangerous guys who take advantage of her, the sex would be worth it.

They are almost afraid to look each other's way as they deplane. Each senses a futility with any sort of pursuit, they go their separate ways.

He watches her body sway through the crowd, delighted with the figure she's proud to share. Her outfit, a baby blue tank top and black mini skirt, reveals a longing desire buried in a fathomless quest, yet to be achieved. His mouth waters, his skin tingles, 'Down boy, stay in your stall'. He can't help but stare at her.

He notices that he's not the only one having trouble keeping is eyes away. He chuckles to himself as he watches young men visibly staring at her and older men glancing again and again. She can stop traffic in an instant, and she knows it. He watches her almost in disbelief as she walks towards the same terminal he's headed for. He weaves through the crowd, hoping that she's headed to Kauai.

Sipping on a mai tai, she comfortably waits at the terminal for a flight from Oahu to Kauai. He nonchalantly leans against a post haphazardly looking at nothing. They struggle for control over their wondering gazes, there's a magnetic attraction both are afraid to pursue. Both are afraid of yet another disastrous failure. Both feel an intensity that begs release.

To go through life never quite finding that elusive compatible companion, seems a futile fate. But then, what's to lose? They've both developed a keen sense of knowing how to cut to the chase. The hunger in their insatiable passion and desire will ultimately lead to a feast of boundless, endless satisfaction, hopefully.

They're the epitome of an unquenchable lustful passion seeking realization. Relationships they've had so far turn up empty, short lived, dissipated. They choose to not let their inner quest be deterred, their display of caution is only noticeable through their recognition of each other's attempt at covering up uncontrollable desires.

For now, they delight in how well their physiques tantalize each other. Her thoughts have him carrying her down Waimea beach, splashing into the surf with playful laughter - the touch of his skin, the power of his muscular build, exciting every nerve in her body. She feels like a feather he could twirl around, throw in the air and have complete control over, sensations he'd love her to get lost in. 'I Wonder if he can ravage my craving desires as long as I can heighten his satisfaction reaching for the stars?'

They board the plane and again, momentarily lose sight of each other. This time, he looks back checking to see how far away she might be. As he twists his neck to look behind him, he's surprised to see that she has taken a seat directly behind him. She winks, he smiles, then he comfortably leans into his seat.

'Wait a minute' he thinks. He spins around and is startled to notice the empty seat next to her. Her supple smile breaks into a flirtatious giggle. He looks at the empty seat, then into her eyes. Her head nods and before her neck can straighten up from the nod, he's twitching, turning and gliding into the empty seat. Two other passengers delight in the scene unfolding.

They pick up on the notion that they're on display; he offers his hand, "Hi, I'm Rod." She gives him a mega watt smile. "I'm Danika, please call me Dani."

Their hands continue holding on to each other even after he settles into the seat. She makes no attempt at letting go. Instinctively, her fingers weave between his and tighten slightly. He feels a desperation well known to his own quest. Their eyes have a piercing gaze that can penetrate cobalt steel. His fingers tighten softly, the engines roar, he reaches over and affixes her seat belt, the back of his hands brushing against her bare waist line, sliding across a belly button ring with an engraved Chinese symbol he doesn't readily recognize. He glances at the inside of her left wrist and notices another Chinese symbol, about one third of the way between her wrist and elbow. However, the ring and the tattoo are soon forgotten as he gazes at her soft, inviting skin.

The mere touch of his hand on her skin releases an uncontrollable lightning bolt of sensation throughout his body. He reaches for a magazine to lay on his lap, covering the spontaneous excitement bulging through his swim suit. She laughs, delighting in the knowledge of her effect on him. His eyes roll in embarrassment, then a smile that signals, 'Alright, so I'm only human, but I sure admire your essence'.

Then his eyes seriously scan her luscious petite frame. The thoughts occur, 'I'll bet I could pick her up with one hand,' the image in his mind consumes his every thought, picturing her legs wrapping around his ears and her essence comforting his mouth. 'Just what I crave... stop it, she's not looking for a lover, she's just being polite...'

The air conditioning on this plane is overwhelming. She signals a stewardess for blankets and a pillow. The polite stewardess has a hidden agenda dripping from her smile, "It's warmer in the back of the plane, feel free to stretch out, it's only a forty-five minute flight".

Dani looks at him with a frightening seductive passion, lips twitch with an aching longing to be taken softly to a place where bliss engulfs ecstasy. In a few short steps, they're making themselves a nest of comfort, hidden in a corner behind a cabinet. As if rehearsed for a movie, he rolls onto his back covering two seats. They're still holding hands with an assurance of belonging together for life, a sense of fright erupts and then wanes as their eyes meet in total unity of thought.

A gentle nudge and she melts into his rigid frame. He pulls a blanket over their silhouette. Her body is supple but firm, fitting the outline of his body as if etched out of the same mold. She laughs.

"What?" He exclaims, faking offense.

"Just an uncontrollable flash of eroticism!" Her smile is infectious.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

"This one's worth a quarter!"


"Just wondering how it could be that all our body parts fit so well."

"My guess, or actually, my hope is that they match so perfectly we'll never want to let go."

Suddenly, a seriousness fills the air with an unquestionable surety that these free spirited loners have finally met their match.

"Well, lets find out". She coyly kisses the soft spot on the side of his neck, the one that makes him hard instantly.
Her body presses into his as he positions himself to feel the entire length of her form. Her head rests just under his chin, he breathes in the fragrance of her hair with a depth that requires his complete lung capacity. Her chest relaxes, breasts fitting snuggly just below his rib cage forming a cushion of comfort. She suddenly feels his manhood rising to tantalize her womanhood, her thighs separate allowing him to feel her swollen essence. His eyes widen with an overwhelming silent response.

"What?" Her query has a hint of fright...

"Am I right in visualizing what I'm feeling?"
Her smile is an orgasm about to explode. Her body relaxes with every curve following the contour of his chest, stomach, thighs and legs...

"Some guys have been turned off by my anatomy. I may be petite, but there are parts of me that make up for any deficiency."

"I'd say you only have assets, the kind that harden my tongue and excite ever nerve and muscle in my body!"

"That's not all that's getting excited!" She kisses that spot on his neck again, this time letting her tongue brush against his skin.

She squirms gently, his face twists into an agonizing quandary and even though she can't see it, she feels his discomfort. She stiffens, wondering if she did something wrong. He places his hand inside his swim suit to adjust his rising force. All of a sudden, he breathes out a sigh of relief after positioning himself upward.

Her hand slides against his. As he lets go, she fits her hand around his massive shaft as his erection continues to grow and swell, her hand opens as the head bursts wide with throbbing uncontrolled spasms. She slides him up under her skirt; her lace thong giving way like butter. With both hands she slides him between her enormous flowering inner lips. The crown of his cock penetrates to just under her clit and she presses her legs together, her pelvis quivering in excitement as her orgasm blends with his.

"Been a long time, huh?"

"To Long! Sorry to disappoint you, usually I can hold out for hours."

"On the contrary, I've had my own dry spell, that was nice 'n easy, only wish we could get to the long and rough part."

The engines drop revs and the plane begins its descent.

"Got anywhere to go?" He's hoping she doesn't have a place to stay.

"I just need to find a motel, got a full day tomorrow."

"How about a beach house designed for long and rough?" They both crack up with playful laughter. Then, as they realize they're squirming in a puddle of cum, her head disappears and her tongue licks his stomach with long sensuous strokes. His hands softly cup her head, he feels her throat muscles working as she swallows.

"Save some for me!" He whispers.

Her head emerges and her lips gently press against his, open slowly, and her tongue guides a wad of tantalizing pleasure into his mouth. Their tongues dance with excitement. The plane touches down and when they emerge from under the blanket, the stewardess is standing over them with a questioning smile. "Mind if I join you guys for a while?, my next flight leaves tomorrow morning."

They look at each other, then over at the stewardess who has a gorgeous figure hidden under her uniform, then back at each other. One smile says it all...

"To the beach house it is!"

"I'm Sunset. That's also when I love to go down! You guys had me reaching for my butterfly. I sure hope you like threesomes. I crave eating a woman while I'm being fucked doggy style." Her face is so cute and she's so genuine that Rod can't help but notice Dani's attraction to her. And a threesome, that's his favorite combination. Though he doesn't know it yet, it's also Dani's favorite. Dani looks deep into Rods eyes, searching for acknowledgement. His smile is all she needs.

She grasps his hand as if they were lovers forever, pulls his arm between her breasts, stands on her toes and presses deep into his chest. She feels the reaction through his body as he accommodates her force. He instantly knows what she means by long and rough. 'I'll bet she loves her tits massaged to the brink of disaster.' His mouth waters, wishfully hoping she loves her nipples sucked and pulled ferociously while he enters her from the rear and Sunset's fingers begin massaging the opening of their anal canal. Then they both satisfy her every desire while twilight transforms into dawn. He's hoping Sunset gets her fill early, his sights are on Dani's golden throne and he's already sure her tastes and his are a perfect match.

He thinks, 'all that's left is finding out how much endurance she really has!" Rod has no idea that Dani's the real deal. He's been studying skills and techniques for giving and receiving sexual pleasure for years and still considers himself in kindergarten. 'There's so much to learn' and the homework assignments tend to get academic. 'Place this there and that here, now gently rub, massage insert, withdraw, penetrate, relax...stick it in your ear...'

Rod's only had two girlfriends that could keep up with his sexual prowess. There's a down side to enjoying sex so much. That downside is finding someone who'll have the endurance and passion to share that realm of life. The Vietnam experience made a believer out of him. He embraced the notion of "Make Love not War" wholeheartedly and so did his first girlfriend. She took him to workshops where he realized he could transform his nightmares into blissful dreams that could come true with his ultimate girlfriend. He sees that potential in Dani, she has the same confidence and a no-nonsense way about her. The most important thing he's observed about her is honest open communication. The surprise of Rod's life is about to unfold. He better prove to be her equal.

All three grab a taxi that takes them out to Rod's beach house on North Shore. On the way, Dani maneuvers herself into a leaning position against Rod. She tucks her hand into his swim suit and flirts with his joy stick which becomes extremely solid. Rod's arm reaches around and moderately squeezes Dani's breast. Her body erupts with quivering bliss.

Sunset joins in by placing her hand under Dani's on Rod's shaft. They both slowly rotate strokes the length of his bulging wand. Sunset leans in on his other side and opens her thighs. Rod's hand becomes soaked with her excitement as he slips the edge of his hand into her pulsating pussy then slowly twisting back and forth. She cums in seconds, holding onto his arm and squeezing tightly. Forceful exhalations signal a comfortable satisfaction as her body quivers and twitches.

Rod's hand has begun massaging Dani's breast with fervor. Her nipple swells enormously and he wants to suck her so badly. They look into each other's eyes, "Do it, I'm so ready." Sunset drops down on her knees, squeezing between the seats in the cab and sliding her head between Dani's thighs. Dani leans to one side, laying her back on Rods lap where he can massage both her tits while sucking her nipples one by one.

Dani's hands join Rod's as Sunsets tongue does a cake slicing wonder on her pussy. Her body erupts with an almost explosive force, "Huh, AHh, don't stop"...her mouth opens, her tongue lashing out, Rod covers her mouth and sucks her tongue between his lips, she breathes out the sides of her cheeks, her teeth latch on to his tongue softly biting down, Sunsets fingers begin opening Dani's pussy as she sucks her inner lips and clit deep into her mouth...her body begins to relax, Rod's first impression flashes on how beautiful Dani's body moves when she orgasms.

Dani cums so hard Sunset can't drink fast enough. Rod lifts Dani by the small of her back and trades licking and sucking her golden treasure with Sunset. Dani's body slowly convulses in rhythmic wonder as she moans steadily with bliss on her lips. Rod rotates her so their lips meet as he slides a tasty tongue between her lips. Sunset joins in and they pleasantly feast on each other.

Rod pictures himself and Dani going at it all night. Could he have finally found a woman to match his sexual prowess? Could she have finally found a man who can handle her nearly insatiable desire for sex?

Could they have finally met their matches?

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