Never ending
Jon sat waiting in the car he ran his finger around the tight neck of his shirt. A little uncomfortable in
the tuxedo, as the door opened, he smiled as Adele walked out dressed in a strapless dark Red ball
gown. She slid into the seat.
"Hi," she smiled at him.
"You look gorgeous," he replied.
Adele blushed.
They had been out to dinner and the cinema a few times, but Jon had felt a little self conscious as he
was forty-seven and Adele was twenty-nine. They had kissed and he hoped she would let it go
They arrived at the dinner and he wandered off mingling and catching up with friends he had not
seen for a while. Adele sipped her wine and made small talk with some of the wives.
The dinner took ages. There were six courses and then there would be a break before speeches.
Jon and Adele took this time to walk out into a cloistered area where the cool air was a welcome
respite from the hot dining hall.
He took her hand as they walked around. Stopping by an ivy covered frame, he hugged her and as
she looked up at him, he leaned in kissing her. Adele leaned into him her arms around him. As their
hips touched she felt his cock as it swelled, making her jump a little.
Jon apologised.
"I am so sorry I don't know what came over me," he said.
Adele smiled. Blushing, she let her hand drop as she ran her finger around the outline in his pants.
Jon glanced around checking to see if there was anyone close, then caught his breath as he felt her
unzip him. Her fingers slipped into his boxers.
Adele wriggled his hard cock free into the cool air. She looked around, then grinning, crouched and
kissed the head of his cock. Her tongue ran around the tip, tasting the slightly salty taste of him. His
musky scent enflamed her.
Jon tried to touch her breast but she pushed his hand away and sucked, taking more of him into her
mouth. His hips gave an involuntary thrust making her moan. He looked down and saw she was
looking up and he could see his cock encased in her red lips.
Suddenly the bell rang for the speeches, Adele stood up grinning and turned quickly.
"Come on you don't want to miss the speeches," she giggled.
Jon adjusted his pants and followed her back to their seats where the speeches lasted for an
Around midnight they caught a cab. On the drive home Adele said,"I am sorry, I don't know what
came over me."
Jon grinned.
"If you hadn't stopped I know what would have cum over you," he laughed.
At Adele's house the cab stopped.
"Fancy a nightcap" she asked innocently.
"That would be great" Jon smiled .
He paid the cab then followed her up the pathway, standing behind her he could smell her perfume
and felt his cock swell as she opened the door.
As the door opened he stepped quickly behind her and pushed her into the hallway and against the
wall making her cry out, he kissed and nibbled at her exposed neck.
Adele tried to reach behind herself but he pushed her hands above her head and flat against the
He searched for the fastener on the dress and found it at the right side, he unzipped it and pulled it
down exposing the strapless bra cupping her heaving breasts.
Adele turned around and they kissed deeply their tongues flickering and teasing.
"You started something earlier you did not finish" he smiled
Adele smiled then felt him put pressure on her shoulders pushing her down.
Adele undid his belt and unzipped him pulling his pants and boxers down, his hard cock springing
free the tip shiny with precum she ran it around her lips, her tongue teasing the small slit in the tip.
Jon reached down applying a little pressure on her head as he slowly pushed forward his cock
sliding deeper into her mouth, with little thrusts. Jon groaned feeling her teeth lightly running over his
cock, her hand squeezing and stroking his balls urging him onwards toward an orgasm.
Jon realised he would not last long, tipping his head back his breathing ragged, moaning his thrusts
becoming faster he took a handful of her long blonde hair.
Adele loved the smell of his body and the taste of his cock, she sucked and teased him more.
Suddenly she felt a tug on her hair as he pushed right into her mouth, his cock erupted and she felt
his cum explode making her cough as she tried to swallowall of him.
Jon realised he had been caught up in the moment and pulled back his cock free from Adele's mouth
sprayed cum onto her cheek, neck and black silk bra.
Looking down he saw her rubbing his cock against her cheek cum making it shine.
Adele stood and he pulled her close the smell of his cum and her perfume strong in his nostrils, he
"Sorry about that I think I have ruined your bra".
"It can be a trophy"
Adele smiled taking his hand she led him into the living room.
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