New Era
It was early fall and the weather was still warm. I lay on our bed nude with only a sheet to cover my feet. The coolness on my skin felt delightful and I am sure I was heading to dreamland when I felt a finger making small circles on my mound. Sandy was about to please me, and I lay there letting her do her thing to make my life pleasurable.

The circles grew largeron my mound, as my breath grew faster. Two fingers made their way down to encase my pussy lips, one on each side. The fingers began a march up and down trapping my clit and slowly rubbing it into a frenzy. My eyes closed I felt the surges running up and down my spine. I was close and loved every second of her pleasing me.

My nipples were so hard, and then I felt the soft kiss on my left nipple. I opened my eyes to see Sandy 's coworker Darlis sucking on my breast. Darlis was a big woman with huge breasts, and I reached for one and felt the bulk of firm titty in my hand. Darlis kissed me, and I returned it with the state I was in. Her tongue in my mouth and Sandy had reached her goal of making me cum. I was ready for another beautiful frenzied sensation.

I looked down at Darlis' nude body which I had never seen before this moment. She was wearing a strap-on. She was pulling my leg to the left and Sandy was pulling my right leg to the right as Darlis mounted me and entered me with the huge strap-on.

Sandy was kissing me as I held Darlis' beautiful tit while Darlis fucked me to another orgasm. Sandy sucked my tits as Darlis went for another one and completed making me cum again. She looked down on me and said, "I want you to meet my son and when he gets through with you, tell me who is better him or me."

David stood next to me. A short young man who had all his growth between his legs. He kissed me, and I watched his cock grow to a size that intrigued me. Sandy and Darlis disappeared as David worked very had to match his mother's challenge. "Carol, I am going to fuck you as you have never been fucked before," he whispered. I told him, "Show me!"

I thought this young man would never get me off again after three with his mother. He was inspiring, as he rode me very high making the ridge of his cock flick my clit with each stroke and number four did not take long to overwhelm me. When he came, I never thought he would stop unloading his cum in me. The warmness was such a great sensation as he filled my cunt.

"You know my mother has a big crush on your wife and plans to steal her away from you. Come on let me show you."

He took me by the hand a led me to the rec room where my Sandy was spread on the couch being fucked by Darlis wit her strap-on. She pulled off the strap-on and went down on my wife, and I heard that familiar cry of pleasure as Sandy said her name over and over.

I watched as David bent me over a stuffed chair and I felt him probing at me a bud of my ass. He pushed and entered my ass. It hurt but slowly disappeared as he fucked my ass. Sandy smiled at me and then started kissing her lover as David came in me. David and I only had a few love session after that as he became engaged to another co-worker of Sandy and Darlis.

Sandy and I had met a crossroads, and we were never the same again, her and Darlis were constant lovers, and I was very rarely used by either of them...
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