New Neighbors
It was the middle of Spring and a new family moved in across the street from me. The couple was in their early to mid 30's I guessed. The day they were moving in I was out in front of my house doing some yard work. It was a warm day and I was wearing one of my sports bras and some Lycra running shorts. My dark brunette hair was in a ponytail and I was sweaty. I heard someone behind me and standing there was the new couple.

They introduced themselves as Steve and Nancy. We shook hands and I told them I was Shawna. Nancy was a slim blond with almost no tits or ass. She was standing there with sunglasses on, her arms folded across he flat chest and she was smiling but somehow I knew she didn't want to. You know, one of those looks. Steve was very outgoing and did all the talking. He looked to be in very good shape. As he smiled and talked telling me where they were from and how excited they were to be in the neighborhood his eyes would drift down to my chest. My 36E tits were straining against the fabric of my bra. I knew my nipples were also rock hard and obvious. I had been working hard at losing some extra lbs I had gained from before Christmas. My stomach was flat but my ass was curvy and the tight shorts added to it's roundness.

Steve was trying to disguise his interest, but I heard Nancy clear her throat giving him the signal it was time to go. We finished our small talk and the turned and walked back to their new house. I wonder what would be said about meeting me. My first impression was that Nancy would probably tell Steve to stay away from me for his own good. There were a few other husbands in the neighborhood who would always stop and watch me when I went for a run. Most of their wives never spoke to me.

Over the next couple of weeks whenever I would run into Steve he would smile and wave. I smiled and waved back. If I was out in the yard or carrying stuff in from my car he would come over and help or just engaged in small talk. I rarely saw Nancy and if I did I would smile and wave and she would either pretend she didn't see me or barely wave back. I guess Steve was getting more comfortable being around me because he started making innocent seeming comments about my body. A couple of jokes about the size of my boobs were told and quickly laughed off. I always asked him about Nancy. Usually he just rolled his eyes and said she was the same old Nancy. He said she had started a new job here and it would require her to travel some. I knew right then what he was thinking.

A quite week went by. I really didn't see much of Steve or Nancy. I guess they were settling in. I pulled into my driveway one early evening and I saw Steve approaching. He smiled and I smiled back. He apologized and said he hoped I didn't feel it was rude of them not to invite me over to their house. He said Nancy had just finished with the decorating. He asked that if I was free in a bit to get comfortable and come over for drinks. I looked across the street and saw both his and Nancy's car there. So I said sure, to let me change and I would be over shortly.

I wasn't quite sure what to wear. All I knew was I wanted out of the damn bra I had been wearing. It was too small and uncomfortable. I decided on a lightweight cotton sundress. It was a halter style with a built in shelf bra that to be honest didn't really do much. I knew I was showing ample cleavage but so what. I didn't bother with panties, so all I was wearing was the dress and my flip flops as I walked across the street.

I rang the doorbell thinking I would just have one quick drink and be out of there. I really didn't want to deal with Nancy and whatever issues she had with me. Steve opened the door and invited me in. I looked around and saw what a nice job Nancy had done with the house. Steve led me into their family room and motioned for me to sit on the sofa. He said he had just made a pitcher of margaritas and asked me if I wanted one of those or something else. I told him that would be fine. He went to the kitchen and came back with 2 drinks. One for him and one for me. I looked around again and it hit me. I asked Steve where Nancy was. He said he had taken her to the airport this morning to catch a flight out of town on business. As he was saying this he sat on the sofa a couple of feet from me. As I sipped my drink I smiled wondering where this was going.

We talked and laughed and as the margaritas flowed the flirting did also. Soon the pitcher he had made was empty. I knew I had quite the buzz happening and I am sure Steve did too. As in most situations like this, with a married guy, the subject of his and his wife's sex life comes up. They had been married over 10 years and things had gotten very stale. Nancy never initiated sex and when she agreed to have it she just laid there. I just listened and nodded. He said she was into some diet and fitness craze and her body was so thin now it was a turn off. She had no tits or ass. He said her body was so much different then mine. He called mine perfect. As he said that he was staring directly at my boobs.

He very quietly wanted to know if he could ask me something. I said sure. He asked me if he could see my naked breasts. Now I have been topless in front of many strangers as well as guys I know so showing him my tits was no big deal to me. I did however feel it necessary to ask him what his wife would think if I did that. He said he was sure she wouldn't like that at all but since she wasn't her he didn't care what she thought. He said all he knew right now was he just had to see my tits.

The halter dress I had on tied behind my neck. I reached up and undid the knot. Slowly I let the dress fall away from my huge tits exposing them fully. The tequila and his desire were getting to me. My nipples were hard and pointing straight out. His mouth had dropped open and he didn't speak. He smiled and said he had been dreaming of them since he met me. They were so much better in person then in his dreams. He started to reach out to touch them and the stopped to ask permission. Hell at this point I wanted him to touch them. I wanted him to grab them and squeeze the and pull my hard nipples.

Gently he touched them as if they would break. He felt their heavy weight and gradually got more bold with them. I closed my eyes and sighed when he leaned forward and took one of my nipples into his mouth. I knew this wasn't the best idea. I was alone with a married man in his house while his wife was out of town. I was thinking this as I reached behind his head to pull him closer into my breast and nipple. He released my nipple and quickly went for the other one to give it some attention. He was wearing cargo shorts and from what I could tell he had a decent sized cock that was rapidly growing. After sucking on that nipple he backed off a moment to stare at them again. That's when I stood up and let my dress fall all the way off. He smiled looking at my naked body before him. I told him that tonight was his lucky night. I had been in this house before so I knew where the master bedroom was. As I walked away from the sofa I knew he was watching my ass sway. I turned and with one finger beckoned him to follow me.

As I walked down the hall to his and Nancy's bedroom I heard him jump off the sofa and by the time he caught up to me he was naked as well. He grabbed me and we fell laughing onto the big bed. We kissed passionately and our hands explored each other. He grabbed my ass and rubbed it all over. Reaching between my legs he found my big lips wet and bare. I reached down and was pleasantly surprised with a very large, thick cock between his legs. Not the biggest I had ever had but I knew it would feel great inside me. I reached lower and was a little shocked. His balls were huge. They hung low in a stretched out sack. I had to inspect them closer.

I held his cock in one hand and his balls in the other and that was difficult. I could see why his sack was long because of their weight. I told him hey were amazing. He said he always got embarrassed at the health club because of them. I said surely Nancy enjoys playing with them. He sighed and said she never touches them. I bent down to kiss and lick them. I tried to suck one in my mouth and it wasn't easy. Both of them would be impossible. He moaned as I gave his balls overdo attention. They tasted and smelled so manly. That smell and the tequila was getting to me. I released his balls and moved up to his cock. I guessed him at about 7 ½ to 8 inches long. He was cut and had a prominent head. I licked that and took him into my mouth. Something I doubted Nancy had done in awhile. I worked up and down on his cock taking him as deep down my throat as I could. I couldn't get him all down there but most of him. The whole time I was sucking his cock I played with his big balls. He would moan now and then and he was breathing fast. I knew he probably wouldn't last long which was fine. I felt his hands go to the back of my head. When his big cockhead swelled up bigger I knew it was that time. I backed off sucking and held just his glans in my mouth. I jacked his shaft with my hand and he erupted in my mouth. His body jerked as he shot his load which I swallowed. I held his cock tightly with just his head in my mouth until he finished. I kissed it and sucked him until he was fully drained.

We were both breathing hard laying there on their bed. I told him it was my turn now and he better get busy. I heard him laugh and he scooted down lower and spread my legs. My shaved pussy opened up revealing my big juicy inner lips and hard clit. He actually was pretty good at licking pussy. I doubted Nancy gave him access to hers. He didn't go for the clit right away. He played with my labia and stuck his tongue deep inside me. He told me I tasted amazing. Finally he started gently kissing and sucking my clit. It felt great and I told him not to stop. I have a big clit and I could tell it was swollen to the max. He was sucking on it making it longer. I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed his head smashing his face into my pussy and I came hard. My body jerked and spasmed as I flooded his face with my juice.

After I calmed down he came up next to me and held me close in his arms. We were sweaty and naked laying there on his wife's bed. I asked him if he knew I was over 40 and if he was OK with that. He laughed and said I was the hottest woman he had ever been with and my age was perfect. We laid there like that for some time. When I thought he was ready I told him that he needed to fuck me. He asked me if he needed to wear a condom. I told him hell no. I hate those. He said his wife always makes him wear one on the rare occasion they have intercourse. I wasn't on birth control but I knew it was a safe time of the month. I told him something every guy loves to hear. I said that he was bigger then I was used to so to please take it easy going in. I do have a tight pussy so I was sure he would feel that.

He rolled over on top of me and I spread my legs. He felt my pussy with his fingers and found it very wet. He stroked his big cock with one hand to make sure it was hard and he placed the head at my wet entrance. He pushed forward spreading my thick lips and stretching me open. I told him he felt huge and to go easy. Slowly he pushed in until his cock head was inside. He told me I felt so tight and hot. He pushed in more and slowly I opened up. With short strokes he was soon buried all the way inside me. He held still. His eyes were closed and he was trying to remain in control. I am so glad he came earlier from my blow job. He started slow long strokes in and out of my tight pussy.

Some cocks are too long and others are too short. When his was all the way in I could feel it press against my cervix. He was a perfect fit. That meant I could feel his big balls hit my ass as he fucked me. I had my legs wrapped around him and my hands on his firm ass urging him to drive deep. Nancy must be nuts to not want this all the time. He was fucking me bareback and I knew he was loving that. Missionary was probably my fav position but I wanted to give him a treat. I told him to roll me over.

He pulled out of me and soon I was on my hands and knees. He re-entered me quickly and started to fuck me doggie style. He held my hips as he thrusted but I told him to play with my big tits. He reached under and squeezed and pulled on them. I loved that and I was saying things I am sure Nancy his wife never said. He got a little more aggressive in this position. He was stroking deep and hard making sure I knew he was fucking me well. He buried his thick cock all the way inside me on each stroke. His big balls were swinging and slapping against my clit. This was driving me wild and I knew it would make me cum soon. He really was a great lover. It was a shame it was being wasted. He told me he was getting close to cumming and asked where I wanted him to. I told him to keep fucking me harder and cum inside me. He asked if I was sure and I said fuck yes.

With a green light he grabbed my hips with his hands and started to rapidly thrust. He was banging the hell out of me when I felt him shudder and start to spurt deep inside me. That made me cum as well and my pussy squeezed his exploding cock. He continued until every last possible drop of his cum was deposited deep inside me. As he shuddered one last time we collapsed on their bed. His big cock slowly came out of my well used pussy. Finally I dragged myself up off the bed and went to the bathroom. I was naked sitting on their toilet. Nancy's husband's cum was leaking from my pussy as I peed.

I am not sure how long I was in there because my head was spinning a little. I walked back into the bedroom and he had pulled back the sheets of the bed. He told me he wanted me to stay the night but if I didn't want to he would understand. I was tired, well fucked and figured what the hell. I crawled into bed next to him and he turned the lights out. I fell asleep in his arms and in his wife's bed.

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