New Years Eve
It was finally New Years Eve, I wasn't sure what would happen, but I was praying we would get some time alone. I was on the way to pick you up with a friend and I was nervous for so many reasons. I knew I was going to finally neet your mom and honestly it still scared me. I knocked on the door and she answered, she was nice invited me in and whatnot. Your brother was home so while I was waiting for you we caught up. You walked by me and all I wanted to do was grab you and kiss you but if you weren't going to make a move I wasn't about to make it awkward. You were ready we said goodbye and walked to the car. I waited for you to make sone kind of move, to kiss ne or hug me or something...but no you didn't. Then in the car you held my hand. I knew you were just torturing me then.

When we got to our friend's house we just chilled on the couch for a bit wwiting for her boyfriend. A few mina went by and still no kiss. She walked out of the room and you finally kissed me. We were half turned to eachother and I remembered you had never jad a girl make out with you while on top of you. I pulled away and straddled you slightly grinding my hips against you as we kissed. I heard her door open and I jumped off. She just laughed at us and her bf came in. We just hung out for a while like we were all old friends. You and I joked around and it felt so good being able to joke around with you like old times. I went up stairs with my friend to makebsome crab puffs and she asked what we were doing and what was going on with us. Told her we were just making out and we were just friends. Then she asked why we hadn't kissed in front of them and I juat shrugged. We all hung out for a bit longer and it was nice, I asked you why you hadn't kissed ne infront of them and then you kissed me.

We started watching the preformances but i wasn't instrested I hand my hand rubbing the outside of your pants moving my hand up and down your leg. I pulled a blanket over us and you unbuckled your pants. I statted slowly stroking your dick and you kept rubbing me through my pants. Ivwas getting restless, then she decided to go take a nap with her bf. I wasnt wasting anytime.

As soon as they left the room I climbed on top of you andwe started going aat it. Making out and I was still stoking your dick. You kept pulling me closer to you so I finally gave up on the hand job and started grinding against you. I knew you wanted my breast out so i spilled them over my top. You imeditately started kissing and sucking on them. As I was still grinding against you. I kissed you and started moving to your neck, you did the same and you were kissing right around my spot. Then it was like when you foundbit you knew and you started licking and sucking on my neck. Mmm... I was goung crazy I knew I had to think of sonewhere for us to go. I told you to make sure your pants wouldnt fall and went to tell shelbs we were going upstairs. I was pretty surebthey were having sex so I ran out and waved you up stairs. I closed the door and moved some stufd around.

I told you to lay down and you did i asked you what you want and you said for me to ride you. I slipped my pants off and climbed back on you. You handed me the condom and I rolled it down your dick. I leaned down and asked if tou were sure you wanted this because there was no turning back. You said yes that you were sure and I slowly slid down your dick. Im not quiet sure how to describe the rest of the night. I didnt want it to end but that hour we were alone made a perfect new years eve.

I will never be sure where we end up in our lives but I know that for that one night I was conpletely yours and you were mine. 143585
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