Night Train
My study leave was over and I was going back to my college. It was a 12 hour long journey. I decided to board the night train. My dad had booked first class ticket for me. I found my coach and closed the door of my cabin.

I was happy to find that my cabin was empty. I pulled out my text book to prepare for the upcoming exam. A few stations later, a couple entered into the cabin. They sat opposite to me. After we got acquainted I got back to my book and the guy climbed upto his berth.

She was sitting right in front of me and I kept stealing glances at her. She was beautiful and attractive. She was wearing a red salwar kameez. It was form fitting and really complimented her curves. Her hourglass figure wasn't helping, I could not concentrate on my book, but pretended to do so as I would briefly look at her.

I felt something against my crotch and I looked up to see that she was resting her legs on my seat between my legs. She was reading a magazine and I got back to my book.

A while later I felt her foot gently stroking my dick over my trousers. I looked up at her and she seemed to be lost in her magazine. My cock grew to full size, it was pressing hard against my trousers.

I looked up at her, she was still looking at her magazine but she was also tugging at the neckline of her top, revealing her cleavage.

I wanted her more than anything. I closed the book and kept it aside. I started stroking her feet.

She looks up at me and says "I thought I would never have your attention "

I cross the distance between us and kneel before her. Stroking her hard nipples that were poking through her top. We share a kiss, our tongues greet each other.

I pull her top off, revealing her big.tits held by white bra. Loved the way her bra showed the top globes. I pressed my face against her tits as I unhooked her bra.

I removed her bra, freeing her big tits. Her stomach wasn't flat, I loved the her flab. Her wide hips was so sexy. I slid my fingers in her waistband and grabbing both her pants and panties, I began pulling them down and she wiggled out of them. Her pussy was glistening, made me wonder if it was me or the magazine she was reading.

I slid my finger over her pussy lips, coating my fingers with her love juice. I picked my fingers clean as I looked up at her.

I grabbed her by her waist as I kissed and licked her pussy lips. I slid my hands up, cupping her breasts as I kissed and licked her pussy lips.
I drove my tongue in her pussy as I rubbed her nipples between my fingers. Her nipples were hard.

I wanted to suck her nipples, I got up and sat next to her. I grabbed her right breast and flicked her nipple with my tongue. I wrapped my lips around her nipple and sucked hard. I was treated with milk flowing from her breast.

Her hands slid in through my trousers and boxers, and started jerking me. I almost came when she withdrew her hands. I got up and stripped naked.

I asked her to lie down and I climbed on top of her, my throbbing hard cock was leaking precum it was pressed against her stomach as I got on top of her. I started grinding my cock against her as we kissed. I grabbed her tits as we kissed.

I held onto my cock, lifted myself and entered her. We started grinding against each other. I was pumping my cock deep in her. I placed kisses on her neck as I continue to thrust my cock deep in her.

My lips travelled down, kissing her tits and then wrapping around her nipples. I started sucking on her milky breasts again.

I came inside her. She milked my cock till the very last drop using vagina.

I lied on top of her for a while, my cock was now flaccid. I pulled out of her, got up. She lay there naked for a while longer.

I got back to my seat, she stood up in her naked glory and turned around. Her round ass had my cock standing in attention. I got up and slid my cock between her ass cheeks, pressing the tip of my cock against her ass hole.

I enjoyed the feeling of sliding my cock between her ass cheeks. A grabbed her tit in one hand, and rubbed her pussy with my other hand.

I pulled her hair back and sucked the back of her neck. Her scent was intoxicating. I whispered her to bend over.

I entered her pussy from back. She was grinding against me as I thrust my cock in her. I fondled her tits as we fucked. I licked between her shoulder blades as we fucked.

I rubbed her pussy as we fucked, her body shuddered as we came together.

I pulled out and laid down on my seat, she straddled me, she presented her tits in her cupped hands, I took them and sucked on them as she stroked my cock with her hand. My cock was now sensitive and sent a shiver through me.

We fucked again before we went to sleep.

I slept off and missed my station, when I woke up I was alone in the cabin. I wondered if it was a dream, but realised it was real when I found her panties tucked in the pocket of my trousers.. It also had a note with her phone number.
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