Night out with the girls
Standing alone in my room, in front of a full length mirror, I was busy admiring myself standing fully nude except for a pair of black thigh high stockings. I was fresh out of the shower, completely freshly shaven and my dark, shoulder length hair still warm from the hair dryer. My slender body was highlighted by my full C cups. They were perky as ever and my nipples had begun to harden just by standing there in the cool air with my thoughts. I ran my hands down my body, from my neck and down over my soft, yet firm breasts and swelling nipples. My hands continued down my midriff to my belly button and down to my smooth, hairless mound. I stopped there before I got ahead of myself. I had plans to go out and have dinner and drinks with some girls from work. Recently out of a relationship that had turned pretty sour at the end, the past two months I had no satisfaction other than masturbating myself to orgasm, either in the shower or with my handy vibrator and dildo in bed and sometimes on the couch. I had ulterior motives for tonight. I planned on starting it off with the girls, but I had sultry, naughtier thoughts than just dinner and drinks. I figured after a few drinks, we would all go our separate ways and I was hoping mine would be into the firm arms of a strong man with an eager tongue and a hard cock.

I pulled my favorite little black dress over my head and slid it over my bare breast and down my body. The deep V pocket ran between my breasts showing a good bit of exposed flesh down to my upper midriff. The bottom came low to mid thigh and just covered the top of my stockings. With much movement or dancing, my thigh highs would be easily exposed. Having not yet deciding on wearing panties or not, I stepped into my bathroom and finished applying a little makeup. Finishing up by putting on a single diamond necklace, I stepped back into my room to hear my cell phone ring. It was Stacy, letting me know she was on her way to pick me up. I decided not to be too easy and decided to wear panties, partially to keep my own juices from oozing down my leg when the mood was hitting me. Opening my top drawer and pushing my eight inch silicon dildo out of the way, I pulled out a sheer black thong. Sliding the thong up my legs, I hiked my dress up over my ass and pulled the straps over my hips before sliding my dress back down and smoothing it out. Stepping into some three inch black heels, I took one last look over myself and made my way down to the living room to wait for Stacy.

Within no time, Stacy pulled up and honked the horn. I hopped in her car and we took off. We met up with Carrie and Beth at a fashionable up scale restaurant. As we waited for a table, we got some drinks from the bar. Making small talk, we spoke mostly of work and of Stacy and Carrie's husbands. It didn't take long before the chatting got a bit more erotic as we told stories of sexual experiences. Stacy had been having a long time affair with a co worker of ours, which was known to everyone at work. She told a few stories of some pretty steamy sex sessions after hours and on lunch breaks. All the talk was getting me a bit worked up and I could feel the warmth and wetness building between my thighs. Thankfully, the table was ready and I got a break from the erotic talk.

Throughout dinner, the conversation pretty much covered everything. After finishing our last round of drinks and paying the bill, we loaded back up in the cars and headed to the club. I was already feeling tipsy after dinner, so I figured I would have to pace myself for the rest of the night. We made our way into an upscale club and made our way to the bar. It was still pretty early, but the club was busy. The dance floor was nearly full, the bar area was busy and the lounge area only had a few open tables and couches. After getting some drinks we wandered around for a little while before settling in the lounge area on some couches.

It wasn't long before we had the attention of some gentlemen at a table across from us. They sent over a bottle of champagne, which was quickly opened and poured. In no time, there were the four of us and three of the guys sharing the couches. Chad quickly started up a conversation with Stacy. He was tall and fit with a shaved head. Dressed sharply in black slacks and a dress shirt, his finger was also wrapped with a shiny ring; through I wasn't sure that would matter to Stacy, as her finger also had a ring. Jack sat between Beth and me. Jack was very attractive, tall and muscular, also wearing slacks and a dress shirt. Mike and Carrie struck up a conversation at the edge of the sofa as the flirting began between Beth, Jack and I. I wasn't sure if Beth was interested in anything past the couch and didn't know if I would be competing with her for Jack's attention. Jack was attractive and I was definitely interested, if even just for tonight.

I had noticed Beth's black and white dress had slowly been inching up her thighs throughout our conversation. Her tan slender legs were showing from her heels to her upper thighs. From the right angle, I could see her red panties peeking through. Her top was low cut and offered a fair amount of cleavage. Her breasts were ample, though just smaller than mine. Feeling competitive, I hiked my dress up as high as I could without showing everything I had. I was sitting back in the couch, turned a bit to the side with my legs crossed and turned into Jack who was seated to my left. I had inched closer to him and now our legs grazing each others as we chatted. Jack had also begun to gently touch my leg as we spoke. He started on my knee and had inched up the further into the conversation. Before long he would reach the top of my stockings, and hopefully find his way home. He had been doing the same to Beth and she had played into it by touching him back and leaning her chest into him, letting him look down her top.

Beth and I excused ourselves and went to the restroom. I checked myself in the mirror as she went into the stall, leaving the door open. Standing in front of her stall, facing the mirror, I watched as she slid her red lace thong down to her knees and sat. I hesitated to ask the question and she beat me to it. Beth indicated she wanted to get laid tonight and thought Jack was right for the one night stand. I told Beth my whole intent for the night and also that I was interested in Jack. Instead of bickering over him, she surprised me and asked about both of us having him. I wasn't sure if she was insinuating that we have him together, or separate. She stepped out and to the counter, and wrapped her arms around my waist and told me she wanted all of us to be together. Taken back, I nearly lost my balance as the excitement soared through me. I had never seen her as a bisexual but was exited at the opportunity.

I turned around, facing her, her arms still around me. She leaned in and we shared a kiss in the rest room. Her hand made her way up to the side of my face and her tongue slid past my quivering lips and met mine. Feeling her warm tongue teasing mine, I instantly felt the tingle and knew my pussy was soaked. She slid her other hand over my body and underneath the top of my dress, feeling my bare chest. My nipples hardened instantly in her fingers as she kneaded them. Sliding her hand out, she continued down my dress and between my legs. Slowly, she slid her hand up my thigh high stockings and found my heated mound. She began massaging circles through my thong, and then slid a finger under the side of the fabric. She stopped kissing me, allowing me a chance to catch my breath as all the blood in my body was rushing to my swelling pussy. She slid her finger the length of my slit and soaked my wetness onto her finger. She whispered into my ear telling me how wet I was as she nibbled on my ear lobe.

My hands made their way to her chest and had managed to rub their way under her top and were fondling her hard nipples. Beth continued sliding her finger back and forth in my slit, stopping now to excite my clit. As the soft moans began to escape my lips, we heard the squeak of the door and three women quickly entered, catching me leaning on the vanity with Beth's hand up my skirt. They stopped in their tracks with their eyes glued to us as Beth pulled her hand from my slit. We looked at each other and began giggling and quickly skirted past them and out the door. As we exited, we heard laughter erupt from the women within. Hand in hand we made our way back to the couches.

Stacy and Chad were no where to be seen and Carrie and Mike had made their way to the bar where they were chatting with another group of people. We saw a booth open, and scooted in. The booth was a large U shape with a long table cloth hiding anything that might go on underneath. It was a little out of the way, in the corner near an unoccupied pool table. The darkly lit corner had only a small lamp on the table to illuminate the naughty action that has surely previously taken place there and may soon be again. Jack settled into the back side of the booth and I slid in to his left. Catching me by surprise, instead of sliding in on Jack's right side, Beth slid in to my left, offsetting the threesome.

A waitress came and Jack ordered another bottle of champagne. While waiting for the waitress to return, I rested my hand on Jack's leg, just mere inches from his member. My thoughts raced at how big it was going to be. I had no doubts that I would be seeing and sitting on it later. With the table cloth for cover, I didn't bother to cross my legs and had actually left them slightly parted, more so than usual anyway, hoping Jack would catch on. Before Jack could though, Beth had seen and was softly tracing her fingers from my knee up my thigh highs and stopping just shy of damp panties. As the waitress returned and started pouring our glasses, Beth slid her hand over my mound and had again begun massaging circles over my clit through my panties. I noticed that Jack had looked down and seen. He had a slightly surprised look on his face, but it was soon overtaken with a look of excitement and opportunity. As Jack looked back at me to see my reaction to getting my pussy rubbed while an unknowingly waitress was just feet away, I slid my hand onto his crotch and felt his swelling member.

Jack readjusted his legs and I felt his cock slightly spring up from between his legs. It was obvious through his slacks that he wasn't wearing any type of underwear. Through his slacks, I took his semi erect cock in my hand and slowly stroked back and forth. Beth had propped my left leg over hers, so my legs were well spread now. Jack's hand joined Beth's between my thighs as I leaned in and began kissing Jack. My panties were quickly pulled to the side as Jack began rubbing circles into my clit and Beth gently began poking a finger into my sopping hole. Instead of going in and assaulting me, she held out and was teasing me by sliding in just the tip of a finger then pulling it back and smearing the juices around.

Beth slid down the booth, away from me and pulled my left leg up onto the bench. With one foot on the ground and the other on the bench, my legs were spread wide as she lowered between them. As she lowered her head down, I unzipped Jack's slacks and pulled out his hard cock. Jack held my panties to the side as Beth's tongue began tracing around my swollen clit. I watched as she continued to suck and flick my clit before she took two fingers and separated my lips. Stretching my hole, she inserted her fingers and began to slowly pump in and out. Needing to occupy my mouth so I wouldn't be screaming inside the club, Jack slid back a little and I leaned back on my side. Wrapping my left leg over Beth's shoulder, I lowered my head into Jack's lap and got my first sight of his cock. It was about seven inches long and held its own girth wise. Just the thought of it spreading my lips got me even more exited and my mouth quickly found the tip. I circled my tongue around the head of his cock before taking it into my mouth. Grabbing Jack by the base of his cock, I began bobbing fiercely as Beth continued eating me and fingering my wet pussy.

It wasn't long before I felt my body tensing from my growing orgasm. Feeling it too, Beth began pounding her fingers harder and harder into me. Looking up to watch me suck Jack's cock she feverously pounded as I reached the point of orgasm and my juices exploded on her hand. I had to stop sucking and firmly held Jack's cock in my hand as my orgasm subsided. My body went limp as I lay back and attempted to catch my breath. It must have been a sight, laying there with a cock in my hand and my legs spread there in a booth in crowded club. Beth pulled my leg over her shoulder and put my put my legs back together. She got out of the booth and slid back in on the other side of Jack. I removed my hand from Jack's cock as Beth's mouth replaced it. She quickly matched the pace I had been sucking and Jack and I kissed as she slobbed all over his cock.

Beth pulled the cock from her mouth and began licking up and down one side of it. I leaned in and began licking the other side. I could feel that he was close to spurting cum all over our faces and I took his well lubricated shaft in my hand and began stroking. Beth could see he was close too and began licking the head of his cock. As his face grew orgasmic and his cock began to twitch, Beth opened her mouth and I aimed Jack's cock down her throat. Jack let out a deep moan and the first spurt erupted and splashed off of Beth's upper lip. Seems my aim wasn't exactly great. The second came just as fast and shot a stream of warm creamy cum into Beth's mouth. The second was followed by a third and forth. Beth took all she could in her mouth before it began to dribble out of her mouth and down her chin. She lowered her mouth to his cock and began to slowly suck it in as she leaned his cock. I continued to stroke the lower portion of his shaft as she finished him off. Beth looked up at me and had Jack's cum oozing from her top lip and dripping from her chin. I leaned over and licked the cum from her chin before my tongue split her lips and tasted Jack's cum in her mouth. Pulling my tongue out of her mouth, I licked the remainder off her lips and we both looked up at Jack. Jack smiled as our cum glistening faces just smiled back.

Beth discreetly slid her red thong down her legs and reached over and wiped my face with it. After wiping hers, she wrapped it around Jack's softening cock and secured it to him. She zipped up his pants and Jack paid the tab. Before I knew it, we hopped a cab and were at Jack's hotel. As Jack stood in front of the bed, Beth stood in front of him and undid his pants as he took of his shirt. Jack's slacks fell easily to the floor as his semi erect cock popped out, with the panties still wrapped around him. He stepped out of his lacks and kicked off his shoes. Dropping his shirt to the floor, Beth pushed him to have a seat on the foot of the bed. Beth turned to me and slid the straps of my dress over my shoulders and let it fall down my body and onto the floor. As my breasts bounced into place, I did the same to Beth. She ran her hands over her hard nipples as she stepped out of the dress. She stood in front of us completely nude, minus the three inch heels she had been wearing. She turned to me and dropped to her knees. I began kneading my breasts and nipples as she slid my cum soaked thong down my legs and to the floor. As I stepped out of my panties, she took them and pressed them to Jack's face. Jack had no choice but to take in the aroma as she pushed him back on the bed.

With his legs hanging off the foot of the bed, Beth mounted him and straddled his now erect cock. She positioned his member between her slit and slid back and forth rubbing his cock between her lips. After covering his cock from head to shaft with her juices she crawled up and straddled his face. As Jack's tongue began to work on Beth's clit I knelt down and took Jack's panty wrapped cock into my mouth. Pushing the panties to the base of his shaft, I took all of him in me and began bobbing up and down and twisting while I rubbed his balls in the palm of my hand. Jack had his hands on Beth's ass cheeks, spreading them slightly. As she began moaning and leaning forward, I could see the bloom of her asshole and Jack's tongue just below it. Her hips began grinding into Jack's face and I could see his face glistening from the moisture of her juices.

Beth was ready and helped Jack slide up onto the bed as I pulled his slick cock out of my mouth. She slid down his body, dripping her juices on his chest and straddled his cock once again. She wasted no time as she grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks. I grabbed the base of Jack's cock and aimed it into her awaiting pink. My aim had vastly improved and as Beth dropped her ass down into Jack's lap, his cock slammed deep into her pussy, causing her to let out a yelp. I think his cock was a bit more than she expect, but between her wet pussy and my saliva all over his cock, she slid all the way down to her thong which was now wrapped around the base of his shaft and balls in one stroke.

Beth began to pump forward and back and up and down on his cock as I crawled beside her on the bed. I had one hand behind her, under her ass, rubbing Jack's balls as Beth's cream began coating them. My other was around her firm breast, guiding her nipple into my mouth. Beth reached behind her, taking my hand from Jack's balls and sliding it between her legs. As Jack's cock would slide in and out of her heated pink, I would stroke up and down on his shaft. After collecting a good amount of her juices on my hand, Beth guided my hand to her has and began rubbing my hand between her cheeks. I took the hint as she leaned down and pressed her breasts into Jack's chest. Using my other hand, I pulled Beth's ass cheek towards me, spreading her bloom just slightly. As she held still and Jack pounded his hips up and down, guiding his cock in and out of her dripping pussy, I leaned down and circled her bloom with my tongue. I realigned myself I was inline with them and began ticking her asshole with my tongue. After satisfactorily softening her hole, I slowly slid my juice lubricated finger into her hole. Beth let out a hard moan and bucked her hips into my finger, forcing it deep within her. She began to work her hips as Jack rested his. Feeling the ease of entry, I slid a second finger into her as and began to slowly work her hole. I could feel Jack's cock sliding in and out through the thin wall of her pussy. After increasing the speed of my fingering, I felt her body tense and her orgasm explode in her. I pulled my fingers out of her ass and gently rubbed them along the lips of her pussy as she collapsed onto Jack.

I pulled Jack's cock out of Beth's beaten pussy as she crawled off his chest. She flopped to her back and laid there with her legs fully spread, displaying the pink of her pussy as her hole was still slightly open and leaking her juices from the stretching Jack's cock had just done to it. Jack sat up and stood up from the bed. He bent me over the edge of the bed and quickly slid his cock into me waiting pussy. Standing there in my heels and thigh highs, Jack steadily began pounding my pussy as I was digging my face into the bed and moaning. Looking up I could see Beth's pussy just up the bed from me and I grabbed her by the ankles as Jack pounded in and out of me. Beth slid down the bed and guided her pussy to my mouth. My tongue took action and began lapping up her cum that had splattered onto her thighs and then up to the cum dripping from her pussy. She slowly massaged her swollen clit as I began licking up and down her slit.
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My tongue kept breaking contact from her pussy as Jack's fierce pounding was making my entire body bounce forward and back. Beth was propped up on her elbows and she had her head leaned back, allowing her long blonde hair to fall to the bed. She continued to massage her clit while I managed to steady my body by grabbing her thighs. I leaned my face into her pussy and split her lips with my tongue and dove deep into her hole. As I was fucking her with my tongue, I heard Jack let out his deep moan as his cum began spurting into my pussy. I could feel the warm, creamy liquid coating my walls. Jack slowed his pace, but stayed steadily sliding his cum covered cock in and out of me as he continued spurting inside me. He continued to moan as he milked himself with my pussy. When he finished, he slid his cock out of me and rubbed if between my ass cheeks and over my ass hole.

As Jack stepped back, holding his panty wrapped cum covered softening cock in his hand, Beth, grabbed my head and pulled me up to her. She guided me up and I turned around to face Jack as I sat on her face. She reached up and began massaging the lips of my pussy before spreading them and opening her mouth. As Jacks cum began to drip from my pussy, she quickly caught it in her mouth. There was a steady stream of cum as it was clear that Jack and completely filled my pussy with his cream. As the stream slowed, Beth bashed her tongue past my lips and deep inside my hole. I could feel as she licked the cum from the inside of my walls and guided it out of my hole into her mouth. As she finished cleaning the inside of my pussy she guided me down onto my back. As I lay with my legs spread, she picked my panties up off the side of the bed and returned to my pussy. As I began to massage my clit, she spread my hole with her fingers. She wadded up my panties and began to work them into my hole. As she inserted my panties into my pussy, she told me that this would keep Jack's cum from running down my legs on my way home. After fully inserting them into me, she closed me legs. I sat up and moved to the edge of the bed as she stood up and walked over to Jack and his soft cock.

She softly yanked her panties off of Jack's cock, causing him to jump. She quickly pulled her cummy panties over her hips and covered her reddened pussy. She picked up our dresses and handed mine to me. With my panties still inside my pussy, I stood up and pulled my dress over my breasts and down over my body as did she. Giving Jack a quick kiss goodbye, we quickly left the hotel room and giggled arm in arm as we walked down the hall to the elevator.

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