Night to remember
It had been too long since I last touched his warm, smooth skin, smelled his scent, and tasted his flesh. Now that I had him here with me, I wanted to take my time and memorize every inch of him. I wondered if he had any idea what he did to me? What I felt whenever I saw the smallest part of his flesh? Snickering wickedly inside I thought...after tonight he would.

I get the most electrifying thrill that runs through me whenever I catch a glimpse of his stomach as his shirt raises; a deep wantonly ache whenever I stare at his manly bulge; and an ungodly desire that fills me when I catch him staring at my chest.

Simply put -- I love his body. I love touching it, caressing it, licking it, and tasting it. I love the smell, the heat, and the texture. So that is where I decided to start.

I slowly removed his clothes, piece by piece, revealing his ridiculously sexy body to me. In a way, I was unwrapping him, open and bare to my gaze. I had him lie on the bed and put his hands behind his head and keep them there. No matter what I did, no matter how badly he may have wanted to move them, he had to keep them there or I would stop. I wanted to take my time to discover and explore without any interruptions.

After arranging him on the bed, I slowly removed my clothing, letting his hungry gaze take in my naked flesh. I began my worship of his body at his forehead, softly pressing my lips to his brow, kissing gently, before moving down. I was imprinting the shape of his eyes, the curve of his cheek, and the steel of his jaw.

Slowly, I traced the shape of his mouth with my tongue before teasingly dangerously between his lips. I ran the tip of my tongue across his teeth, tracing the contours before slowly sliding my tongue into his mouth. I kissed him deeply, rubbing my tongue against his, thrusting my tongue in and out. The kiss turned ravenous with want, need, and desire.

Before I lost my head, however, I pulled back, sucking on his bottom lip and looked into his passion-glazed eyes. Oh yes, he wanted this too and it was driving him crazy to let me be in control.

I tortured him a little more with my tongue by licking a path from his neck to his shoulder. I could tell he was getting more excited by his never-ending groans. When I reached the point where his neck meets his shoulder, I lightly bit him -- taking his skin between my teeth, and giving him my mark. I felt him gasp as I did this, his organ hardening with the excitement.

At this point, I pushed his legs apart and knelt between them so that I could explore the rest of his body. My breasts pressed lightly against his chest, my nipples grazing his as I moved over him. I moved down from his throat, across his chest, licking and sucking on his flesh. I kissed my way across to his nipple, where I circled it with my tongue, arousing it, running my tongue across the flat top, making it sensitive, before sucking it into my mouth. I took it lightly between my teeth, biting gently, rolling it between my lips. With one final swipe of my tongue, I then moved to the other nipple, giving it the exact same attention as the first.

I moved down his body, kissing my way down across his stomach, abdomen, and settled my legs around him; wedging him between them as I sucked and licked the flesh around his navel, dipping my tongue into it. He flexed as my breasts pressed against him, rubbing him as his hips arched.

Noticing he was enjoying this a little too much, I pulled away and continued my journey downward. I bypassed his groin, instead kissing and sucking my way down his legs. I made my way down his thigh, past his knee, along his calf, leaving a trail from my tongue. I then repeat this on his other leg in the opposite direction.

While I did this, I noticed he was glistening a little as his body was preparing for what was to come. Not finished with my examination, I settled between his thighs and lightly dragged my nails along the skin of his inner thighs before reaching his scrotum area. I took his precious jewels in one hand, lightly and slowly massaging them. I then wrapped my other hand around the base of his quivering member, holding it, squeezing it as I leaned over and slowly licked all around the head, finding every drop of his essence that my hand had missed. I licked up and down, swiping my tongue over his slit, before slowly sliding him into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around him, closed my eyes and just savored him for a moment. I had no idea how long this memory had to last, so I was going to milk I for all it was worth.

However, my night went a little differently than I had planned. He could no longer stay restrained and decided to do a little turning of the tables. I can't say I didn't enjoy every second of this little payback. When neither of us could stand it any longer we joined in the most intense session of lovemaking I'd ever had, culminating at the peak of the most amazing orgasm either of had ever experienced. I was certainly what I had planned...a night neither of us would ever forget.
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