Night train
Walking down the ramp to the train Edinburgh station was almost deserted, it was the last train and Dele was happy to have caught it otherwise she would have had to get a hotel for the night. She had been going to stay with Adrian but her planned surprise had gone wrong when he wasn't happy to see her, they had argued and she had stormed off, what a waste of £50 she thought remembering the new underwear she had bought as a "Xmas present" for him.
The train was very quiet, she walked to the rear and found a quiet corner in an empty carriage, she sat at the very back, looking up as the door opened and a guy walked in sitting near the front.
Whistles blew and the train lurched slowly out of the station heading to Newcastle, she stood slipping her long heavy coat off her shoulders throwing it onto the seat opposite, she had on the thin cashmere V neck cardigan and a pencil skirt which rode up as she sat down.
Reaching into her bag she pulled out her I pad and started to read as the train made its way slowly out of the city lights. She was reading a story sent to her which was erotic, as she read she realised her nipples had been rubbing against the silky half cups of her bra and the soft fine wool of her cardigan as she ran to catch the train which had made them harden she loved having her boobs played with but Adrian was always too keen to get to her pussy. The friction mixed with her xmas plan not coming to fruition and the book had made her feel quite horny.
Dele reached into her bag and pulled out the Pepsi she had bought she unscrewed the top and sipped the cold sweet liquid, as she pulled the bottle from her lips the train jerked and she spilt some onto her cardigan, cursing she rubbed a tissue over it soaking it up, as she did so she gasped as her hand brushed her aching nipple. She looked around the carriage the lights were quite dim, she unzipped her cardigan a little and slipped her hand inside to adjust her bra, as her fingers adjusted the slightly coarse lace her body tingled, pulling down the cup a little she rubbed her nipple gently, she blushed, after another quick glance she took the firm flesh between her finger and thumb and gently rolled it, biting her lip. She looked around again then leaned back against the window her hand squeezing and rolling her breast, she pinched and rolled her nipple harder, making her squirm in the seat, her zipper undone almost half way exposing her black half cup bra, her 36c boobs heaving, she clamped her thighs together her eyes closed when suddenly the door at the front of the carriage opened and a voices said
"Tickets please"
Dele scrabbled trying to zip up her top as the guard approached he smiled looking down he could clearly see her bra and cleavage, he thanked her telling her the train would be slowing as rain had affected the ground and they needed to be careful and left through a door behind her.
Dele tried to concentrate on her book but couldn't she could feel moisture between her legs she pressed her hand against the front of her skirt making her moan and wriggle a little. Checking around she leaned back and wriggled her skirt up a little then slid her hand up the sheer silky holdup covering her leg, her fingers felt the patterned top then her smooth skin, she bit her lip knowing she should stop but unable to, she pulled her skirt higher, parting her legs her fingers encountered the damp silk of her French knickers, she lightly rubbed her finger against it then licked her finger tasting the slightly salty musky juice. She slipped her fingers between the leg of the underwear and touched her wet pussy lips, her finger running up & down the wet flesh. Lying farther back she pulled her knees up a little and slipped 2 fingers into her wet pussy, pushing slowly deeper into her moist hole, she eased her fingers back out then again in, she curled her fingers deeper. She looked around all was quiet as the train travelled onward, standing a little she pulled her skirt higher then lay back on the seat, parting her knees she pushed her hand into the waistband of her knickers and into her pussy as she moved her hand her hips pushed forward her hand and hips pumped faster, she let her thumb rest against her clitoris making her cry out softly as she felt her body tremble.
Dele stopped taking her wet fingers she pulled the cup of her bra down and wet the still hard nipple with her juice she quickly glanced around then bent her head flicking her tongue over the nipple , groaning she sucked it gently then closed her white teeth around it nipping gently she clamped her thighs around her hand as her body shuddered, her nipple slipped from her lips as she tugged her skirt up she slipped the hood of her clitoris back and gently circled and stroked it her hips responding, faster and faster she stroked it her whole body tingling, she felt her stomach flutter then contract, she pushed 2 fingers deep as her pussy flooded, wedged in the seat she jerked and trembled, her fingers were soaked she could feel her juices on her inner thighs and panties, she slowly sat up trying to clean herself with tissues, she grabbed a T shirt from her bag.
As the train slowed approaching Newcastle she took her coat slipping it on and walked to the door, from the dark cab the conductor stared the smell of his cum strong in the air.

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