Nightclub passion
The music pulsed through the rumbling nightclub as Beth sipped her Mojito. The bass reverberated through her body. A mass of bodies danced in time with the beat while her eyes scanned over the crowd. She was drawn to the entrance of the club as a towering, blond man filled the doorway. A low moan escaped her throat as she saw him strut through the club, weaving through the bodies that invaded his path to the bar.

Richard ordered a jack and coke as he looked over the crowd, his eyes meeting the dark haired woman at the end of the bar. Her deep brown orbs sparkled as she met his gaze.

Her thoughts left her recent break up as she rested her chin in her palm, gazing at him.

Richard sipped his drink, relishing the burn before walking over to Beth. A slow grin spread across her face while her eyes trailed over the tight dark black, aqua shirt and stone washed jeans that showed off his muscular frame. His eyes devoured her body in that short dark red dress that hugged her curves.

"Hey there," Richard said with a smile as he leaned against the bar next to Beth.

"Hey, I haven't seen you before. I'm in here pretty regularly."

"First time coming here. Heard nothing but good things." He sipped his drink again, relishing the burn in his throat. "I'm Richard."

She traced a finger up and down her chest, her cleavage-spilling out over the top of the dress. "I'm Beth." She flashed him a mischievous smile. "The DJ is pretty good and this place is pumping tonight."

His eyes followed her finger before meeting hers again. "I think I found a new favorite club already."

She turned on the bar stool, facing him, her knee brushing his groin. "I'm glad to hear that. I want to dance. You comin'?"

"You know it," he said with a wide smile, finishing his drink as Beth stepped off her stool.

She swayed her hips as she made her way onto the dance floor, Richard close behind, his eyes locked on her pert rear end. She led him to the dark corner of the club, rocking her body slowly. She turned her head and her eyes locked with Richard's, her body snaking to the beat, the rhythm flowing through her. She waved her finger in a come-hither motion at him and he quickly joined her, sly grin on her face. He slid behind her, hands on her sides as she ground her hips against him, leaning back, pressing tight to his body. His body pressed hers as he rocked his hips in time with the beat. He drew his hands over her, a sweet heat building between them. They closed their eyes, getting lost in the music as they danced together. His cock hardened against her ass through his jeans as he slid his hands over her silky thighs.

"Mmmm," She let out a soft moan from her chest, feeling so sexy. Her body grinded back on his hardened member as she reached back, grabbed his hips, pulling him closer, tighter.

"Beth, you are driving me wild." Richard breathed hot air on her neck, planting a soft kiss on her glistening skin as his fingers traced her skirt. His fingers slowly sliding up along her inner thigh, he felt a damp heat between her thighs as she turned her head and kissed him hard. Lips pressed tight together, mouths parted as they tangled their tongues together, both moaning into their kiss. He traced a finger along her wet panties, her hands gripping tighter on his hips to keep her balance as they kept grinding.

His finger sent shocks up her spine. He stroked back and forth before she finally pulled back, her lipstick smeared lightly and they both panted hard. He took her hand and led her to the unoccupied booth in the darkened corner of the room, sliding into the seat and pulling her down onto his lap, her legs spread around his. He grinned up into her eyes, sliding his hands back up her skirt. She looked around, nervous, realizing that it was happening right here right now. Trepidation ran through Beth's mind, thinking of how dangerous and exciting this was.

"Oooh," she sighed softly as he slid her panties to the side. His index finger slowly pushed into her wet folds, feeling how tight she was. She unfastened his pants, pulling his hard, throbbing member out of its confines. Beth slowly stroked his hard cock in her hand and grinned, locking eyes.

Richard smiled. "Oh yes."

His cock throbbed in her hand. She leaned and kissed him hard again, then rose and slowly pushed him into her depths. She moaned loudly into his mouth as his hands on her thighs, as they slowly started to rock back and forth, their tongues once again in a decadent battle of desire.

Grinding hard, Richard felt his member being squeezed as her pussy walls pulsed and stroked him. The heat built up between their bodies as his hands moved to her breasts. He cupped them, squeezing softly as they rocked hard with his cock buried inside of her, her fingers scratching down his chest. They broke their kiss, panting into each other's mouths, grinding their bodies against each other; Richard squeezed her breasts firmer as she squeezed his cock with her walls. They rocked back and forth faster, his cock throbbing inside of her wet tunnel, feeling it soak his skin as she squeezed her pussy with every thrust, her legs shaking around him.

His cock buried to the hilt, they continued to grind to the music, lost in the heat between them. Their hands roamed each other's bodies, breathlessly kissing each other, tongues dancing. The bass beat through their bodies and they moaned into each other's mouths, grinding stronger, the heat building more and more.

A waitress approached the table, noticing something was amiss. "Excuse m..." she began before Beth let out a carnal growl, eyes locked on hers, refusing to let something interrupt this. The waitress quickly backed away and ran to her supervisor, telling him the situation. He quickly grabbed his radio and ordered two of his bouncers to get them out of the club.

Their bodies continued in their primal dance, grinding back and forth. They kissed deeply as they both reached their climax. Richard shot his load deep within Beth's tight depths as her juices spilled out over his lap.

They were still grinding as the two security guards grabbed the both of them, breaking them apart and quickly taking them to the side entrance of the club. The two hulks pushed them out into the alley. "Don't come back here again!" one barked as he slammed the door shut.

The two looked over each other. Beth's face was red, perspiration covered her features, her skirt wrinkled and she felt their passion ooze from her pussy, Richard's cock hung in the cool night air, dripping with her juices and his hair was soaked in sweat.

Beth smiled as she stepped forward, tucking Richard's member back into his jeans and slowly zipped them up. "My place or yours?" she whispered huskily against his ear.

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