I ran though the holiday park, Lucy had an head start, I got to the caravan but it was still locked, but Lucy was inside, ''if you want to come in you've got to strip?''
I looked around, only one caravan had a view and chances are they were out enjoying the sunshine, but anyone could walk past.

I took off my shirt, Lucy eyes went to my shorts, I took off the shorts and stood there in my underwear. Lucy mouthed the word 'naked'.
So I removed my boxers, Lucy opened the door and pulled me in so quick my clothes were left outside.

We were 17 and on holiday with Lucy's parents and 15 year old sister Nikki.

I wrapped my arms around Lucy as we kissed and went for the bra clip, after some help from Lucy her 36b boobs were set free. I pulled off her T shirt, I was rock hard we had been looking for an oppertunity to fuck for 2 days. My hands went up her short skirt into her knickers and grasped her cheeks. We were locked into each other kissing and edging our way towards the bedroom enjoying the moment so much we did not notice Nikki had walked in, she couthed to get our attention.

Lucy grabbed her T shirt to put back on leaving me with just my hands covering my very erect cock. Nikki had my clothes and with a smile threw them up making me reviel my cock to catch them.

5 years later.

Nikki now 20 was hot and often reminded me she had seen me naked and teased me saying things like ''has it got any bigger'' and showing me her little finger comparing it to my dick.

One night Lucy asked if I could pick Nikki up from a party and Nikki would sleep on our sofa, this happened alot but I did'nt mind.

Nikki was very drunk and acknowledged me as ''hi small dick'' I smiled I could'nt get angry she looked too dam hot, wearing a short black dress and knee length boots.

Nikki fell asleep in the car so I had to wake her to get her into the flat, Nikki was even flirting in this state telling me how strong I was as I helped her to the sofa.
Lucy had already gone to bed and had fell asleep reading a book, so I thought I better make sure Nikki was comfortable.

I took Nikki's boots off, then I wondered should I remove her dress? It looked too expensive to sleep in. So I did, I know this was bad of me but she wriggled out of the dress like she wanted it off.
Nikki lay there in her bra and thong with one nipple popping out the bra, what was I suppose to do? This hot girl who had seen me naked was laying in front of me nearly naked and if I saw her naked we'd be even, plus her nipple was peeping out her bra!

I was so turned on, I knew what I was doing was wrong but I had no control. I unclipped her bra and carefully removed it, she wrapped her arms around me and said ''hey you'' and then we kissed. As we kissed I removed her thong and she started undressing me.

My cock was set free and landed in Nikki's mouth, she sucked me and licked me and there was no way I could stop, I stripped naked, I pulled her face to mine and kissed her tasting her alcoholic breath, I held her boobs, I squeezed her bum, I lay on top of her naked beauty and fingered her pussy before positioning my cock. I tasted her on my fingers as I slowly entered her tight pussy.

Now she would now know my cock was not small, but I had to fuck her quitely so I tried taking it slow but passion took over, Nikki nails dug into my shoulders as she tried to silent her enjoyment. As I continued pounding her, her hands scratched her way down to my bum and again they dug in, I could'nt take any more, I pulled out and creamed on her belly. Nikki fingered my cum into her mouth and then kissed me sharing my cum until she swllowed it down.

I fetched her a T shirt and we left each other to sleep, I wondered what would the morning bring, would she remember? Would she be mad? Or would she want more?

Sorry this was typed in secret on a shit phone.
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