Nikki 2
I woke up in the bed alone wondering if last night was a dream? It was Sunday so no work (yippee) I had slept in, I could hear Lucy (girlfriend) was in the kitchen as I headed into the bathroom wearing my tight hipster shorts. As I pulled my dick out Nikki (gf sister) said 'Hi' - I jumped and screamed like a girl, she was in the bath and yet again she got a glimpse of me and not in a good way, her body submerged in bubbles with just her nipples peeping through.

Lucy pulled me out, I think she was cross but its not my fault Nikki did not lock the bathroom door. Nikki thought it was funny. Nikki got out the bath and as I went back in the bathroom we passed in the hall way and Nikki's towel slipped showing her bum as she disapeared into the bedroom. I was so turned on, was she teasing me? I sat on the bath leaned back and with the image of her bum I played with myself. I was going for quick relief, just as I came and squirted across the floor Nikki came back in, why did I not lock the door? Nikki wearing leggins and a T shirt looked embarrassed, she grabbed an hair brush and left nearly slipping on the mess I had made on the foor. As I thought to myself can this get any worse I heard Nikki say ''Your boyfriends having a wank!''

As I braved the kitchen Lucy looked quite pissed off with me and left the room to go get ready to go shopping with Nikki, Nikki and I was alone. It was ackward at first, then I said ''so last night?''
''last nights a blur but thanks for the lift.''

The next time I saw Nikki was after another night out this time with Lucy. They came home drunk and Lucy was playful, we went to bed leaving Nikki on the sofa. Lucy passed me the oil and layed faced down on the bed, clearly wanting a massage. Lucy looks like Natalie Portman and I love giving her a massage, my hands worked on her shoulders as my cock pushed against her bum, I rubbed the oils down her back as I held back my urch to just fuck her, I massaged her legs this time making my way up to grasp her bum. I rubbed my body on hers, my chest going up her legs pressing against her bum and then into spooning position, it was then I realised, Lucy was a sleep!

I heard a gasp of air behind me Nikki was sitting in the doorway watching and clearly entertained with one hand touching her pussy, she was wearing a pyjama top and no knickers, her eyes were offering to finish of my erect cock. We went to the front room, I asked ''surely you can't call me small dick anymore?'' she looked me up and down and said ''lets hope you last longer this time.''

Nikki did not want to have sex in the flat she grabbed her bottems and the keys, pulled me into the hallway, I was still naked. Nikki pulled me by my dick into the lift. In the lift she took my cock into her mouth and wrapped her pierced tongue around me, keeping me hard for the fucking of a lifetime.
The lift doors opened and again I was dragged along by me dick, heading to a grassed area where we would not be seen. The cold night air made me even more horny, I could hear the main road traffic, the area we crossed was lit by street lamps.
Nikki pinned me down on the cold grass and landed her pussy on my cock, she was wet for me. She dangled her boobs on my chest brushing them to my face, her nipples were like bait to my mouth. We could hear distant voices but we did'nt care we were hidden by bushes, a couple walked past only 6ft away when we heard foot steps we stopped breathing and they walked past unaware that behind the bushes was 2 great bodies fucking.
It was time to take control, I held her close and rolled over, now I was on top. I studied Nikki's body as we fucked, my cock reaching reactions of pleasure, it was the middle of the night and we no longer cared if we were heard, we each moaned to see each others reaction and to see who was the most daring. We slowed down to kiss and then change position, Nikki went on all fours and I then got back to my pace pumping so hard her bum bones were digging into me, my balls slapping against her until she grabbed them and squeezed them hard. Nikki held my balls and pushed them up her pussy. Her added touch proved too much, I pulled out, but I was not finished, the sight of her bum was too tempting, I pushed my middle finger up first, with no resistance the green light was on. My cock entered her tight bum, Nikki's bum danced with my cock as my hands moved to control her swaying boobs and then down to touch her wet pussy. I thrusted deep as I let go of my cum, her juices was leaking out of her smooth pussy. I was denied from licking her pussy as she grabbed my face to kiss me a kiss of a pleased women.

We walked back to the flat, I was still naked and Nikki was looking cute in her pyjamas, we gasped as we saw the CCTV in the entrance way, we raced to the lift. Nikki got in the lift first I got behind her pulled down her bottems, bent her over and stuck my cock back in her pussy before the doors had even shut. I fucked her so hard she screamed in pleasure, I wanted to cum in her arse so I stuck my thumb in first and then switched to my cock. I thrusted a few times and then filled her arse with cum, Nikki arse looked gorgeous leaking my cum. The doors had opened and shut again, Nikki lay exhasted while I feasted on her pussy I did not care if it my cum or hers I was lost in the moment.
The lift started going back down, we looked at each other in panic, we pressed lots of buttons and it stopped on the next level. The doors opened, nobody was there, we ran to the stairs, in the stair well we heard steps heading up at pace, so we ran back to the lift, but it had gone already, we pressed the button and hid round the corner, the lift came up empty, we got back in, as the lift headed back to our floor we made each other a promise that this was the last time we would fuck each other, but I kept my fingers crossed so who knows?
The doors opened and the coast was clear, we made it back inside the flat.
I got back in bed with Lucy, my balls ached and I smelled of sex, Lucy was still naked and I was getting hard.
As I stroked her arse Lucy made the right noises, it was game on. X

Sorry this was typed in secret on a shit phone.
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