No Do-Overs
There are no "do-overs' in real life, no second chances.You either take the chance or lose the opportunity. It was a tough decision but she couldn't say no............. not to him.

She agreed to meet him for this one opportunity to be together, no strings attached. She knew it was foolish but she didnt care. Lust had controlled her decision, it always did where he was concerned. He made her heart race, he made her body ache for his touch.

They had never met, never touched but she knew him so well just through his words. He enticed her , he mesmerized her , he infatuated her, he had her spellbound.

The desire to be with him overruled all her sensibliites and reduced her to reacting on lust, on desire, on passion.

They met for lunch at a hotel in the city. She had dressed carefully for the occasion wearing a dress of blue saphire with a deep v neckline. She wore her highest heels showing off her long, sleek legs.

When she walked into the restaurant he knew her in an instant. He stood up and greeted her with a soft kiss .

He oouldn't believe she had really come and didnt take his eyes off her all through lunch. He held her hand and looked directly into her eyes.

She was awe suck, taken aback by his gentleness, his manner. She hadnt been prepared for that, to like him so much. She thought it was only lust they had in commmon.

They left the dining room and went up to their room. He was the lover of her dreams, pasionate, tender and knowledgeable. He brought her up and over the edge over and over again. He did things to her that her husband had never done, never thought of.

They spent the afternoon making love . Lost in their passion and desire for each other.

When the day was over they said their goodbys and knew that it was over. They wouldn't come together again they had agreed no strings attached. They both had lives to continue to live.

Years have passed since that afternoon but not a day goes by that she doesn't think of that afternoon of loving and wonders why. Why she settled for anything less........ but there are no do-overs in life, only regrets.
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