No Longer Two, But One
I have to thank Touch for all his guidance and help on this one. I am having some health problems and due to medication my mind is not totally cooperating to write, and he set me back on the right path more than once. So my heartfelt thanks you wonderful man, without you this story would not have been the same.

My mind focuses on that which my heart and body wants, heightening my senses.

To smell the masculine scent of your skin, a combination of cologne and the man underneath, sets my body on fire, filling me with an almost unquenchable desire.

To taste your mouth as our lips meet, and tongues explore for the very first time, caressing against each other, discovering, learning, arousing, only builds the flames higher.

To feel your erection pressed against my core through our jeans, brings me to the edge. I can feel your heat radiating off of you, my inner muscles clench, and I long to feel that hard heat burning me from within.

Your lips kissing down my neck, brings a shiver, as goosebumps raise on my body.

Does he know that he is making me tremble, making me need so desperately, my body an instrument finely tuned to the slightest touch of his hand?

Yes he knows, and revels in it! He is the master musician. His hands and lips playing my body, my gasps, moans, and sighs, a symphony he is creating. And I am his eager and willing instrument in this labor of love.

Clothes are off now, and our hands begin a journey of discovery. Your breath catches when I touch you here. I moan when you touch me there. Our hands seeking and finding the different pleasure zones on each others bodies, discovering what drives our lover crazy with desire.

You finally fill me, and two become one. But our pleasurable journey has only just begun. Our hands embrace, fingers interlace, as our bodies move in that age old dance of love. You into me, me sheathing you, our bodies dance in perfect sync. Our hearts and bodies so perfectly in tune, it's as if we have been lovers for a lifetime instead of this being our first.

My sheath tightens around your pleasure sword like a silken vice as you bring me to ecstasy more times than I can count. My pleasure filled cries echo in the room, the most beautiful music to your ears. Your lips again take mine, our tongues waltzing in time to the tempo your body is leading mine in.

You lower to me. Now we are heart against heart, wrapped tightly in each others embrace. Your panting breath is like the wind in my hair. My legs encircle you, mimicking my arms, our bodies now joined at all points.

Your pace increases, and I follow your lead, our bodies pounding quickly, just like our hearts. I feel you swell, pushing harder against my silky walls. Our moans harmonize as we simultaneously reach our peak, both of us tumbling into sweet bliss. You still as you flood me deep within, your creamy seed overflowing, the excess running out to pool on the sheets below me. My body pulsates wildly around you, heightening both of our pleasure.

Our earth shattering orgasms finally pass, and you turn us to lay on our sides, still intimately joined for now. Our hearts beat a fast staccato against the others chest, but just like our panting breaths, it is starting to slow. We kiss once again, the gentle, loving nature of it telling me how treasured I am, more than any words ever could.
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