No Regrets part 3
To say that Grace avoid me was an understatement. She refused to look at me when I spoke to her,even at the neighborhood block party a few days later. I knew that she was ashamed of what she ... we had done, but I wasn't. This fueled my anger and resentment against her and later against her husband. Grace seemed to be trying to make things right with him. Appearing as the happy married couple that they were not, and I knew this. I just had to prove it to Grace how wrong she was. So I did some research and found what I needed. After setting things into play I sat back and waited for Graces' world to fall apart.
It was two weeks before I started my residency, when I started my assault on Grace's marriage. I had heard from my mother that Adam was going out of town for the week on business one morning over breakfast. This was after she and my father made their announcement that they were selling the house and moving to Florida with in the month. I knew then that I had to speed up my plans. As I sat there listening to my parents, talk I went over plans for Grace and made a decision.

"Mom, dad ... how much do you want for the house?"

Lord what had I done was all that I could think of as I ran back home. I had just seduced the young son of my neighbor and I am married! I was so confused and heart sick that I skipped dinner and went right to bed after having a good cry in the shower. Sometime later that night Adam returned home. I faked sleep as I listened to him quietly getting ready for bed. He got it without touch me, turned his back to me and went right to sleep. I inhaled deeply of the air and detected a light almost unnoticeable scent. It was inviting, slightly floral,and it wasn't mine. I kept my eyes closed and again I cried this time it was on the inside.

When the sun rose the next morning I had decided what I was going to do. I had spent the night going over everything from Adam to Grayson. It would be simple, Grayson I was going to ignore and Adam I was going divorce. I had planned on being out of it all before the end of the summer. So I made some phone calls and set my plan into action...

Lord if I had known what he would do could I have stopped him? ...would I have wanted him to?
I had tried to talk to Grace, but she continued to avoid me so I decided after hearing that Adam was out of town for a week to force the issue.
On the day that Adam left I volunteer with my father to help Grace put flower beds in. She had purchased the bed form already constructed so it would only take a few hours. I was able to talk my father out helping and to take my mother to the movies instead. I went to work without telling Grace that it would be just she and I doing the work. I started as soon as I got my parents off.
Walking across to Grace's house,I saw Melva the neighborhood would be sex goddess,standing in front of her home wearing next to nothing. She was every teenage boy's wet-dream asleep or awake. Her dyed blond hair flowing down her back in big curls, wearing booty shorts,no bra under her white tee shirt, letting her 40ddd's hang free and enough make up for 3 women. She waved at me and gesturing to come over to her,I kept walking toward Grace. Melva and I had already been there and done from age of 12 and 16 right after her fourth husband had left her. I remembered her seducing me in with her big pink nipple tits that be spilling out of her v neck tops whenever I was around. So one day I let her show me how it was done...We started fucking in her kitchen and ended up in her bedroom with her sucking my dick. That summer I learned how to fuck and do it well. As time went on, I continued my education on how to please a woman with different teachers, but I still fucked Melva on the side. When I turned 17, I told a friend's brother about Melva thus passing her on. Now at 50, she had schooled all the boys who were now men in the neighborhood. I just waved and kept walking toward Grace.

The day was warm as I walked out the back door to the garden. This had been my ideal to at least getting something I wanted with the house but after reconsidering things my heart wasn't in it. As I stood there I could feel the black cotton tee and short set start sticking to my skin. I now wished that I hadn't asked for help. Then I could have just worn the short and tee with no under clothes. As I stood there regretting my situation I heard the gate open and turn to welcome my neighbor...

She stood there with her hair twisted up and clamped on the top of her head wearing a black tee and short set that hugged her curves tastefully without being vulgar or showy in any way. I could tell by the look on her face that I was not who she had been expecting.

"Hi Grace," I said as I watched the shock and realization in her face.

"I...your father...."

"Something came up,and I told my father that I would help you ...unless you want to tell him why you don't want me to help you,"I said knowing that the tone I was using was daring her to give voice to what happened between us. I watched as she realized it and made her decision...

"Ok...I am glad that you could help. Really,all I need is help placing the forms the rest I can do..."

"Grace I know what you need ...," I said as I walked toward her letting my words hang in the air between us that was already hot and humid. I watched as Grace took in their meaning and froze in place as I walked with in a few inches of her. Feeling the heat radiating off her it made me want to go to her,but I stayed focus. I wanted Grace to make the next move, to come to me on her own,but I wasn't above helping her makeup her mind.I walked over to the forms and started separating them after checking the markers that my father had put out. Then I started to place them without looking at Grace. Who was still standing where she had been when I entered.

"I could use your help," I said feeling her eyes on me and wishing it was her hands and mouth as well.

I watched her in my peripheral vision shaking her self slightly as she moved to help me.

Noooo...not him, I screamed inside of my mind and the vision of my most erotic dreams of late walked toward me. I tried to speak to ask him why he was here but what came out made no sense. Even after he explained, I stood there not knowing what to say or do. I was ignoring him and now he was here. Many questions ran through my mind, but what stood out was whether or not he would remind me about the day in his bedroom? Then he said he knew what I needed and I my body went into override and I creamed my panting so heavily that I felt it might leak through my shorts. Then my pussy started cramping seeking something to hold on to... it was like it was hungry and wanted something to eat. Shaking myself out of my shock I went to help him with the forms.

We worked together to complete the lay out of the garden sweltering in the heat and humidity of the day. Two hours into it I called for a break, by then Grayson tee shirt and shorts were wet rags wrapped around his body and I was no better. I went inside to get us something cool to drink and something to munch on as it was lunch time. When I came back out I saw a vision that made me almost drop the tray, I was carrying laden down with drinks and lunch. Grayson was standing there in my backyard using the water hose to wet down his naked body. I blinked and then realize that he wasn't naked, just my mind playing tricks on me.

"Are you ok Grace?" Grayson asked as I blinked a few time trying to clear my head of the vision of him.

"Yes, come to lunch," I said in voice that sounded shaky even to me.

He joined me at the small table in the center of the garden dripping wet his clothes clinging to his body showing almost all I had seen before. It disturbed me then as it disturbing me now. I quickly put the tray down and pour drink it to glasses as I keep up a mindless chatter about the garden. Keeping my eyes adverted from Grayson who had taken the seat across from me. I bite into the ham and cheese sandwich and took a drink of the lemonade before looking at Grayson's who was just sitting there.


I kept chewing and went back to not looking at him.
"Grace...what happened between us..."

"I don't want to talk about please...I am, I am sorry..."

"Stop Grace,stop it now!,"Grayson said in tone that shut me down. It was quiet just above a whisper and serious.

He stood up and tripped off his wet clothes exposing the fact that he was going commando. Then he sat back down and took a bit of his sandwich.
I sat there for a second staring at him in his naked state then I remembered to swallow and breathe.

"Grace the way I see it, is that you have what I want and if you are willing to admit it to yourself I have what you need,"Grayson said as he took a sip of his lemonade.

"Mmmm this is good,"

My mouth was dry as I sat across from this man who had peeped my cards. He knew my needs, even those that I had refused to admit to myself. I took a long drink of the tart yet sweet lemonade and relished it wetness. Putting the glass down I leaned back in my chair to put some space between us at least a little more than just the table. In doing so I saw Grayson nakedness and felt my head go light. Damn, I was going to faint at the sight of a naked man... REALLY!!!

"Look,Grayson ...I am a married..."

"I don't give a shit..."

"What happened I am sorry ...?"

"Hell, no you aren't sorry and neither and I,"
Grayson said softly as he leaned back in the chair to look across the table at me.

I could see the black hairs as they drifted down with purpose to region below the table. I found myself staring at that spot wondering again as my mouth started to water at the thought ... no the remembrance of...

"Nooo Grace you can't have this until I get something in return...," Grayson said as he slid a hand between himself and the table to grab what I could now only seem the top of that was a deep red. It seemed deepened in color and larger as he stroked his cock slowly with purpose.

My panties and short were now wet from front to back as my pussy became a hot pot for my clit. Lord my skin, my clothes were too hot, too tight, and I needed out, but Grayson? I don't know what shocked me the most, the fact I wanted a man who was not my husband,the fact he was so much younger than me or both. I put my head in my hands and moaned. The moan was deep and heart felt as my frustration and longing was eating away at my resolve to not repeat what I had already happened between us.

"Grace anyone who would care is gone for the week. We have time to explore what is between us ... to see where it will go. And if it looks like it's a dead end then...well YOU can go back our safe little world," Grayson said as he stood up and walked away from the table leaving me sitting there.

I knew as the screen door close he had gone into the house... into my house. Standing up,I almost sat back down as a slight wave of dizziness came over me. Steadying myself I walked over and picked up Grayson discarded soaking wet clothes. They smelled of the earth and of him, a scent that sent my senses reeling as my body tingled with desire. I opened my eyes I hadn't known I had close, to find myself inside my home, still holding his wet clothes to my body. The front of me was now wet and a new scent was added, my own arousal. I let it led me up the stair to where I heard the shower going. At the top of the stairs, I dropped Grayson wet clothes on the floor and then added my own. By now, the evidence of my desire was running thick and warm from between my thighs. The rest of my body was rushing to keep up as with each step I got closure to...then I open the shower door and step in. Grayson had his back to me but turn to take me into his arms underneath the twin shower heads. The water seemed cool in spite of the steam surrounding us. Maybe it was due to the heat generated between us as we stood there wrapped in each other arms. I looked up into his face blinking water droplets from my eyes as I went up on tip toes to kiss him. It was soft seeking acceptance then deepened as he licked my lips from corner to corner and then plugged his tongue into my mouth. I moaned as our tongues caressed and danced together fueling all the fires that had been smoldering. In me, they burned away all the reason and doubts that I was sure would return,but not today...

He releases me and started to wash my body using his hands and my soap. Starting at my feet Grayson moved up my body leading by a trail of kisses. His hands and fingers became all things to me as he teased and pushed me to where I knew he wanted me to go. Fingers exploring the folds of my pussy and stroking is silky walls as they flick at my clit in passing now once but many time. This he did until I could barely stand. So I leaned against the cold of the shower walls to hold me up ... I gasped as I was now caught between fire and ice. The tile walls were cool almost cold to my back and the heat that Grayson was raising in me it was exquisite pleasure.

Grayson now smiled with his eyes as he knew that he had me where no was not part of my vocabulary anymore where he was concerned.

I closed my eyes and sunk into his caresses and our desire. He took me to the edge of release time after time, but never did he let me fall. By the time he carried me from the shower I was shaking so hard that I could only moan. He had me begging him to caress that last part of me that hadn't been touch in so long.

"Grace regret...,"Grayson said softly as he looked deep into my eyes and letting me see his intent. From here on out there will be no regrets between us. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"Yes,Grayson I do,"I said knowing that everything has a price and at some point and time the payment will be due. Even in that there could be no regrets.

Then he slid himself into me...into my tight hot wetness, that had taken up is own throbbing cadence from just his caresses. I screamed and moaned his name all at the same time from the pleasure and the pain of it all. I held on to him digging my fingers into his flesh as I wrapped my legs around him pulling closure as he pushed himself deeper into that spot. Once there he filled it with his warmth and presences and I cried. I cried as I begged him to this once ... make love to me.

"Grace, when I'm finished, as you are begging me now you will be begging me more even than," Grayson said so calmly and matter of fact.

He pulled all the way out of me, leaving me empty.
In shock I tried to push and pull him back into me only to have Grayson's natural strength over power me.


"Oh Grace all you ever have to do is ask and I will give you anything..."

"Pleaseee," I begged him as he leaned into me and kissed me while driving his cock without mercy back into me. The lower half of me came up off the bed with the force.

Grayson slammed his cock back into me with such a force I saw stars, and then the rest of the world was lost to me. As he did things to me that had me shaking and begging for more knowing it may be too much.

He put my legs on his shoulders to get those last few inches in me and hit the back of my cervix as he did so. I gasped in pain and pleasure as he pulled back to rested against it. I wrapped myself around in eminence pleasure and he kissed my face and lips as his hands stroke and caressed me. It was like Grayson was driving me out of my skin as he started to move in and out of my body. Then he pulled me up into a sitting position and I rode him. Using the muscular walls my pussy to massage him, I watched the pleasure that I was giving him show in his face. His eyes were so blue and filled with desire as he kissed me murmuring my name against in the kiss... I did the same back. It was about then that I felt it, the stirring call of my orgasm and my body shuttered in response as I picked up speed. But Grayson wouldn't have any of this.

Before I realized it he had pulled and pushed off him and back on to the bed. With the sound of his cock leaving my body like a cork popping out of a bottle of champagne, I laid there among the sheets. I was all sweaty, desire, lust and wanting more of what he was giving me. I watched him as he got up off the bed with his cock sticking out from his body glistening with wetness his and mine. Knowing what he wanted I crawled across the bed to him, letting him see in my face that I was more than willing to give him that and more. As I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth I could taste us. All salty and sweet at the same time and I wanted more.

So warm and so tight was all I could think of when I pushed my cock into Grace's pussy. It was so much more than I had expected and I had to concentrate to not cum with every inch that I moved into her. As she wrapped herself around me inside and out all the wet heat with her muscles stroking my cock had me fight for control, then I looked into into her face ... her eyes and saw it all. Pulling her up into a sitting position I gave her the control and let her feel her power over me. Digging my finger into her luscious ass, I held on as her pussy convenience me into almost relinquishing any attempt of getting my control back. As I looked into her beautiful face seeing all the want and need there and so much more, I let myself slip. Grace increases her movement and her speed. I knew that I had to stop her or I would be done for before I was ready. Besides she had some boundaries that I had to get through to achieve my goal. Pulling and pushing her off of me back onto the bed where she lad in all of her wet hot naked glory with her pussy opening like a flower before me. Entranced and wanted to inhale it fragrant as well as taste it nectar, leaning into it when Grace stopped me by saying 69. I smiled and went about arranging myself to her pleasure as she did the same for me.

My mouth to her pussy hers to my cock and we both started to suck, lick, taste and inhale the essence of each other. With fingers added we explored each other until we couldn't take any more and it look like we were fucking each other with our mouths. Then it came the stirring of my orgasm and I am sure Grace's as well. I quickly pulled my cock reluctantly out of her mouth to her surprise and disapproval and then just as quick shoved it between her legs. At that moment I thought I would lose my mind as a sensation rippled through me from my cock to the rest of my body. I started pushing and pulling myself out of her as fast as I could chasing that feeling of us together. Then we came, we came screaming moaning and clawing at each other. As we tried desperately to make ourselves into one, to hold to us as we fell into our orgasm and its wave of undeniable pleasure.

I locked up the house and left Grace asleep in the bed but not before whispering that I would return to her. She murmured my name and something else as I kissed her cheek. I smiled inside and out. As I walked back across the street to my house I saw Melva standing on my steps as if she had just pressed the doorbell. I sighed as I knew what she wanted and what she would do when she was told no.

"Hey baby," she said in that little girl south drawl she would always use when she was being seductive.

"Hi Melva and the answer is no," I said without giving her a chance to talk.

"Buttt, baby..."

"Melva that was a while ago and I have moved on and you should to,"I said letting her hear the finality in my voice.

Melva turned and look back at Grace's house as we stood there in the dimming later afternoon light.
"Oh so that how it is," she said bitterly
I said nothing as it was none of her business, but I knew that she would do and I counted on that. I watched as she walked away from my house glancing at Grace's as she went.

Yes Melva,now go be the bitch that I know you are and help me getGrace away from Adam. He needs to pay for what he did and Grace will be happy... with me," Grayson thought to himself as a soft smiled dance on his lips and icy glaze came to his eyes. Then as quickly as it came it disappeared when he looked over at Grace's home. Turning Grayson whistling a random tune as he walked into his home thinking about what he was going to cook Grace tonight for dinner.
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