No Regrets part 4
The week went by fast. Grayson took every opportunity to be with Grace and to tear down all barriers sexual or otherwise. He was happy that Grace's sexual desires match his own once she found that she could trust him. They explored each other and each time finding something new to love and admire.

It was early one morning after he had awaken me in the most amazing of ways as it seemed to be his way. As I started down the path near my home for my morning walk it came back in waves of heat, the tightening in and of special places. I moaned as the memory chased me down and brought me to a stand- still on the path. Closing my eyes I breathe deeply of forest surrounding me. It acted like an aphrodisiac to the memory of that morning. Smiling I drifted back to the morning, being waken up with the most wonderful of feelings. My toes curling as my body arced off the bed to follow and yet run away from that mouth teasing and sucking at me. Openly I moaned with joy, throwing my arm up over my head, a physical expression of this feeling as I sandwiched his head between my legs. I could feel the silkiness of his hair which I had convinced him to grow it back against my thighs. Causing should feel the warm wet soaking my panties and shorts in remembrance. As strange as it may sound, this was a new feeling for me. While the sexual relationship between Adam and I had been good, with Grayson it was amazing. He seemed to take great pleasure in finding new ways to take me to the edge and to hold me there until my body shaking and I was begging to cum. This morning was no exception.

He had not spent the night, but had returned in the morning. Slipping into bed with me where I laid naked and warm dreaming of him ... of us. Gone was the path in the woods and I was back in bed with him. Grayson's warm naked body next to me as we laid on top of the white cotton sheet with the soft whirling of the ceiling fan above us. I could hear music playing softly from the CD player adding sweet music to the moment.

"Are you awake?" Grayson whispered softly against my ear as his hands did their up most best to wake me in the most sensual of ways. A stroke here, a caress there, even a pinch or two, it all had me smiling a sleepy" come and get it" smile up at Grayson when I turned to face him.

"Good morning," I said as he kissed my lips, then my eyes with butterfly kisses.

"Are you awake?" Grayson asked me with a serious yet playful look on his face.

I closed my eyes and pretend to be asleep even faking a snore!

"Oh really is this the game you are playing...Grace?" Grayson whispered against my lips with just a touch of laughter in his voice.
With that said Grayson set about the business of waking me up. In a matter of seconds he had me fully awake fucking me hanging half off the bed! I was digging my nails into the sheet as he drove himself into me, telling in sensual whispers what he was going to do me. Grayson had me at a point where he could have tied me up upside down and fucked me stupid and I would have asked for more. He had fucked licked, sucked, reasoned, and with his shear presence torn down all of my boundaries. To where I would have fucked him anywhere, at any time he asked without thought.


I turned to find him standing on the path right behind me, wearing... not a dam thing, not even tennis shoes!

"Take off your shorts and go stand against the tree over there off the path."


"Grace... take them off and go put your hands on the tree and bend over at the waist...NOW!"

I did what I was told, took off my short and panties. At first I was in shock as how wonderful it felt against my bare flesh and then at how wet I was. My fingers drifted between the lips of my pussy and I stroked my own nub a bit.

He said my name and looked over my shoulder just as he pushed in way into me. Tight wet hot aroused was all that I could think or feel as I forgot about where we were and focused just on us. I held on to the tree as Grayson hands were everywhere on my body, squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples and slapping my ass cheeks to the rhythm of his fucking me Then I heard foots steps and voices far down on the path coming in our direction fast. This didn't seem to bother Grayson naked and fucking his neighbor's wife just off the runners path in the woods. The closer the voice and sound of running got the faster the faster and deeper drove himself into me. Sweat was pouring into my eyes blurring my visions as the sound of the runner got louder and louder. As the runners came around the corner Grayson was past the point of stopping for any reason and so was I.

They passed me, saying greetings as they ran by disappearing around the next bend on the path in a matter of seconds. My orgasm rocked me off my feet to fall to my knees. Waves after waves of the orgasm went through me... I couldn't think. I just crouched there drenched in sweat and something more
When I could stand, I turned and started the walk back home, still shaking inside from the effects of just a daydream! As I walked along trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other, I knew that I was in trouble. He had me and I had no power to stop him. I knew that he would only keep at me until he got what he wanted and I would aide him in getting it.

As I reached to open the back door to walk in the house the door opened and there stood Adam. Behind him was Grayson who had a strange cold look in his eyes and he wasn't looking at me, he was looking at Adam.

"When did you take up running?" Adam laughingly asked not expecting answer, but I could see his eyes looking me over how my sweat drenched clothes hugging my body. He had never directly complain about weight but he had started to make little "nice nasty comments" then try to past them off as a joke. I had long stopped laughing at anything he said, this time it would be no different.
"Welcome back and why you are here? Thought you were not coming up until next Monday," I said standing in the doorway before moving past him to come into the house.

At this point Grayson hadn't said a word. I just gave him a brief glance as I notice that he was dressed for working in the garden, ragged jeans tee, shirt and tennis shoes.

Adam turn toward Grayson and gave him is cheap ass fake condescending smile." Grayson, says he here to do some yard work," Adam said as he seemed to look Grayson up and down.

I had seen that look before. Looking at Grayson I could see that he saw it as well because he went silent and I watched as the cold strange look in his eyes turned colder. I set me into action, I quickly went to Grayson and gestured him out the back door passing Adam as we did so. All the while telling Grayson about my ideas for the new walk way down to the lower garden. Once I had him outside I purposely shut the door behind us and didn't stop walking until we were in the lower garden away from the house.

"Grayson, what is going on?" I said turning to look up at him.

The look was gone from his eyes and what was there now was lust.

"You smell of sweat and cum," he said as he smiled down at me.

Oh lord, I closed my eyes and took a seat on a pile of slate that we had stacked up saying nothing.
"Soo did you think of us while running?" Grayson whispered as he started to move the slate stacks of slate stone around. Putting them where they need to go after the area was prepared.

I am stuck, I am stuck was all that I could think of as he teased me and my husband...well laughed at me. Standing up all but ran back to the house with Grayson calling my name. Opening the door I quickly walked in with destination being the shower in the guest bedroom. I needed to be alone and I knew that Adam wouldn't go in there. We had stopped sleeping the same room a week after we had moved in. Adam was on his cell with his back to me talking low. By his body language I could tell that it was a personal call something that he didn't want anyone outside of the person he was talking to. I just kept walking. I had long stopped caring now able to admit that to myself. Long before we had moved out here our marriage was taking its last breath. Adam kept secrets and he kept them with other women, not me his wife. I knew about the affairs and even the one that kept him from being at my side when I lost our baby last year.
I stood under the shower with the water beating down on me in a house that I hated cried for being weak knowing that I had no one to blame for my unhappiness but me for going along with Adam's lie.

"Hon, I have to go into town to work for a while this evening. I thinking that this may take a while,so I will just get a room and stay overnight," Adam said from somewhere beyond the mist of the bathroom steam. Then nothing, he didn't even wait for me to acknowledge that I heard him... nothing new it was his method these days.

I quickly washed and rinsed off. As I glanced out the front bathroom window, I saw Grayson working on laying the stones for the patio. He had taken off his tee shirt against the heat of the day. He was a tanned master piece, an Adonis, if you will. Grayson stopped and stood up and looked in the direction of the window where I was standing, still wet from my shower. We looked blindly at each other for a moment and then we both step forward. Grayson stepped into the shade of the backyard and I stepped into the sunlight. I watched as he unfastened his jeans and pulled out his cock and started to stroke himself in such a way that he was offering himself to me. I returned the favor by fondling my breasts,lifting one then the other out toward him. Then I heard his moaning on the wind. Not caring who saw I leaned out the window with my heavy large breasts swaying gently. Finding myself unable to speak at first as the soft breeze caressed my damp skin and teasing my nipple into hard chocolate nubs.

"Come down Grace," Grayson said from beneath my window as he pushed his jeans, no took off his jeans and was stand there in the shade of the trees naked and masturbating. I pulled my eyes from him and looked around taking in what I could see from the area what I had come to love. Yes, I was going to miss this place when I leave I thought, but not this house.

"Grace,come down,"said a voice in the deepening shadows of the trees and the waning evening light.
So I did...

In the now cool shade of the evening, I walk naked to meet Grayson with a brief pain of what he would think later, but it past. We met each other halfway in the shade and shadow of trees and light, we touched.

"Grayson I wanted you to...," What did I want him to do, to fuck me or make love to me?

"Fuck me and then make love to me please, I said and asked as I leaned forward kissed him. Please leave nothing undone," I whispered against his lips as we blended into one.

Grayson grabbed me roughly to him as he picked me up and carried me to the far side of the yard away from the house to a small grassy area in the yard. There I saw that he had placed a red blanket that seemed to deepen in color against the green of the grass. Laying me down, Grayson laid next to me and for a moment just looked into my face as if he was trying to put it to memory...I wondered if he knew... Then that quiet before the storm passed by like a runner running a race. Grayson's hands, mouth... all of him tried to consume me it almost every way possible. I knew that I had opened the door to his desires and he was going to take full advantage of it and me. In the most gutter or words Grayson told me how he was going to fuck and what he was going to make me do to him and with him. I was more than happy to oblige.

As we began the look in his face and eye became almost feral tinged with lust. It frightened and excited me all at the same time. I feared this Grayson and welcomed him with my pussy, mouth and asshole for his pleasure. He took it as his due and fucked my mouth first. Straddling my shoulders he had me swallow his cock as much of it as I could without choking. He then went up on his knee and started moving his cock in and out of my mouth. First slowly then as I started sucking at his cock as he pulled out he picked up speed. I watched as his stomach muscle tighten and relaxed as he move his hips pushed in and pulling his cock in and out of my mouth. I could feel the fine hairs on his thighs as ass as they brushed against the skin of my breasts. Hi balls nestled between the mounds of my breasts it made me want to rub them against him. I could now taste his precum which was always heavy thick and salty... I loved it. I grabbed his thighs ass whatever I could get my hands on to suck more of him down my throat. I wanted to drink him and not miss a drop, but he pulled out of my mouth and got off me. The next thing I knew he had me over on my stomach then to my knees with my ass up in the air.

"Grace I am going to fuck your ass tonight," Grayson said as he softly smacked my pussy from the back with his fingers as if he was beating drum.

My body responding in time to the beat of his fingers, then when one found its way into my asshole as if to make a point of some kind. Grayson preceded to finger fuck my ass with one finger than he added another until he had two in place. By then it was dark and not a star in the sky. It seemed the only sounds that could be heard were the ones coming from us. It was like the quiet before the storm. I felt even in my mindless fucking state a cool wetness being rubbed it my ass hole and part of my brain screamed ... noo. I told it to shut the hell up as Grayson put the head of his cock against the opening and pushed. To say that there was pain is an understatement, but was quickly mixed with pleasure. As he moved slowly into me I felt like I was being pushed apart. I have never felt so amazingly full in my life as I did at that moment. Finally he pushed himself into me leaving nothing but his balls that lay against my clit. Then slowly with purpose he started to fuck my ass as it started to rain. It beat against us stirring the pot of passion between us. The surface of our body so sensitive and open, easily stimulated added to the fire that even the rain couldn't put out. I was lost to his demanding cock and hands as he marked me with his passion and my own surrendering. The rain increased in speed and volume and we seem to match with our passion. Then I heard thunder and felt my body roar with scream with sensual release as fell into my orgasm. Falling forward shaking so hard that I couldn't even think as. Grayson was still pounding himself into my ass, smacking my butt cheek and he told me that I was his and only his. He pulled out when the last wave of my orgasm hit me spraying great globs of cum on my butt and back. Heeven reached up as far as the base of my neck. I laid there with my face in the soaked blanket smell the wet earth underneath still shaking unable to move. The next thing I knew, Grayson had thrown me over his shoulder and was walking through my back yard out the gate to his house with both of us naked for all to see. I couldn't see a thing, but the ground and by then the rain was beating down so hard I surprised he could. He carried me into the house and up the steps to his bathroom where he quickly washed us both. Dried us off before dropping me on his bed where I quickly looked around and realized that this wasn't his bedroom but his parents.

"Why are we in your parent's room?"

"We aren't. This is my house now they sold it to me before moving to father knows about us...I believe," Grayson said as he stood there looking down at me with a feral look of lust in his eyes.

"Before you leave here we are going to fuck all over this house," Grayson said as he palmed my pussy with his big hands and started teasing my clit.

For the next four hours I was his whore,bitch and slut. Yes, we did it all over his house. From the bedroom to the kitchen were we ate food off each other from chocolate to butter. I came so hard I squirted all over the places and cried as I did so. This just seemed to make Grayson even more driven to send me screaming into my next orgasm.

I don't know when it happened but love entered the room and it was gentle and so were the words. We ended up in back in his bed and with me riding him slowly between kisses and tears. Grayson said much but considering all that was going on and so many things I choose not to remember or repeat them.
Later, I left him after, borrowing some of his clothes and went back home. Adam was sitting in the living room in the dark. I said nothing, I just left him there. He didn't need my company anymore. I went up stair took a quick shower. After which I dressed and picked up the bag that I had packed the day I returned home from the hospital after my baby had died. I walked out the same door that I came in, taking time to take the house key off my key chain. Never looking back once as I got in my car and drove away leaving behind the two men that I will never forget for different reasons. Adam had held me with the promise of love and Grayson freed me with love and I smiled as I remembered his last words to me. I let them roll around in me for a while and then I let them go.

As I drove further away from my slowly receding present. I decided that I need to start over again. To get back to the woman that I once was, so turning east I drove into the sunrise.


"Ms. Rosen, can I talked to you about my project later on after lunch?," a very bright 5th grade asked me as I was sending the class off to lunch.

"Yes, Masie you can but make sure to bring your project partner with you. One of you need to take notes and...,"

It was then that I saw him standing there in the front office as I walked by with my class. I felt my self go numb, but I kept on walking with my class. When I came back he was gone...maybe I had imagined him? I had almost convinced myself that I had until I stopped by my mail box and saw the note from him. I read it,and then read it again. The bell rung for class to started when I was reading it again. The rest of the day was a blur and as I left school at the end of the day, I knew that he was following me. I parked the car in the daycare center's parking lot and opened the note again...


Were the only two words written. It had been five years and I had no regrets with the past. Adam and I had divorced he sold the house and had moved back to the west coast. He even had been kind enough to send me a large share of the money from the sale of the house. We never spoke again.

Grayson did residency, had taken a job Oregon, and moved on with his life... I heard he had married even. No regrets, I told myself as I got out the car and went inside to pickup Lily.

She met me at the desk all excite about her day and things she wanted to show me that she had made. Lily was a combination of her father's and my best. Yes, she was the best thing to come out of that summer all those years ago. As we step outside to walk to the car a shadow crossed our path, and we both looked up.

He and I stared at each other taking in the changes that time had made. Handsome as always and eyes still so blue...Right now they were looking from me to my daughter Lily. Who was looking up at him in innocent curiosity showing in her big blue eyes.

"Mama you were right I do have my Daddy's eyes,"
Lily said with a big dimple grin on her beautiful olive toned face.

We walked hand in hand to the cars, me one side and Grayson on the other with Lily in the middle...
You see there are NO REGRETS where there is love...only love...

the end ...

Music I listen to while writing this:

Chris Botti: Sevdah

Aaron Bing: THE DREAM

Aaron Bing: TAKE ME AWAY


Aaron Bing: Simply Beautiful

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